Mother of the Bride: 10 Similar Movies You Should Watch

In Mark Waters’ romantic comedy film, ‘Mother of the Bride,’ Emma’s return from London brings unexpected news for her mother, Lana: she’s getting married in just a month at a luxurious resort in Phuket, Thailand. However, Lana’s initial excitement turns to dismay when she learns that the groom-to-be is none other than the son of her past heartbreak. As tensions rise and old wounds resurface, the film navigates through the complexities of family dynamics and love.

Starring Brooke Shields, Miranda Cosgrove, Sean Teale, and Chad Michael Murray, the movie provides a mixed bag of humor, romance, and emotional depth as it explores the intricacies of relationships and second chances. If you’re craving more stories based around family ties, serendipitous romance, and the resurgence of past connections, jump in headfirst into these 10 films like ‘Mother of the Bride.’

10. Not Since You (2009)

Directed by Jeff Stephenson, ‘Not Since You’ is a romantic drama that follows the story of a young man named Sam who returns to his hometown for his best friend’s wedding, sparking memories of his own failed relationship with his high school sweetheart, Amy. As he reconnects with old friends and confronts his past, Sam must make sense of his feelings for Amy while dealing with the affairs of love and friendship.

Starring Desmond Harrington, Kathleen Robertson, Christian Kane, and Sara Rue, the film looks into themes of second chances and the nostalgia of revisiting the past. In comparison to ‘Mother of the Bride,’ both films explore the intricacies of relationships against the backdrop of weddings, highlighting the emotional journeys of their characters as they confront unresolved feelings and navigate the complexities of love.

9. The Parent Trap (1998)

Directed by Nancy Meyers, ‘The Parent Trap’ is a beloved family comedy that follows the adventures of identical twins Annie and Hallie, who were separated at birth and meet for the first time at a summer camp. Upon discovering their relationship, the mischievous duo hatch a plan to switch places and reunite their long-lost parents, Elizabeth and Nick. With Lindsey Lohan in a dual role as the twins, alongside Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson as the parents, the film captures the endearing journey of family reconciliation and the bond between siblings. Like ‘Mother of the Bride,’ ‘The Parent Trap’ brings a whimsical twist to the theme of family dynamics, emphasizing the power of love and unity in overcoming obstacles.

8. Stuck in Love (2012)

In ‘Stuck in Love,’ directed by Josh Boone, the intricacies of love and writing intertwine as acclaimed author Bill Borgens navigates his way through the complexities of his own relationships while also guiding his children, Samantha and Rusty, through their own romantic endeavors. With an ensemble cast including Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Connelly, Lily Collins, and Nat Wolff, the film dives into themes of heartbreak, redemption, and the enduring power of storytelling. Akin to ‘Mother of the Bride,’ which focuses on old flame reconciliation through comedic twists, ‘Stuck in Love’ offers a more introspective exploration of love’s many facets, emphasizing the interconnectedness of personal growth and emotional vulnerability.

7. Always Be My Maybe (2019)

Directed by Nahnatchka Khan, ‘Always Be My Maybe‘ is a charming romantic comedy that follows childhood friends Sasha and Marcus, who reconnect after years apart and discover that their friendship might just be turning into something more. As they try to make sense of their budding romance alongside their personal and professional lives, Sasha, a successful celebrity chef, and Marcus, a struggling musician, must confront their fears and insecurities to find happiness together.

Starring Ali Wong and Randall Park in the lead roles, along with Keanu Reeves in a memorable cameo, the film explores themes of love, friendship, and self-discovery in a refreshing and heartfelt manner. In alignment with ‘Mother of the Bride,’ which centers on the rekindling of a past flame between two people amidst a destination wedding, ‘Always Be My Maybe’ centers on the evolving dynamics between childhood friends who find themselves falling in love unexpectedly.

