Owning Manhattan Season 1: Where Are the Real Estate Agents Now?

Image Credit: Winnie Au/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Owning Manhattan’ shines a spotlight on the hard work and equally glamorous lives of some of New York’s top real estate agents working for SERHANT. Led by the charismatic Ryan Serhant, the company specializes in luxurious properties, new developments, and high-end rentals. The series captures the agents’ relentless hustle, intricate deal-making processes, and the lavish lifestyle of handling some of the most coveted real estate in the city. From intense negotiations to glittering social events, viewers get an inside look at the personal and professional challenges these agents face.

Jordan Hurt is Very Close to Ryan Serhant

Jordan Hurt, who had served as an Executive Assistant to Ryan Serhant at Nest Seekers International, quickly became a close confidant of the real estate tycoon. When Jordan expressed his desire to transition into a salesperson role for SERHANT, the real estate agency Ryan had founded, there was no doubt that he would grant him the opportunity. Jordan swiftly demonstrated his value, with his impeccable sales pitches leading to more than $200 million in sales. As one of the top performers specializing in new developments, Jordan stands out for his exceptional ability to foster strong relationships with his clients, ensuring they feel fulfilled and satisfied with their real estate transactions.

Outside of his work, traveling has brought significant meaning to Jordan’s life. In 2020, he embarked on a global tour, visiting countries like Turkey, Greece, England, France, Spain, and Guatemala, which helped him find himself. When not working, Jordan enjoys spending time with his father, with whom he reconnected later in life. A memorable moment they shared was a plane ride together on Father’s Day. Jordan grew up close to his grandmother, and her passing in March 2024 has been a profound loss he is still grappling with. He currently resides in Downtown Manhattan with his beloved French Bulldog, Pedro. Jordan enjoys playing with Pedro, strumming the guitar, or cycling in his free time.

Chloe Caine is Managing Life as a New Mom Today

A Broadway star who showcased her talent in a ‘Mamma Mia!’ production, Chloe transitioned to the real estate industry in 2019. In 2021, she joined SERHANT and quickly made significant strides in the field. Known for pioneering social media to enhance her business, Chloe started her career dealing with rentals and has now become one of the few agents who get first dibs on luxurious listings. Her fiery and passionate personality may have ruffled a few feathers, but everyone acknowledges that no one is better at the job than Chloe.

Chloe has been married to Leon Caine since September 2021, and the two have enjoyed blissful years with their dog, Sadie. On March 8, 2024, the couple expanded their family by welcoming their daughter, Charley Caine. Since then, Chloe has focused on creating social media content about her pregnancy journey and life with a newborn, achieving significant success. She is also very active on TikTok, using the platform to build her brand image, which in turn helps her real estate career.

Jordan March is a Highly Accomplished Real Estate Broker

In the show, Jordan March was one of the few agents who kept a low profile, focusing primarily on his work. Though he briefly argued with Chloe, he was mature enough to resolve the issue quickly. With over 17 years of experience in the real estate business and deals totaling $1 billion throughout his career, Jordan does not take his work lightly. He has been an Associate Broker at SERHANT since 2020 and also serves as a Sell It Like Serhant Mentor, generously sharing his industry knowledge.

Jordan is a frequent guest on podcasts where he shares industry insights. Taking the initiative, he also hosts live Instagram sessions with seasoned professionals from various fields, such as actor and singer Dolley and Olympian Priscilla Frederick Loomis. These sessions cover life advice, personal journeys, and insightful discussions, showcasing Jordan’s varied interests. Besides his real estate career, he is also a recording artist, enjoying the simple pleasures in life and being unabashedly himself.

Jonathan Nørmølle Is Working on His New Business Venture

Jonathan Nørmølle worked at SERHANT for just a year, and after leaving the firm in October 2023, he launched his venture, NextGen. With a vision for integrating AI and social media to shape the future of the real estate industry, Jonathan founded the company that same month. He is also a Sales and Marketing Specialist at Highline Residential, collaborating with his own company to provide the best experience for his clients. Jonathan is known for his relentless work ethic, constantly networking and advancing his career, whether at parties, clubs, or social gatherings.

Jonathan Nørmølle has found a reliable partner in Devon Nørmølle, who he married in September 2023. They have made the Seaport District their home and aim to make their mark as a power couple in the thriving landscape of New York City. To further his brand image, Jonathan’s firm has collaborated with Genus Watches and also runs a podcast on his YouTube channel, where he shares insider information and tips and tricks for the new and upcoming generation of real estate agents.

Tricia Lee Riley is Selling Properties All Over Manhattan

Fondly called by her boss the “mayor of Brooklyn,” Tricia Lee has proven she has what it takes to be a top broker in the New York real estate market. As a former business owner of Polish Bar, she leveraged her extensive network to solidify her roots in the industry. Tricia leads her team at SERHANT, and her fiancé, Jeffrey St. Arromand, is also a member. He joined the company with her, hedging all his bets in her favor, and she has come through for both of them. Tricia has now expanded her business throughout Manhattan, showcasing her strength and success in the industry.

Tricia Lee is one of the leading figures in the African American community of real estate brokers, and she has been recognized as one of the top brokers multiple times by BK. As an active Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated member, she frequently participates in charity drives and philanthropic efforts. Tricia also serves on the Board of Advisors for Clinton Hill’s V-ELMS, sharing her industry expertise to inspire and help others achieve their dreams. A true superstar, Tricia is known for her dedication and integrity, making each of her victories feel like a win for the community.

