12 Most Vulgar and Profane Movies of All Time

Vulgar. The word has a lot of negative connotations. It fits a lot of bills which is why it reflects a very broad category. The meaning can range from cringe-worthy B-grade films, which are essentially porn, to a profanity laden cuss-fest, or what you call a Quentin Tarantino movie. This article will be focusing on the latter. The use of expletives or swearing-in movies is employed to depict a number of emotions: Anger, joy, elation, sadness, frustration. Movies have the freedom to choose whatever way to use them, in whichever scene they like. The basic implication of them reflecting a cool personality, with swag and suave is a fatuous assumption. At least in the real life. But reel life is a barren canvass for the director to paint, and actors to fill with colors. Here is the list of top vulgar movies with most profanity (or you can also call them swear-iest movies).

1. Wolf of the Wall Street (2013)

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When it released back in 2013, it became the movie with the most used instances of the word f**k. It has since gained cult status due to its notoriously famous profanity filled tirades, and a scintillating cast of characters, each deviously twisted in their own way. DiCaprio‘s charismatic and self-assured turn as the Wall Street mogul left the audiences besotted, desperately wanting for more. The f-word count in this movie was a staggering 569, which implied the usage/minute to be around 3.16. In spite its harangue filled dialogues, ‘The Wolf of the Wall Street‘ was able to churn out about $400 million in its worldwide gross, which undoubtedly points towards the quality of the film on a whole as well.

2. Borat (2006)

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Sacha Baron Cohen is perhaps the most notoriously twisted comics around. His vague sense of humor is always appealing, charming, and abhorring disgusting. He has had his fair share of trouble due to his devilish proclivities, but it has also brought along acclaim and a beaming beacon of reverence. ‘Borat’ was on a whole other level, even for his standards. The documentary styled comedy is a story of a local reporter from Kazakhstan, who gets selected to go on an excursion to the US to learn about their culture. His fairly primitive life-style comes at a crossroads with the modernized and neo-classical one of the US. Soon he gets infatuated with a blonde with big melons (Pamela), which changes his course. The movie bears no shame, and even indulges Sasha and a fellow actor in a cock fight, literally, with their clothes off. It isn’t behind on the cusses either.

3. Pulp Fiction (1994)

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Quentin Tarantino’s brand of cinema is brazenly distinct and refreshingly pleasant. The invigorated energy in his movies and colorful characters at times gets the better of his moral conscience and descends into a land that pervades with cusses you wouldn’t imagine existed. It’s another thing that almost all his movies have Samuel L Jackson in it. ‘Pulp Fiction‘ was an achievement in film-making. The truly exquisite narrative, driven by characters who never ceased to amaze, had its fair share of swearwords. Amassing a colossal amount that no one kept tracks of, the film was thoroughly entertaining and one of the reasons was because of its tasteful obscenity.

4. The Dictator (2012)

Another Sacha movie, another name on the list. ‘The Dictator‘, in its true sense, is as vulgar as it gets. Right from the language, to the hilarious and offensive visuals, the film has it all. Embellished by yet another brilliant performance from the charismatic Englishman, the film courted heavy controversy when it first released. Politicizing issues and whatnot, the film dug deep into societal stereotypes and came up with a movie that bound everyone amazed. The drama continued on the red carpet at the Oscars, when Baron, dressed as General Aladdin, intruded the ceremony, despite repeated warnings from the authority. Five “pointy” stars for the film.

5. Deadpool (2016)

What do I say about this film? I really can’t zero in on a number of how many times Ryan Reynolds insulted Hugh Jackman and the studio, for not being able to get him on board for the movie in his beloved capacity of Wolverine. Another factor that seriously augmented his scope to experiment and be shameless was the breaking of the fourth wall. That allowed him unregulated and unfiltered, and left the audiences embroiled in a laughing riot. Even though the abuse count was fairly low in the movie, other aspects made it difficult for me to ignore this masterpiece. Have fun!

6. Midnight Cowboy (1969)

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I still think the film is most famous for Dustin Hoffman‘s improvised dialogue when in the street crossing scene. That was one of the many microscopic speck of abuses that made it a cult movie. The set of expletives used though, was conventional, which kept the proceedings sane. The charismatic pairing of Hoffman and Voight literally eased through the film without breaking a sweat. Their effortless charm and a well written script, decorated with divine and stubborn words, made the movie a big success.

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7. The Hateful Eight (2015)

Another Tarantino movie, and another spot occupied on the list. There’s just something efficacious and appealing about the brand of his cinema that makes people lose control and set the temperatures soaring. The film was graced with obscene language and uncomfortable scenes, especially in the one where Jackson makes the son of the General run around naked. The action filled thriller movie ruled the box office and the hearts if the audiences. Tarantino once again proved why his distinct brand of cinema is one to be respected and savored.

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8. Django Unchained (2012)

Django Unchained‘ actually, had to be a violent and offensive film. The reason for the same is the touchy subject matter that was the crux of the script. The evil of slavery, long abolished by the emancipation proclamation laid forward by the great Abraham Lincoln, was in full-flow in the film, with the actors required to spew out unsavory words, one in particular, which made crowds uncomfortable. In an interview, I remember, Dicaprio was quoted as saying that “The mere thought of initiating scenes with the N-word in it nearly rendered me on the edge of vomiting. I really felt asphyxiated.” Not only is this indicative of his good innate nature, but also how the film was so gory and immoral in its core.

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9. Straight Outta Compton (2015)

Now this one is a special movie, compelled by the matter it is dealing with to employ the use of obscene expletives. It is a biographical film about the rap group NWA, its glorifying rise and shattering fall from fame. As is the street culture, the film is lit up by profanities, amassing 392 uses of the f-word alone. With certain pop-culture references and demeaning phrasing, the film managed to be grossly appealing to the colored masses. In the end, its extensive use of abusive language made it a big success, credit also due to the tremendous cast and a brave directorial effort.

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10. Swearnet: The Movie (2014)

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The movie is officially the holder of the title of the movie with the most amount of f-word count. A mockumentary kind of real-life satire, the film’s premise revolves around the lives of its main leads, who are unsuccessful in getting their trailer passed, uncensored. They decide to create their own uncensored network on the internet, which makes things interesting. The producers and cast have reiterated the movie not being a pan-verbatim make-up of their own experiences in their lives.

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11. End of Watch (2012)

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This one’s actually a film from which the use of expletives is least expected. An utmost serious attempt at portraying the final day in the life of two brave police cops, ‘End of Watch’ became an abuse fest. Braced by some brilliant acting from the leads, Michael Pena and Jake Gyllenhaal, the movie amounted for almost 3 usages of the word ‘f**k’ in a minute, giving a gross total of 326. The cop movie employed the use of a found footage-style of shooting, that it made it even more visceral and realistic in nature. God thank those who make stuff like this.

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12. Pink Flamingos (1972)

This 1972 American transgressive black comedy exploitation crime film directed and written by John Waters is notorious for its outrageousness and profanity. The film also features exhibitionism, voyeurism, sodomy, masturbation, rape, incest, murder and cannibalism and foot fetishism. Despite all of that the film received a warm reception from critics and the LGBT community. Since then it has gained a cult following.

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