SnowComing: Who Stars in it and Where Was it Shot?


‘SnowComing’ is a romantic comedy that follows Samantha, who is having second thoughts about her career as a book editor and therefore returns to her hometown to contemplate on life and also to attend the retirement party of her father, who is a football coach of her school. When she gets there, Samantha is shocked to see her high school flame Jake, who is now a famous NFL Quarterback, and is here to get away from the limelight for a while and also celebrate his coach’s retirement.

Just like Samantha, Jake is trying to figure out what happens to his life once the football contract ends. They catch up, sparks fly and love, ensues. Once the event is over, will the two part ways to pursue their dreams again, or is this a new beginning? After all, what’s a dream without love?

A Peter DeLuise directorial, ‘SnowComing’ is written by Betsy Morris and has been praised for its perky plotline and spellbinding visuals. If you want to know where SnowComing was filmed? Read on.

SnowComing Filming Locations

For making the feel-good, winter romance, the production unit headed to Canada. The film was extensively shot in Canada from November 19, 2018 to December 7, 2018. A major chunk of the film was shot across British Columbia, while some scenes were shot in Vancouver, also known as Hollywood North. Here are the specific locations.

Squamish, British Columbia

Squamish is a quaint town in British Columbia, located just an hour away from Vancouver. Here’s a location introduction tweet from the lead actor Trever Don, who clearly loved the place.

Well, he didn’t stop at that, here’s another tweet where Trevor is complimenting the Squamish folks of being really sweet and kind.

The opening shot of ‘SnowComing’ along with the majority of scenes were filmed in downtown Squamish, according to the film’s director Peter DeLuise, who tweeted the information.

Remember the scene where Jake and Samantha sledge down the slope in the frozen snow, after Samantha kidnaps him? Well, it was “the same 30 yards of snow slope shot over and over.” Don’t believe us? Check out the tweet from the director, DeLuise.

But also, that was the only scene where the film used real snow. The scene was filmed near Whistler Mountain. The spot was at the foot of a mountain which serves as a base for Alpine Skiing and Jumping during Olympics.

The director further added, that the snow used in almost the entire film, is fake.

Vancouver, British Columbia

The scene towards the end, where Samantha’s father and football coach Kerrigan, is felicitated by the town for his service and when Jake announces that he is taking over the position, was shot at Vancouver, British Columbia.

Here’s a behind the scenes picture of Trevor (Jake) and Joe (Lenny), from that very scene.

Because of its scenic beauty, Vancouver is a popular shooting destination. It has served as a filming location for many movies like ‘Big Eyes,’ ‘Apollo 18,’ ‘If I Stay,’ ’50 Shades Of Grey,’ and many more.

SnowComing Cast

Hallmark’s Winterfest movie features Lindy Booth as Samantha, the cookbook editor who loves books and aims to save the town library from shutting down. Lindy is known for her versatile roles in ‘Kick-Ass 2,’ ‘Ghost Whisperer,’ and ‘The Twilight Zone.’ Her Hallmark credits include ‘Sound of Christmas,’ ‘The Twelve Trees of Christmas,’ and a few more. Trevor Donovan essays the character of Jake, who is an internationally acclaimed Superbowl-winning NFL Quartback, Jake Gillette. Trevor is widely known for his role as Teddy Montgomery in the pop culture phenomena ‘90210.’ His other works include ‘Texas Rising,’ ‘The Baxters’ and ‘Lucifer.’

The highlights of the cast are football legends Joe Theismann as Lenny and Ed Marinaro as Coach Kerrigan. Theismann is a 12-year NFL veteran whose acting career includes hits like ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ and ‘The Man from Left Field.’ Ed Marinaro is a football legend who has set more than 16 NCAA records. In the world of acting, he is best known for ‘Laverne & Shirley,’ and ‘Sisters.’

The other cast members include Pauline Egan ad Cassie, Caitlin Stryker as Diana, Andrew Dunbar as Graham, Lynda Boyd as Alice, Jordyn Ashley Olson as Sage, Kwesi Ameyaw as Principal Evans, Daniel Bacon as Harry, Kayla Heller as Emiily.