Sexy Beasts Season 2 Cast: Where Are They Now?

When it comes to successful relationships, emotional connections are the only thing that matters, and that’s precisely what ‘Sexy Beasts‘ reiterates, albeit in an unusual manner. After all, this Netflix original centers around a set of young singles hoping to find potential partners with the help of real blind dates. We say real because all the participants are transformed into mythical creatures or animals (until an individual picks their favored suitor) to eliminate the aspect of physical attraction. So now that season 2 has premiered as well, let’s find out where the pairs ended up, shall we?

Mick and Angella Katherine: Unclear

Disguised as The Dragon, Mick went on dates with Angella Katherine, Abby, and Edith, but only the former continually managed to charm him. From talking about music (their shared passion) to tackling her fear of heights for their bouldering date, Angella Katherine did everything. Hence, of course, Mick chose her to be his “sexy beast,” sealing their connection with a kiss after meeting face-to-face for the first time later on.

They do follow one another on social media platforms and seem to have a great bond, but their relationship status is unclear as of writing, especially with Mick’s profiles being private. As for their work, Mick is an artist from Nashville, Tennessee, who released his debut EP ‘You’ll See’ in June 2021. On the other hand, Angella Katherine is the CEO of a beauty brand called AKIN by Katherine. She is also an actress, swimmer, and seasonal lifeguard in New York.

Ibukun and Jada: Unclear

As a Harvard graduate, Ibukun came on ‘Sexy Beasts’ to find someone he could share his experiences with, so he was glad to meet Dani, Jada, and Oksana. However, it was only Jada who immediately dazzled him with her confidence and “powerful presence,” further winning his heart by insisting that, like Ibukun, roasting was her love language. She revealed this before him, though, and kept up with his banter, making things even better.

With that said, it’s unclear where Ibukun and Jada stand today since we could not find the latter on any online platforms. And even Ibukun hasn’t denied or admitted to anything. All we know is that Jada is possibly based in Florida, whereas her Netflix partner is an actor and learning and development manager in Atlanta, Georgia. His credits include ‘Exception to the Rule’ (a short movie) and ‘Dragon City,’ a movie that reportedly wrapped up filming in June 2021.

Devon and Sam: Possibly Together

Devon and Sam’s tale is probably our favorite from this season due to the undeniable spark between them. Yes, she also connected with Nigel after booting Patrick in the speed-dating round, but it couldn’t match how Sam was able to amuse her with his (terribly wrong) historical facts and badly poured champagne. The fact that they could talk about ‘Lord of the Rings’ and had other commonalities was also a plus for Devon.

From what we can tell, Devon and Sam are on great terms at the moment. They have not specified their relationship status in public, yet they follow each other and interact through comments on social media. Devon works as a Technical Recruiter at Facebook in London, and Sam appears to have graduated from the University of Nottingham. Therefore, since a long-distance relationship does not seem to be an issue for them, we’re staying optimistic about their involvement until they reveal otherwise.

Sullie and Jess: Unclear

Sullie’s prospects were Jess, Kamri, and Lindsey. In the beginning, he had declared that he falls in love with nearly every woman he meets, which he proved by speaking of getting down on one knee for both Kamri and Jess during the speed-dates itself. Nonetheless, the latter ultimately won Sullie over with her easy-going personality and reactions to his incredibly corny yet funny jokes. Their chemistry was just natural.

Unfortunately, like with some of the other pairings, it’s unclear if Jess and Sullie’s link lasted or not, mainly because there are no signs of the former on Sullie’s social media accounts. It is even possible that Jess may not have a social media presence. Moreover, distance could also be a significant factor for them. Sullie is a chef and actor residing in New York, and it looks like he’s hoping to launch a steady career in the entertainment industry. In contrast, Jess serves as a dental hygienist in Cambridgeshire, England.

Paige and Cornel: Separated

Paige joined the cast of ‘Sexy Beasts’ to find an authentic connection with a man who desired a meaningful relationship as well, so she was over the moon to have come across Cornel. She did enjoy the company of Marcus and AJ (a boxer and podcaster, respectively), yet they didn’t click like she and the Romanian personal trainer did, making Cornel her “sexy beast.”

Regrettably, it seems like Paige and Cornel have since parted ways. Even though both of them are geographically close as they live in the same country, they don’t have any public interactions, making it appear as if they are not in each other’s life anymore. While Cornel is a UK-based personal trainer and keeps his social media accounts private, Paige is a Chicago native currently dwelling in London as a digital content creator and founder of Bloom Village, a wellness community.


Robbie and Chess: Separated

Robbie The Rabbit chose Chess The Snake to be his “sexy beast” despite the fact that he is terrified of the reptile and she is slightly allergic to the animal, which is entirely ironic. He eliminated Dora in the first round but liked his date with Rhia. But nothing compared to the chemistry and comfort he felt with Chess, which only intensified after he met her in the flesh for the first time.

With that said, Robbie and Chess’ romantic link didn’t last either. We couldn’t confirm it from Robbie’s online footprint, yet Chess’ Instagram indicates that she is single and content to be that way for now. Chess is a singer-songwriter and customer service specialist living in Los Angeles, California, whereas Robbie seems to be a DJ and student in New Jersey.

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