Christmas With You Ending, Explained: Do Angelina And Miguel End Up Together?

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Aimee Garcia and Freddie Prinze Jr. play love interests in the Netflix holiday-themed romantic comedy ‘Christmas With You.’ Gabriela Tagliavini directed the movie based on a story by German Michael Torres. It narrates the unlikely love story that blossoms between Angelina Costa, a music sensation, and Miguel, a local music teacher at a high school. The events leading up to their union are filled with the jolly good holiday spirit, surrounded with love for music that apparently everyone in the cast shares. The movie also features Deja Monique Cruz, Gabriel Sloyer, and Zenzi Williams. The ending of ‘Christmas With You‘ is all things charming and heartwarming. Let’s dive into the details. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Christmas With You Plot Synopsis

Singer and Composer Angelina Costa is a music sensation with young fans all over the world. But her popularity and stardom are under the threat of emerging music artists who are becoming more relevant. Her record label puts pressure on her to release a holiday special that might get her back on top. Monique, her manager, also urges her to get on the holiday bandwagon and whip up a good old holiday tune. Competition from a fellow female singer in the same record label Cheri does not help her cause. Cheri has released good songs in the recent past and has garnered more love and fans.

Image Credit: Jessica Kourkounis/Netflix

As Angelina struggles to write a new song due to her creative block, she reminisces about her mother, who died a few years back around Christmas. She misses her more than she admits as she looks through old pictures of them together. While scrolling through social media, she comes across a video of Cristina, a teenage girl, singing Angelina’s song and sharing how that song meant so much to her and her mother, who died a few years back as well. The singer feels somehow connected and understood by Cristina and feels pulled to her.

After getting replaced by Cheri for a famous magazine cover shoot, Angelina impulsively decides to visit Cristina and surprise her. In the video, she expressed how she wanted to meet her favorite singer Angelina as a Christmas and Birthday present. So Angelina decides to fulfill a young fan’s wish, which will allow her to connect with the people who adore her and get a break from the pressure in the meanwhile. She meets Cristina and her dad, Miguel, a music teacher at the local high school.

Cristina invites Angelina and Monique to dinner at her place as Miguel is a great cook. In their home, Angelina discovers that Miguel is a great music composer and writer. They strike a deal to co-write a Christmas song that will help Miguel with some extra cash and put Angelina back on top. Whether Angelina gets her career back on track or surrenders to her heart’s desire forms the rest of the plot.

Christmas With You Ending: Do Angelina And Miguel End Up Together?

The chemistry between Angelina and Miguel was palpable since the moment they met. Angelina is smitten by the single dad who is so passionate about music and his family. On the other hand, Miguel is a fan of Angelina’s music, as he heard her first album a thousand times when it was first released.

Image Credit: Jessica Kourkounis/Netflix

Angelina finds Miguel’s musical notes on their piano and decides to play his composition. It turns out quite nicely, and she offers to help him fine-tune the song. She proposes to write the song together. Their closeness increases as they start working on the song. They finish each other’s lyrics and help each other discover a part they thought they had lost.

Miguel is envious of the career she has had and the kind of stardom she has gained over the years. At the same time, Angelina misses the warmth of having a family and sharing every day with one’s loved ones. Not just music, the duo bonds over food as well. Miguel teaches her how to roll the perfect Tamale, a specialty dish for Spanish people. Angelina leaves her music for one night and partakes in Tamalada, a Christmas tradition with everyone else.

Ricardo, Angelina’s ex-boyfriend, shows up at Miguel’s house, creating a certain tension between Miguel and her. As they leave for the charity gala scheduled for the night, Miguel is left confused about Angelina’s feelings. But when they sing together on stage at the Gala, Miguel feels the spark again and asks Angelina what she felt. Her response disappoints him as she lies and says she was only focused on the business deal they struck to write a song together.

