6 Most Anticipated New MTV Shows of 2019

MTV has always been the network that experiments. Established in the ‘90s, it has worked long and hard to build its reputation and there is a reason it is still standing tall, especially considering the exponential competition it has to face over all these years. What started as a place for music videos has now turned into one of the leading entertainment channels, especially focusing on the youth. Despite restricting itself to target a certain age group, MTV has flourished, and perhaps its limited focus is what makes it so effective. In its essence, MTV has become a phase in everyone’s life. There was a time when you were a teenager and you were addicted to the shows that aired on it. Once you grew up, the charm broke and you moved on! The channel, however, continues to serve the coming generation. Over the years, MTV has stretched its limbs and got its branches all over the world. Mainly focusing on reality shows, the network has also experimented, and quite wonderfully sometimes, in other genres, one of the most recent examples being ‘Teen Wolf’.

This year, instead of starting new projects from scratch, MTV has decided to revive its old favourites. Here is the list of the upcoming new shows coming out on MTV in 2019 and 2020. We can only hope that these latest MTV shows are as good as some of the recent series it produced. The list includes new MTV reality shows and new MTV dating shows.

6. The Hills: New Beginning (TBA)

The Hills’ was one of the most popular shows for MTV. It had a six-season run that ended about ten years ago. The series focused on the lives of a group of women. Every season focused on a particular part of their lives and the finales generally featured the closure of that part. For five seasons the main focus of the series was on Lauren Conrad who was shown to work her way up in the fashion industry. Apart from her, the other women in her life served as the sub-plots for the show. The professional life was the major theme but the personal life was also brought under scrutiny. The show received a lot of praise in its early years, becoming an uncanny addiction for its audience, which was termed as “guilty pleasure” by most. Whatever the reasons for its popularity, ‘The Hills’ was doing well, its cast was expanding and by the fifth season, it had established itself. However, for the lead, Conrad, the term of five years was more than enough and she decided to leave it, taking a break from the show and the profession as well. Now, this revival will bring back its original cast members, along with their children! A whole new generation gives the opportunity to add a new layer to the show. Perhaps, this is what MTV saw in it and commissioned a reboot of the series.

5. The Real World Reboot(TBA)

For the fans of shows like ‘Big Brother’, ‘The Real World’ will not be a foreign name. Running on the same format as ‘Big Brother’, this show focused on a group of strangers who are brought together to stay in a new city. With every season, the city and the participants were changed. What happens now is that these participants are constantly monitored. There are cameras everywhere, no place is a hiding place, and hence, there is no use for you to act like someone else. You’ll have to be your genuine self. Also, won’t you get tired of acting 24/7? The idea of the series was to present the interactions of the youth in their truest form. It would have become a scripted drama (who knows, maybe it is!), but the cost of things like writers, costume designers and whatnot was just too much. Hence, the showrunners decided to take it down a notch and added the twist of reality to it, which made it so popular in the first place. Even though the show had been cancelled technically, there were clear signs of its deteriorating image. A reboot was green-lit to bring it back to its former glory. Let’s see what changes they make in the format this time.

4. Made Reboot (TBA)

Every young person has a dream. There is something that they have always wanted to be. For some, the circumstances work favourably and these people get to do what they love the most. On the other hand, there are some who know what they want, but due to the lack of proper guidance, they don’t know how to attain their end goal. MTV’s ‘Made’ was made to help the people falling into the second category. This award-winning show allowed youngsters a chance at being whatever they want to be. A cheerleader, a basketball player, winner of a beauty pageant, or a triathlete- there is no limitation on your dream and the purpose of this show is to get you where you want to be. ‘Made’ allowed its participants to choose their field and then an expert from that field was introduced, who would help these participants in a very interactive manner. After a run of fifteen seasons where all sorts of people got to become whatever they wanted to be- seriously, there is no limit on the fantasies of people about their careers- the show’s run was halted. Five years later, MTV has realised that perhaps people need this show and a reboot is in works. If you want to make your dreams come true, you should remain informed about the terms of becoming a participant.

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3. The Valley (TBA)

MTV has always been a show about youngsters. All its stories, no matter what genre, have always been centred on young people. The show continues to maintain its focus with the upcoming docu-series that will follow the adventures of a group of people in their early twenties. What sets this series apart from others is that it will focus on the issues of the youth on two different sides of the order. If Donald Trump continues with his plans on the wall between the United States and Mexico, then I guess, things might become a bit difficult for the production of this show. If you’re wondering why I suddenly made this political comment out of the blue, you should know that the main plot device behind this show will be that the people will be from both sides of the border. Set in Arizona, it will focus on the dynamics between the people of different nationalities and how it plays into the friendship. Despite all their differences, the one thing that will bind the people in this show is the solidarity of youth. No matter where you go, the issues remain the same. How different can they be separated by a border? I guess we’ll find out!

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2. Daria and Jodie (TBA)

This animated series followed the story of a young girl named Daria Morgendorffer. She was drawn as a clever and smart girl who doesn’t really care about the people around her. She sees everyone as dull people who are following unnecessary goals. Daria isn’t like other teenagers, including her own siblings who are a part of the most popular group in the whole school. In fact, Daria is opposed to popularity and she tries to stay away from anyone who would come with the infection of popularity with them. She has managed to keep such a low profile that even some teachers don’t pay much attention to her. Her only support system in the school is her best friend Jane. The show was set in a fictional town of Lawndale and centred on Daria’s relationship with her family, her friend, and the evolving dynamics of her personality as she grows up. the show ran for five whole seasons and over the course of seventy episodes covered a lot of ground regarding the issues of teenagers. Jodie Landon first appeared in the second episode of the first season and was shown as one of the few African-American students in the school. Since Daria was at the focus of the story, the character of Jodie was somewhat lost in the background. However, with time, the friendship between these characters evolved and by the time the show ended, the audience wanted more of this sarcastic pair. Now, MTV has finally given a go to a series that will let these girls loose on the world again.

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1. Aeon Flux (TBA)

Back in 1991, an animated series was released on MTV. This series was created by Peter Chung, the Korean animator who has also worked on or created projects like ‘The Transformers’, ‘Rugrats’, ‘Animatrix’ and ‘Firebreather’. ‘Aeon Flux’ was set in a society far, far away into the future where the world is not one bit like the one that exists right now. In 7698, the whole world has been destroyed because of environmental issues (pay attention if you don’t believe in climate change!). There are only two countries remaining that border each other and they have become the representatives of two very different forms of government. Aeon Flux is a secret agent for one of them and is tasked with the responsibility of infiltrating into the other country’s government and bring about a collapse of it. Apart from telling a compelling story about spies, cool science gadgets, and archenemies who harbour attraction for each other, ‘Aeon Flux’ was also a clever commentary on the current political structures in the world. With just three seasons, the series was a major hit. It was followed by a live-action film and a couple of video games falling under its umbrella. While the games were alright, the film didn’t perform well, even when we had Charlize Theron in the leading role. Now, MTV has decided to make use of this story and tell it like it was supposed to be all those years ago. A live-action series is being made and it will be helmed by Jeff Davis, who did a spectacular job with ‘Teen Wolf’. He will be assisted by Gale Anne Hurd, who has been a part of the production team for shows like ‘The Walking Dead’. She had also been a part of the 2005 film.

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