7 Shows Like Welcome to Eden You Must See

Remote islands often make for great destinations for thriller dramas since it is easy for people to go missing in far-flung places. Created by Joaquín Górriz and Guillermo López Sánchez, ‘Welcome to Eden’ (originally titled ‘Bienvenidos a Edén’) is a slick and ominous thriller series that takes us to one such mysterious island.

Zoa and four attractive young adults receive a message from Eden, and with the inquisition, their lives take a sinister turn. They arrive on Eden, which seems like a paradisiac island perfect for partying. But as they try a drink called “the Blue Eden,” the island becomes a claustrophobic nightmare. After having watched the series, you must be looking for similar entries. In that case, we may have a few suggestions at hand. You can watch most of these shows identical to ‘Welcome to Eden’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

7. Summer Heat (2022-)

Helmed by the trio comprising Michel Carvalho, Ana Pacheco, and Natalia Piserni, the Brazilian Netflix-original ‘Summer Heat’ (originally ‘Temporada de Verão’) is nothing less than a euphoric travel experience. As the busy summer arrives in a sparsely populated resort town on an island off the coast of Brazil, Maresia Hotel recruits new interns. A fresh batch of youngsters chases after their feelings and dreams, living in the present while the future remains to unfold. If ‘Welcome to Eden’ reminds you of how much you need a vacation, this coming-of-age romance series will amplify the urge.

6. The A-List (2018-)

With the combined geniuses of Dan Berlinka and Nina Metivier, ‘The A-list’ is a British supernatural thriller series. The fascinating Peregrine Island is filled with history, conspiracies, and time-bending black magic – and it also happens to house a summer camp. A motley crew arrives on the island, but how exactly do they leave?

Mia becomes ostracized right after her descent on the island. She grows a natural dislike for Amber, who dies and comes alive shortly after. Gradually, the island bares open its bag of secrets. If you have developed a penchant for ‘Welcome to Eden’ and you seek something with a touch of the supernatural, this is the series for you.

5. The Stranded (2019)

Created by Christian James Durso, the Thai-original mystery adventure series ‘The Stranded’ shows the resilience of humans by setting the narrative in the middle of a natural catastrophe. A small private school on an island in Thailand caters to students from all parts of the country.

However, in the face of a massive tsunami, the students stranded on the island must act independently and find an exit. The series is perfectly binge-worthy with a dynamic cast ensemble and an authentic ambiance of terror. If you are looking for another series where people get stranded in a remote location after ‘Welcome to Eden,’ this is a show to add to your bucket list.

4. Wrecked (2016-2018)

Imagine ‘Lord of the Flies’ as a hysterical comedy full of miscommunication and shenanigans. You may get something like ‘Wrecked.’ Created by Jordan Shipley and Justin Shipley, the sitcom begins with a plane crash. As the passengers get stranded on an island near Thailand, they struggle to survive with no communication with the outer world.

Meanwhile, two budding friends find themselves at loggerheads with the rest of the passengers due to differences in opinions. As a result, we get a roving and uproarious drama with a diverse cast ensemble. If you want to stick to the island theme after ‘Welcome to Eden’ but want to change the mood to comedy, this is a series that will keep you entertained.

3. The Wilds (2020-)

Matt Klitscher/Amazon Studios

Sarah Streicher’s Amazon Prime original thriller series ‘The Wilds’ requires a mention in the list, only if for its gripping story arcs. Teenage girls from diverse social and ethnic backgrounds come together to fight against an invisible evil on a remote island. With their arrival, they become subjects to a sinister social experiment.

Critics also compared the series to ‘Lord of the Flies’ due to the microcosmic element of the storyline, while the gendered aspect gives one something to think about. If you are looking for another island-themed thriller following ‘Welcome to Eden’ but want a female-centric endeavor, this show will not fail to grapple with your imagination.

2. Midnight Mass (2021)

Eike Schroter/Netflix

Mike Flanagan of ‘Ouija: Origin of Evil‘ fame brings the shivers to Netflix’s supernatural thriller series ‘Midnight Mass.’ Showcasing the power of belief, the tale unfolds in an island fishing community. After a youthful priest arrives in the village’s only church, the lives of the residents take a southward turn.

Miraculous and ominous events disrupt the community’s peace while people desperately root for divine intervention. The brilliance of the mystery drama lies in its reliance on character studies rather than cheap spooks. If you seek another show following ‘Welcome to Eden’ that makes a character out of a location, this is a show you can bank on.

1. Lost (2004-2010)

If you were born in the 90s, you would know the highly acclaimed mystery adventure series ‘Lost.’ Creators Jeffrey Lieber, J. J. Abrams, and Damon Lindelof managed to cultivate an immersive experience with the brilliance of their writing. After a harrowing plane crash, survivors find themselves stranded on an island.

As a community, they try to make things work with the natural reserve of the illusion of an island, which holds infinite possibilities for plot-building. All the story arcs are enticing, even though the storyline does not adhere to a strict genre. Arguably, this series is the father of island-based adventures. If you seek another show like ‘Welcome to Eden’ where revelry and horror lie in equal measures, this is a classic drama to satiate your appetite for binging.

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