6. Something’s Gotta Give (2003)

Directed by Nancy Meyers, ‘Something’s Gotta Give‘ presents a mature romantic comedy that mirrors the unexpected rekindling of romance found in ‘Mother of the Bride.’ The film centers on the burgeoning relationship between playwright Erica Barry and Harry Sanborn, which unfolds amidst the scenic backdrop of a beach house retreat. As they deal with hurdles of age, past heartaches, and societal expectations, Erica and Harry’s romance echoes the rekindled flame between Lana and her ex-boyfriend, Will, in ‘Mother of the Bride.’

Both movies explore the transformative power of love and the possibility of finding passion and connection in unexpected places and stages of life. Starring Diane Keaton, Jack Nicholson, and an ensemble cast, ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ offers a poignant reflection on love, second chances, and the beauty of embracing new beginnings, resonating with the themes of rediscovery and reconciliation portrayed in ‘Mother of the Bride.’

5. The Best of Me (2014)

Both ‘The Best of Me‘ and ‘Mother of the Bride’ explore themes of rekindled romance and the complications of past relationships resurfacing in the present. In ‘The Best of Me,’ similar to ‘Mother of the Bride,’ former lovers Amanda and Dawson reunite after many years apart, reigniting their love despite the challenges and secrets that drove them apart in the past. Directed by Michael Hoffman and based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks, the film stars James Marsden, Michelle Monaghan, Luke Bracey, and Liana Liberato, offering a warm portrayal of second chances and the enduring power of love amidst life’s trials and tribulations.

4. Set It Up (2018)

In both ‘Set It Up’ and ‘Mother of the Bride,’ the story revolves around the unexpected twists of romance and the challenges of navigating relationships. While ‘Mother of the Bride’ focuses on a mother’s reunion with her past love, ‘Set It Up’ explores the humorous chaos that ensues when two overworked assistants hatch a plan to set up their demanding bosses. Directed by Claire Scanlon, ‘Set It Up’ stars Zoey Deutch, Glen Powell, Lucy Liu, and Taye Diggs, offering a fresh take on romantic comedy with its witty banter and endearing characters. Despite differing plots, both films satisfy audiences in a very similar manner with their exploration of love, loyalty, and the unpredictable nature of romance.

3. Ticket to Paradise (2022)

Ticket to Paradise‘ and ‘Mother of the Bride’ share the theme of rekindled connections and rediscovered love. Just as ‘Mother of the Bride’ centers on a mother’s unexpected reunion with her past flame, ‘Ticket to Paradise’ explores the journey of a divorced couple who embark on a trip together and find themselves rekindling their romance amidst the tropical paradise of Bali. Directed by Ol Parker, the film stars George Clooney and Julia Roberts, providing a blend of romance, humor, and self-discovery. Through its depiction of second chances and the transformative power of love, ‘Ticket to Paradise‘ resonates with the endearing themes portrayed in ‘Mother of the Bride.’

2. It’s Complicated (2009)

In ‘It’s Complicated,’ the storyline intricately weaves through the tangled web of romantic entanglements, mirroring the intricate dance of emotions portrayed in ‘Mother of the Bride.’ Directed by Nancy Meyers, the film unpacks the baggage of modern relationships as Jane, a successful bakery owner, finds herself caught between her ex-husband Jake and architect Adam. As Jane tries to detangle the mess of her feelings and the dynamics of her past and present relationships, ‘It’s Complicated’ offers a humorous and heartfelt exploration of love’s nature. Starring Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, and Steve Martin, the movie resonates with ‘Mother of the Bride’ by capturing the essence of treading through love, laughter, and the unexpected twists of romance.

1. Maybe I Do (2023)

Maybe I Do,’ a delightful romantic comedy written and directed by Michael Jacobs, strikes the same chords that are heard in ‘Mother of the Bride.’ Starring Diane Keaton, Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon, and Emma Roberts, the film follows Michelle and Allen as they try to successfully execute the task of marriage discussions with their parents. As the couples converge, they uncover surprising connections from the past and conflicting perspectives, reminiscent of the familial dynamics portrayed in ‘Mother of the Bride.’ With its star cast and witty script, ‘Maybe I Do’ is destined to charm the fans of ‘Mother of the Bride’ with its equally messed up yet endearing family dynamics.

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