Swinging Into Love: All Shooting Locations and Cast Explored

‘Swinging Into Love‘ is a lighthearted romantic movie that centers on Christine Sims trying to save her family’s shop through a dance competition. Christine returns to her quaint hometown for the Fall Festival but is dismayed to learn that her family shop may close down due to increased rent. A dancer, she takes it upon herself to win the upcoming dance competition in town to secure the substantial prize money on offer.  Alex, her ex-husband and former dance partner, approaches her to pair up for the competition. However, she chooses to go against the odds with a novice dancer, Matthew, whom she has begun to fall for.

Directed by Bradley Walsh, the 2023 Great American Family Movie takes us through the vibrant small town covered with festive paraphernalia, which sets a conducive backdrop for Christine and Matthew’s burgeoning romance. The picturesque landscape, along with the embellished streets and dance venues, may render one curious regarding the movie’s real-life filming sites.

Where was Swinging Into Love Filmed?

‘Swinging Into Love’ was filmed largely in and around the city of North Bay in Northeastern Ontario. Principal photography began in late June 2023 and was wrapped up by mid-July of the same year. The movie’s shooting coincided with the 2023 Writers Guild of America strike, which caused minimal disruption given their filming destination. The lead actors underwent frequent dance rehearsals for more than three weeks leading up to the shoot of their dance finale.

Having the least experience in the dance form, actor David Haydn-Jones shared his experience in the caption of a picture he shared on his social media account, “Man did I have a blast working on this movie! One of the hardest 3.5 week preps in my career learning a Ballroom Jive for the finale.” Allow us to take you to the inviting filming destination of the Great American Family Movie.

North Bay, Ontario

Resting on the east shore of Lake Nipissing, the city of North Bay became the primary filming location for ‘Swinging Into Love.’ The enclave is a unique blend of urban vitality and natural tranquility, making it an ideal canvas for the film crew, who sought authenticity and a touch of small-town charm. With its quaint urban locales, North Bay’s streets and natural landscapes can be spotted throughout the movie. These natural settings, untouched by the familiar gloss of larger metropolitan areas, provide filmmakers with an authentic canvas to paint their grassroots narratives.

The heart of Northbay’s cinematic potential lies in its ability to evoke a sense of nostalgia and simplicity, as seen in the film. Filmmakers are drawn to the city’s historic architecture, quaint downtown streets, and the warmth exuded by its tight-knit community. This charm, often elusive in larger urban centers, becomes a character in itself, enriching the storyline and captivating us with a genuine portrayal of life in a smaller city.

The film’s production team made use of several residential properties and party venues within the town while leveraging its quieter streets and decorating shops to portray the Fall Festival. Besides its alluring urban and natural landscapes, North Bay offers a welcoming embrace to filmmakers with its supportive local film industry infrastructure and is increasingly becoming a favored destination for filmmakers of Great American Family. Some of their films produced here include, ‘Christmas at the Drive-In,’ ‘A Merry Christmas Wish,’ and ‘A Royal Date for Christmas.’

Swinging Into Love Cast

Danica McKellar swings into the lead role of Christine Sims. She has an interest in dance and took part in the 18th Season of ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ coming in at sixth place. Danica is a seasoned actress, first drawing the limelight with her performance as Winnie Cooper in ‘ The Wonder Years.’ Since then she has gone on to star in productions like ‘The Winter Palace,’ ‘The West Wing,’ and ‘A Royal Date for Christmas.’ She is also a prolific voice actress, lending her vocals to Miss Martian in ‘Young Justice,’ Frost in ‘DC Super Hero Girls,’ and Becky in ‘Phineas and Ferb.’

Accompanying her is David Haydn-Jones, who essays Matthew Russell. Throughout his extensive acting career, he has appeared in multiple films and TV shows. Enacting Arthur Ketch in ‘Supernatural,’ while he features in ‘The Last Kiss’ as Mark. Moreover, other projects he has been involved in over the years are ‘Five More Minutes,’ ‘Magnum P.I.,’ ‘Love Under the Rainbow,’ and ‘A Cookie Cutter Christmas.’ Making his acting debut, Gleb Savchenko jives into the role of Alex Ivanov. The Russian performer is known for his choreography in ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and was responsible for training both leads for their dance sequences in the film.

Additionally, supporting cast members for ‘Swinging Into Love’ include Valerie Boyle as Mrs. Gregory, Lisa Brown as Janet, Jim Calarco as Robert, Sharona D’Ornellas as Woman Dancer, Michelle Jackett as Candace, Taya Messier as Taylor, Ipsita Paul as Amanda, and Dexter Bolduc as Townsfolk.

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