A little while later, she realizes that sometimes people take risks to experience the important things in life. She sprints back to be a part of Cristina’s quinceanera and performs one of her favorite songs for the guests. She confesses her feelings for Miguel, and they get their happily ever after. However, unlike other romantic comedies, the honesty and genuineness of their love story in ‘Christmas With You’ is refreshing. Angelina is upfront with Miguel about the song, and they also share the credit for the same. Most similar movies feature a trope where someone cheats or dupes the other out of their fair share.

Furthermore, the way they wrote a song together was collaborative and inspiring. They confessed how neither of them had ever co-written a song as it is a very intimate practice. They come together for the Christmas song because it feels right, and they can add their personal touches to the song, making it even more special. Angelina and Miguel are able to comfort and reassure each other as well, which is an important aspect that tests a couple’s compatibility. Their song is proof of the same as it becomes immensely famous and reaches number 1 on the Billboard Holiday Hits. Apart from massive success and money from the song, the famous singer and music teacher find something much more valuable in their collaboration – true love.

What Is Miguel And Angelina’s Song About?

After being in a creative rut, Angelina thanks her stars for making her path converge with that of Miguel’s. He is a music teacher at a high school and composes music for fun. He was previously a part of a band in his younger days. Impressed by a first music draft of Miguel’s, Angelina proposes that they write the song together for mutual benefit.

The couple bonds over their mutual love for music, and the song they write – ‘Home is Where The Heart is’ epitomizes the same. It expresses how a non-believer can find and fall in love when that one special person comes around. For a person who always focuses on what could go wrong, it’s important to take a leap of faith and go where love takes you. The lyrics describe Angelina’s perspective as she is a person who stays closed off and does not share her feelings. She stays in her head and overthinks, but Miguel allows her to open up and learn to love. Even one of the song’s hook lyrics, “I tried to hide this love inside,” strikes Angelina when she locks eyes with Miguel and feels a connection brimming.

When Angelina performs the song at the Gala, and Miguel plays the piano, their love shines bright on stage. Everyone in the audience can see the feelings they have for each other as the lyrics narrate their love story. Their eyes do all the talking despite the lyrics of the songs being so expressive.

Angelina and Miguel’s song describes the feeling of stumbling upon love when one is not even looking. Bend that with the holiday spirit, and you get a heartwarming holiday love story. A few lyrics are in Spanish as well to signify their shared heritage. The music encapsulates the coming together of two worlds with much more common than they realize.

Why Does Angelina Leave Her Performance At SNL?

A pop star like Angelina knows the value of a chance to perform at Saturday Night Live. When her Christmas song takes off, Barry, the producer of her record label, replaces Cheri with Angelina to perform at the week’s SNL. This appears to be karma as, at the beginning of the movie, we see Angelina getting replaced by a more popular and famous artist Cheri for the magazine cover shoot.

Image Credit: Jessica Kourkounis/Netflix

Angelina questions the motive and reason behind Barry’s actions and even expresses how unfair it is to Cheri. This shows how she is a good person at heart and wants to be above the evils of show business. The incident also highlights the power of stardom and how easy it is to lose everything you gain with your hard work. The fight to stay relevant and in the spotlight is a very deadly one. Angelina ultimately goes to the set of SNL and is practicing her song when Cheri pays a visit.

Now most movies would lead us to expect a catfight between the two competing singers and end with one of them getting thrown off the set. But to a surprising delight, Cheri congratulates Angelina and expresses that she understands the business and has no hard feelings. She says that she was there as a fan to cheer her on. She inquires about the whereabouts of Angelina’s stage and life partner, to which the latter replies that they were not dating. Cheri then claims that the song fooled her and how in love they seemed during their performance.

These words hit home for Angelina as she thinks over things that are more important than her image and the world of music. She decides to live a little and choose what her heart desires. She leaves the SNL performance to chase the love and happiness that Miguel can give her. The movie ends with Angelina and Monique spending the lovely festival of Christmas with Miguel, Cristina, and their family. It is a heartwarming scene with everyone holding a warm cup of hot chocolate in matching sweaters.

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