10 Shows Like The Protector You Must See

Every once in a while a historical fiction TV show comes along and changes everything we had ever known before. ‘The Protector’ is one such show that you can’t help but watch more than once. With absolutely no cheesy nonsense, this Turkish TV show offers you one hell of a lead character who not only shows immense commitment towards his work but also a lot of responsibility towards people he loves. The acting is just excellent and that’s what makes this more real and believable. There are many shows that remain unnoticed for various reasons. Some manage to garner attention for a while but are soon forgotten. But ‘The Protector’ leaves its impact for a longer period after the series comes to an end and also manages to come on par with most western shows in terms of production. The overall filming is just average but at the end of the day, it’s the premise that hits home and even gets you interested in Turkish history.

‘The Protector’ revolves around a young man named Hakan who discovers that he possesses superpowers. But like they say, with great power comes great responsibility and it’s now on Hakan to save his hometown from the wrath of mystical immortals who threaten the lives of his people. Hakan does not initially believe that he has got what it takes to be a real hero. But he soon realizes that time is ticking and that he has to shoulder the responsibility of being the last protector of Istanbul. Will he be able to fulfill his destiny or will he just end up resisting it? Watch this show to find out! If you have already seen it, you’ll know how intense and exciting it gets. So if you have crossed this show out of your watchlist, then it’s about time you add a few more similar ones to it. Here’s the list of best shows similar to ‘The Protector’ that are our recommendations. You can watch several of these series like ‘The Protector’ on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime.

10. The Order (2019-)

Teen fantasy dramas are all the same coming-of-age stories that make you go “Meh!”. That’s exactly what ‘The Order’ looked like when its first trailer had come out — just another silly coming-of-age supernatural drama that we thought it would be. But when you actually watch it, you realize that it’s a tad bit more than that. Along with the very cliched teen drama storyline, this show offers some downright hilarious dark humor that is indeed a breath of fresh air in this genre. It revolves around a teenage boy who pledges to a secret order after his mother’s death. Determined to avenge his loss, he lands himself between a war of werewolves against humans who have mastered the art of black magic.

9. The Rain (2018-)

TV shows and movies that are set in post-apocalyptic environments always fascinate us. You just can’t help but wonder what you would do in a dystopian world when you see these characters surviving one. But ‘The Rain’ takes a slightly different approach than most shows do with this theme. While it does cover the challenges faced by humans in a world that has “ended”, it also nudges the notion that human nature shall always remain the same no matter what the conditions one may live in. Jealousy, hate, love and other teenage dilemmas are things that prevail even in an environment that is not at all bound by any kind of societal conformations. A lot may have changed but some things always remain the same.

8. The Innocents (2018-)

One feeling that most of us will be able to recall from our teenage years would be the urge to just escape our repressive surroundings and live life on our own terms. Harry and June are two teenagers who break the racial boundaries of their families and decide to live the rest of their lives with each other. But things don’t always go as planned and a shocking discovery completely derails them from their goal. The couple finds out that June is actually a shape-shifter and her powers are further explained to them by a professor they meet along the way. The professor also tells them that there are many others just like her. He also promises June that he will reunite her with her mother who had abandoned her as a child. As this path towards self-discovery becomes more and more dangerous, the relationship between the two start to get more complex and in the end, it’ll all come down to the choices they make as individuals and as a couple.

7. Requiem (2018)

All it takes is one single event to completely turn your life upside down and question who you truly are. Matilda Gray faces a similar situation when her mother commits suicide and her music career just goes spiraling down. This is when she discovers a box full of old newspaper cutting that covers the story of a Welsh girl who had gone missing almost 20 years ago. Matilda realizes that this has something to do with her mother’s death and that’s when she packs her bags to travel to Wales with a close friend. The two set out on a dangerous quest to uncover the mystery behind the missing girl and its relation to Gray’s mother.

6. Stranger Things (2016-)

With the third season just around the corner, ‘Stranger Things’ just had to be on this list. The plot of this show strangely resembles that of a classic anime that goes by the name ‘Elfen Lied’ and surprisingly, the anime came out much before the show. ‘Stranger Things’ follows the lives of the people who live in a small town that is gripped by the occurrence of some really dark events. It centers around a group of kids who try to unravel the mystery behind their missing friend after they meet a strange young girl who possesses powers that are much beyond her control. This show has a very dark retro vibe to it and there are several intriguing, richly layered, complex characters. It may also be nostalgic for those who grew up in the “sci-fi” era of the early 80s but most of that will only be relatable for an American audience.

5. 3% (2016-)

‘3 %’ is a Brazilian TV show that’s like a combination of the films ‘Hunger Games’ and ‘Elysium’. The series is about how most humans live in impoverished conditions and only a few get to live in a virtual paradise known as the Offshore. Every year all the 20-year-olds get to participate in a series of tests out of which only 3% get to go to the Offshore. One of these selected candidates goes by the name of Michele. Now Michele has no existing family members but what she does have is a sense of justice and that itself is enough to cause havoc in a world that is full of inequality.

4. Cloak & Dagger (2018-)

Every action and decision has serious consequences and especially when you’re young, certain events can make or break your entire life. Marvel’s ‘Cloak and Dagger’ revolves around two teenagers who are sick of being mistreated by others just because they don’t fit in. They decide to leave everything behind and just run away. But along the way, something very strange happens to them and they acquire superpowers. One has the ability to hide in the shadows through his teleportation (Cloak) and the other one can create giant shiny crystals out of her hand (Dagger). Well, they’re teenagers, so they obviously start falling in love with each other but what’s more fascinating to watch is how these powers start bringing them down. They find themselves at a crossroad where it’s up to them to choose if they want to use these powers with responsibility or go completely haywire and do things that most other teenagers might end up doing.

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3. Legion (2017-)

David Haller has spent most of his miserable life shuffling from one psychiatric ward to another because of his schizophrenia. He now spends most of his time just sitting around with another friend he made in his new psychiatric ward. She blabbers while he just sits there and listens. But one fine day, a new patient named Syd comes by and David feels an instant connection with her. And when the two get to talking, David is able to relate to everything that she says. She makes him realize that what he suffers from is no mental illness but a unique extraordinary gift and that everything he sees isn’t just a segment of his imagination. If you are a Marvel comics fan, then this show is a must-watch for you. This is the closest one can ever get to the actual reading experience of a comic book through a TV series.

2. Impulse (2018-)

The ‘Jumper’ films have been long-forgotten. The ones who did enjoy the original movie anticipated a sequel for a while but then decided to leave it all behind after nothing came out since years. But who knew that Steven Gould’s novel series adaptation would be back again with a TV show after almost 10 years of silence. ‘Impulse’ is now a completely different story from the film with a whole new character named Henrietta. She discovers that she possesses the power of teleportation but as of now, it is totally out of her control. From the trailer, it looks like the show actually tries to take a dark approach towards the whole superhero thing. Even in real life, everything comes with a price and that’s something the protagonist of ‘Impulse’ soon realizes.

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1. Runaways (2017-)

A bunch of kids, who live with their own respective families discover that their parents are all involved in some kind of evil plan against the future of humanity. After discovering their dark secret, these kids decide to run away from their homes and together, try to bring an end to whatever it is their evil parents have been planning all along. The first season of this show might just put you off a little as it features too many characters, but don’t lose patience. We assure you that you will not be disappointed at all.

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