Savannah Gowarty is Perfecting Her Real Estate Career

Savannah Gowarty, once a recruit at SERHANT, found that the firm needed to be a better fit for her. She gained valuable experience, but since November 2023, she has transitioned to working full-time as a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson at Compass. Savannah brings a diverse background to her role, including her experience as a McConnell Golf Scholar, corporate expertise in sales and marketing, and knowledge of custom home development, which she learned from her mother, Ann Ellenor Gowarty, in Raleigh, North Carolina. Additionally, Savannah has been a fitness instructor, demonstrating her determination and focused approach to success. In June 2024, she embarked on her first international trip and is very proud of her professional accomplishments.

Nile Lundgren Handles Many Business Ventures Today

Nile Lundgren is one of the most experienced players at SERHANT, serving as an Associate Broker since March 2021. He is one of the firm’s leading agents, with a reputation that precedes him. Additionally, he is a Sell It Like Serhant Capstone Mentor. Nile has diversified his professional portfolio by becoming the Principal of Lundgren Brothers Corp, a real estate management service. He also took a chance as an investor for Heli Adventures, a marketplace for adventure travel and helicopter skiing, and founded Rock the Vibe, a clothing and eyewear brand.

The Trinity College graduate has achieved significant success in his real estate endeavors, not only in New York but also in Florida. Seeing him handling so many responsibilities with such ease is truly impressive. His sharpness and intellect are evident from his work as an Adjunct Professor at Baruch College, where he taught Customer Relationship Management. On the personal front, Nile thrives with his partner, Lola Kasher, by his side. Lola, also an entrepreneur, understands Nile’s challenges and supports him through them.

Jess Markowski Also Works as a Model

Jessica Markowski, a first-generation Polish immigrant, has climbed the ranks to become one of SERHANT’s promising real estate agents. Skillfully leveraging her social media persona, she enhances her visibility among clients and promotes her listings to reach high-profile individuals. Her strategic use of social media has significantly contributed to her success in the industry. Previously, Jessica served as the Head of Communications for Screenshop and pursued a career as a professional model with Wilhelmina International until 2022. These experiences have equipped her with valuable skills she applies adeptly in her current role.

Jessica continues to model and actively engages as an Instagram influencer, collaborating with prestigious fashion brands such as Chanel and Jimmy Choo. Her distinctive presence in front of the camera has always been noteworthy, and she effortlessly navigates this aspect of her career. Jessica and David have been engaged to David Weisburd since December 2023, and they are currently planning their wedding. They eagerly anticipate beginning a new chapter with their cherished dog, Romeo, often found comfortably napping on their laps.

Jade Shenker is Going to Lead SERHANT Commercial

Jade Shenker, renowned for her expertise in commercial listings, has demonstrated an exceptional ability to transform challenges into successes, which caught the attention of her employers. Recognizing her potential, Jade was entrusted with leading SERHANT Commercial, a new venture within the firm. Her remarkable achievements at a young age have earned her accolades, such as being named a top “30 under 30” real estate advisor. Additionally, Jade is the youngest member appointed to the Real Estate Planning & Zoning Committee. Her rapid accomplishments have left admirers curious about her future endeavors.

On a personal level, Jade has encountered significant challenges after discovering her husband, Matt Denham, was unfaithful. She initiated divorce proceedings and relocated to a new residence in February 2024. Despite these hardships, Jade has shown remarkable resilience and determination to forge a new path. She has rekindled her passion for tennis and regularly attends a dance studio, finding solace and momentum in these activities. In a symbolic gesture of moving forward, Jade transformed her wedding dress into a new creation when she attended the ‘Owning Manhattan’ premiere in June 2024, highlighting her resilience and creativity in overcoming a difficult chapter of her life. Her strength and tenacity are evident in her life, contributing to her success.

Kayla Lee is Also a Business Owner

Kayla Lee is a highly accomplished and valued agent at SERHANT, where she has been employed since October 2020. She has successfully managed a diverse portfolio encompassing luxury properties and new developments during her tenure. Her achievements include overseeing the successful sale of five major projects, such as CORTE by CBSK Ironstate and Harrison by Silvercup Properties.

In addition to her role at SERHANT, Kayla Lee serves on the Board of AREAA, actively supporting and advocating for improved working conditions for her colleagues. As a business owner, she founded two enterprises: Art of the Barber, a salon launched in September 2019, and Concept Coffee NYC, a unique café blending coffee culture with real estate, established in May 2022. Both ventures have flourished under her leadership, reaching new heights of success. Her two kids, Andrews and Chloe, are the light of her life, and they are the ones who help her keep going forward no matter what.

Jeffrey St. Arromand is a Prized Agent at SERHANT

Jeffrey St. Arromand, formerly a distinguished producer at CBS Sports, where he earned two Emmy Awards for his contributions, made a significant career shift into real estate in 2018. His journey took a pivotal turn when he met Tricia, whose instincts and leadership he wholeheartedly trusted. When she was presented with the opportunity to build her own team, Jeffrey stood steadfastly by her side, aligning his career path with hers.

Today, Jeffrey St. Arromand is an integral part of the agency, emerging as a leading broker known for his exceptional public speaking skills and dedication to mentoring aspiring professionals in the industry. He hosts insightful interviews and podcasts using his social media platforms, leveraging his strong online presence to enhance his business endeavors. Jeffrey’s commitment to sharing knowledge and empowering others underscores his influential role in real estate and media.

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