A Royal Date for Christmas: Shooting and Cast Details

Originally titled ‘A Royal Christmas Romance,’ Great American Family ‘A Royal Date for Christmas’ is a Christmas romantic comedy movie directed by Bradley Walsh that centers upon Bella Sparks, the owner of a local boutique called Bella Sparks Couture, and a European Duke named Stefan whose luggage goes missing upon his arrival in the States. In need of new outfits for a week of high-stakes meetings, Stefan has no choice but to be styled by Bella.

Soon, Stefan asks Bella if she could accompany him to his formal soirees as his official plus one. After accepting his request with good humor, she accidentally finds out that Stefan is actually Stefan William Francis Brown, the Duke of Tangford. The heartwarming romance between Bella and Stefan works in contrast with the chilly and snowy setting of the surroundings. Moreover, the usage of interesting locations throughout the film makes one wonder where ‘A Royal Date for Christmas’ was shot.

Where Was A Royal Date for Christmas Filmed?

The shooting of ‘A Royal Date for Christmas’ took place in the summer of 2023 in and around the city of North Bay, in Ontario, in the east-central part of the Great White North. To be precise, the process of filming commenced in June 2023 and seemingly continued for a few weeks before wrapping up. The production went on smoothly and the cast and crew had a lot of fun on the set. Let’s delve into the details and learn more about everything that went on behind the scenes of the romantic comedy film.

North Bay, Ontario

‘A Royal Date for Christmas’ was filmed in North Bay, a stunning city in Nipissing District in the northeastern portion of the Ontario province. According to reports, the production team shot the fairytale romance in several locations in the city as well as its surrounding areas. As the filming took place in the summer, it is likely that the team had to make use of fake snow and deck up the set using props and items to showcase a Christmassy vibe that complements the movie’s Yuletide setting.

Interestingly, North Bay is no stranger to the production of a variety of movie and television projects. Over the years, it has served as the filming site of many Christmas-themed titles such as ‘Christmas by the Book,’ ‘A Christmas Carousel,’ ‘Last Chance for Christmas,’ ‘A Song for Christmas,’ ‘Nostalgic Christmas,’ ‘Return to Christmas Creek,’ ‘Northern Lights of Christmas,’ and ‘A Veteran’s Christmas.’ Therefore, it makes sense that the cast and crew of ‘A Royal Date for Christmas’ visited the city to lens the film.

Lying between Lake Nipissing and Trout Lake, North Bay is often referred to as the Gateway of the North and enjoys a swarm of tourists throughout the year due to its scenic beauty and laidback charm. Some of the popular attractions in the city are its Waterfront Boardwalk, North Bay Heritage Train and Carousel, Canadian Forces Museum of Aerospace Defence, pristine beaches, lush green forests, hiking and biking trails, as well as skiing and snowboarding areas.

A Royal Date for Christmas Cast

The Great American Family production is headlined by the talented duo of Danica McKellar and Damon Runyan. Acclaimed for her portrayal of Winnie Cooper in ‘The Wonder Years,’ McKellar stars in the film as Bella Sparks. She is also known for her appearances as Elsie Snuffin in ‘The West Wing,’ Maddie Monroe in ‘Inspector Mom,’ The Quail in ‘Project Mc²,’ Alison in ‘Home Economics‘ and Ally Craig in ‘Love and Sunshine.’ Apart from ‘A Royal Date for Christmas,’ McKellar has worked on multiple Christmas movies, such as ‘You, Me & the Christmas Trees,’Christmas at Dollywood,’ ‘Christmas at the Drive-In,’ ‘Christmas She Wrote,’ and ‘Coming Home for Christmas.’

Damon Runyan essays the character of Stefan William Francis Brown, the Duke of Tangford, in the film. You may recognize the actor for his performance as Coach Carson in ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation,’ Charles Falco/Charlie Conner in ‘Gangland Undercover,’ Ujilli as ‘Star Trek: Discovery,’ and Paul Rutherford in ‘Home Before Dark.’ He also has holiday movies such as ‘Christmas in Washington,’ ‘A Snowy Christmas,’ ‘The Christmas Chalet,’ ‘Magical Christmas Shoes,’ and ‘Christmas Festival of Ice’ to his credit. The supporting cast of the movie comprises Scott Ryan Yamamura as Jeff, Deanna Jarvis as Jamie, Chris Farquhar as Phillip, Patrice Goodman, Vickie Papavs, and Nigel Hamer.

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