Falling For Christmas: 7 Similar Shows You Must See

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Encapsulating all things Christmas, the holiday rom-comFalling For Christmas’ stars Lindsay Lohan and Chord Overstreet in lead roles. When a young heiress, Sierra, is proposed to and falls off a cliff on the same day, it makes for a hilarious romantic ride. The fall disrupts her memory and she gets diagnosed with amnesia. The charming local bed and breakfast owner takes care of her, eventually becoming her love interest. Sierra goes through a whirlwind of emotions throughout the movie as she tries to work through her memory loss and finds herself all over again in the midst of holiday celebrations.

Directed by Janeen Damian, ‘Falling For Christmas’ is a feel-good romantic comedy, especially during the holidays. It envelops you in a warm feeling and makes you fall in love with the air of festivity around you. If you like to watch shows that continue to make you feel good, then you should start binge-watching these shows today!

7. Merry Happy Whatever (2019)

The comedy series revolves around the holiday season when a daughter Emmy (Bridgit Mendler) introduces her boyfriend Matt (Brent Morin) to her family for the first time. Created by Tucker Cawley, the series is full of witty quips, dad jokes, and heartwarming scenes that can make you swoon. Dennis Quaid and Ashley Tisdale also star in this holiday-themed series. The sitcom is similar to the movie ‘Falling For Christmas’ because of the togetherness they both portray. In the movie, an unknown stranger finds a family in the people of the town, whereas Matt from the series has to find his place in his girlfriend’s family.

6. A Moody Christmas (2012)

In an interesting concept, this Australian holiday drama mini-series (also titled ‘The Moodys’) follows a family’s Christmas Day misadventures for six years. The protagonist Dan Moody (Ian Meadows) goes back home for the holidays to enjoy Christmas with his not-so-perfect family. The show features Phil Lloyd, Jane Harber, Ian Meadows, Patrick Brammall, and Darren Gilshenan in supporting roles. It shows a very real side of most modern families and can be a little uncomfortable at times. On the whole, the series resembles the movie in themes like navigating difficult situations as Sierra does with amnesia and Dan does with his dysfunctional family and the holiday atmosphere that adds more madness to the household as well.

5. Home For Christmas (2019-2020)

A Norwegian romantic comedy series, ‘Home For Christmas’ resonates with all single people who watch the show. It narrates the experiences of Johanne (Ida Elise Broch) who is exhausted from the continuous badgering of her relatives as everyone wants her to be in a relationship and settle down. So, she resolves to find a boyfriend to take home for Christmas, thus the title. Felix Sandman, Gabrielle, and Oddgeir Thune are also featured in the series. It is created by Per-Olav Sørensen. The themes like finding love and the protagonist discovering their true self are very similar in ‘Home For Christmas’ and ‘Falling For Christmas’. Both the series and the movie explore the concept of love and “finding the one” as well.

4. The Moodys (2019-2021)

Based on the Australian holiday series ‘A Moody Christmas’, comes this American series following a similar storyline. Dan Moody comes back to London with his wife and children for the holidays. It stars Denis Leary and ‎Elizabeth Perkins in lead roles as a couple who steer through the holiday madness with their family. The series is filled with familial banter and charms the viewers with relatable characters and family dynamics. It also reinvents the concepts of family holiday traditions as the younger generation takes over. The authentic humor and relatability make this series similar to the movie ‘Falling For Christmas’. The themes of familial bonding and the warmth of festivals are also common between the two.

3. Over Christmas (2020)

Over Christmas’ is an English-German television mini-series that was originally called ÜberWeihnachten. The story is of Bastian as he comes home for the festivities only to find his brother in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend. The brothers fight tooth and nail only to stumble across another secret of their family. It features Luke Mockridge as Bastian, Seyneb Saleh as Karina and Cristina do Rego as Fine in central roles. The series has every element of comedy, romance, and drama along with the holiday spirit that makes every viewer feel good. The series matches the footing of ‘Falling For Christmas’ in aspects like navigating complex relationships and celebrating the jolly festival.

2. Christmas Flow (2021)

Henri Debeurme, Marianne Levy, and Victor Rodenbach are the creators of the 2021 French romantic comedy television series ‘Christmas Flow’. The show follows the unlikely love story of a famous rapper and a determined journalist who struggle to make their odd Christmas romance work. The romantic comedy series stars Tayc, Shirine Boutella, and Marion Séclin as protagonists. The 2021 series has 3 episodes in total. The heartwarming series shares a couple of similarities with the movie ‘Falling For Christmas’ including the overall plot of an unusual love story between people from very different worlds.

1. Dash and Lily (2020)

One of the most heartwarming and charming Christmas romance series, ‘Dash and Lily’ definitely deserves the number 1 spot on this list. Austin Abrams as Dash and Midori Francis as Lily headline this modern-day festive rom-com. The show tells the story of blossoming love between cynical Dash and optimistic Lily who communicate via a secret notebook. They share their fears and dreams with each other and fall in love along the way. Coming from very different families and backgrounds only adds to the magic of their romantic tale. The novel series ‘Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares’ by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan served as the inspiration for Joe Tracz’s television production. With a cheery Christmas spirit, whimsical plot, charming characters along with a comforting love story at the core of the series, it is very similar to the facets of the movie ‘Falling For Christmas’.

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