Raël: The Last Prophet: Where Are the Raelians Now?

With Netflix’s ‘Raël: The Alien Prophet’ bringing attention to Raëlism (or the International Raëlian Movement) as the largest UFO religion in this world, we get a documentary series unlike any other. After all, it comprises not only archival footage but also exclusive interviews with its founder-leader Raël, his critics, and his followers alike to really shine a light upon whether this sect is a cult or not. Yet for now, if you simply wish to learn more about the latter, aka the Raëlians to have featured in this original production — with a specific focus on their current standing — we’ve got the details for you.

Brigitte Boisselier is Based in Mexico

Although Brigitte has faced a lot of personal as well as public backlash over the past few decades owing to her executive involvement in Raëlism, she hasn’t once wavered from her belief system. She initially lost custody of her two children, her Chemistry Ph.D. was essentially deemed moot in her native France, and her credibility worldwide came into question when she claimed she’d successfully achieved human cloning (without proof) while serving as Director at Cloined, but she still holds her head high. In fact, today, this Isla Espíritu Santo, Mexico, resident continues to proudly identify as a Raëlian plus is seemingly dedicated to combating female genital mutilation through another sect-established organization, Clitoraid.

Jean-Pierre Saulnier is Still Committed to Raëlism

It was back in 1994 that Jean-Pierre joined Raël’s movement following an extraterrestrial encounter himself while on his way from Metz to Vigy in Moselle, only to never doubt any aspect of their work. That’s because, in his own words, the new practices he began undertaking upon becoming a member of this sect soon made him a much better, calmer, kinder, plus loving individual to his loved ones and strangers alike. Therefore, of course, he remains active, is currently serving as Coordinator at the International du Mouvement Pour le Paradisme, President at Foundation GGG-GGF, and Raëlian Guide within the organization, all the doing his best to share their principles in his own too.

Philippe Levaux is a True Raëlism Devotee

Despite the fact Philippe’s introduction to the International Raëlian Movement was rather conventional back in 1976 — through Raël’s 1974 book ‘Le Livre Qui Dit La Verité’ (‘The Book that Tells the Truth’) — he made himself stand out as an early as well as loyal adapter. The truth is his curiosity had initially driven him to this cause, just for it to then become utter dedication following the realization that maybe Raël had in fact encountered an extraterrestrial race called Elohim who’d created humanity as a part of their scientific experiment. So yes, this Belgian native is now settled in Paris, France, from where he serves as a Guide for newcomers in Raëlism while also doing his best to maintain the organization’s local public standing as a high-ranking executive.

Damien Marsic Left Raëlism For Good in 2016

If there’s just one way we can ever describe Damien, it would have to be as a man of integrity considering unverified claims of human cloning are what gradually drove him to step away from this religion. He’d actually found himself becoming a member in 1983 following a period of personal lack of direction, yet he was then able to find his calling in biotechnology as well as DNA analysis while also propagating the principles of this movement.

Damien hence wholeheartedly served at Cloined alongside Brigitte Boisselier, only to have since asserted they weren’t even close to success when she announced the birth of a clone baby at the behest of their leader in 2002. So the next 14 years were admittedly mentally draining for him, that is, until he knew he couldn’t stick by such a lie for longer without affecting his own long-term well-being, leading him to leave in favor of some stability in Suzhou, China. And from what we can tell, he resides in this wondrous city alongside his wife plus toddler daughter to this day, meaning this Chief Scientific Officer at Maibo Biotech and AAV Capsid Engineer is now a proud family man.

Pierre Gary is a Leader in His Own Right Within Raëlism

With Pierre having been a part of the International Raëlian Movement since its early days — he’d joined in 1976 — he played a significant role in the way this organization expanded across the globe. In fact, he even held the title of administrator for years, indicating he handled a range of responsibilities spanning everything from coordinating events to overseeing daily operations to managing internal dialogues. It thus comes as no surprise his remarkable efforts were soon recognized, and now he heads the entire International Arm of this global establishment, making him accountable for several subsects.

Nadine Gary is Still a Proud Raëlian

While it’s true 1981 joinee Nadine became a part of the Order of Angels when it was first established to be an Elohim consort upon their alleged return to earth, she couldn’t go all the way. Nevertheless, she continued to make herself professionally useful in other ways, including as a global Public Relations specialist — she actually handled almost everything around the 2002 human cloning announcement. She has hence seemingly decided to stick to this field within the community — a Raëlian PR manager — enabling her to travel extensively, meet countless like-minded individuals, spread their message, plus enjoy significant conversations with leaders. furthermore, she is currently affiliated with the Raëlism-backed organization Clitoraid and serves as the President of GoTopless, both of which are women’s rights as well as freedom establishments.

Nicole Bertrand is As Active in Raëlism as Ever

It was back in 1978 when Nicole evolved into one of the earliest adherents of the International Raëlian Movement, just to gradually rise the ranks and represent their principles to the world through various means. She thus gradually managed to make a name for herself within their close-knit society, yet the only real title she has seemingly ever held is as a proud Raëlian, which she maintains to this day. It’s apparently all this Raelian Happiness Academy graduate has ever known, especially as she was taught how to spread their message plus be a loyal follower early on.

Dominique Saint-Hilaire Left Raëlism in the Early 2000s

If we’re being honest, Dominique is on the absolute other end of this religion’s spectrum if we compare her standing with most of the women involved in it for more reasons than one. She was actually an Order of Angels member but soon decided to part ways with it as she began feeling like a glorified sex slave more than anything else, something she has since publicly asserted.

Moreover, upon cutting all ties with this organization, she also claimed their leader was a sex-crazed swindler who had once even tried to summon her underage daughter for his pleasure. Yet with no concrete evidence to back up her assertions, a French court soon found her guilty of defamation, only to not give her any sentence or compensatory order owing to the sheer sincerity behind her words. As for her current standing, this French native now resides in Soldano, Italy, as an English literature graduate.

Yves Boni Considers Himself the African Raëlian Prophet

Although it was back in 1995 that Yves became a member of Raëlism, he took up its practices and principles with such ease he quickly rose to the top and is now a guiding light for newcomers in his sect. He hasn’t officially been named a successor in any manner or seems to hold significant sway on the international aspect of this movement, yet he does identify as the African Raëlian Prophet. That’s because this Abidjan, Ivory Coast resident has been officially recognized as the national guide of the Raëlian Community in Ivory Coast and is openly celebrated as the man to have brought this belief to the forefront in Africa.

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