Lifetime’s The Beach House Murders: Filming Locations and Cast Details

‘The Beach House Murders’ by director Doug Campbell narrates the story of a novelist who retreats into her home after her boyfriend attempts to murder her. Sarah is a reclusive novelist who avoids contact with others to live a life of solitude at the beach. Upon meeting an attractive and mysterious stranger on one of her strolls, she takes a chance and has a one-night tryst with him. However, a few days later he turns up dead at her summer home. This sequence of events makes her the prime suspect in the murder investigation.

As Sarah struggles to make sense of the incident, she is assisted by her friend Alice. Eventually, she is contacted by an ominous figure from her past, one who does not plan on leaving her alone, leading to a thrilling game of cat-and-mouse. Following Sarah’s harrowing story, the Lifetime movie takes us through serene coastal vistas, which create a striking contrast to the jarring events that eventually unfold. Given the film’s captivating setting, one may be inspired to dig deeper into exploring its real-life filming sites.

Where Was The Beach House Murders Filmed?

‘The Beach House Murders’ was filmed in multiple sites throughout Los Angeles County, California. Principal photography took place over a few weeks in September and October of 2023. During its filming, the movie was tentatively titled, ‘The Summer House.’ The cast members seem to have had a pleasant experience behind the scenes, bonding and enjoying themselves in the temperate locales. Let us take a closer look at the filming destinations chosen for the movie

Los Angeles County, California

The film crew ventured to various sites around Los Angeles County to create the settings observed in the film. It encompasses a vast and diverse landscape ranging from bustling urban centers to picturesque coastal enclaves. For the purposes of ‘The Beach House Murders,’ which centers around a seaside locale, Los Angeles County offered the filmmakers an array of locations that perfectly capture the intrigue and drama of their narrative. Along the iconic coastline of the County, from the exclusive neighborhoods of Malibu to the serene shores of Long Beach, lies a plethora of stunning beachfront properties and luxurious estates that provide the ideal setting for the protagonist’s summer home.

The breathtaking vistas of the Pacific Ocean, coupled with the remote feel of these seaside residences, create a backdrop that heightens the tension and mystery surrounding the murder. In addition to its visual appeal, the City of Angels and its surrounding areas offer filmmakers memorable and culturally significant shooting sites along with diverse communities that add depth and authenticity to the story. From the vibrant streets of Hollywood to the gems of downtown Los Angeles, the region’s eclectic neighborhoods and nostalgic atmosphere provide enticing backdrops for the exploration of complex characters and suspenseful twists of the murder mystery.

Moreover, Los Angeles boasts a vibrant and thriving film industry, including cutting-edge studios, experienced crews, and production facilities, making it an ideal location for bringing this gripping murder mystery to life. The city’s wealth of talent, both in front of and behind the camera, ensures high-quality production at lower production costs.

For Lifetime’s filmmakers, Los Angeles stands as a familiar cinematic playground, offering the perfect combination of stunning scenery, industry expertise, and cost-effectiveness to breathe life into enthralling murder mysteries. Various facets of Los Angeles and its locales, from natural landscapes to its modern cityscape, can be spotted throughout a multitude of Lifetime thriller movies. These include, ‘She’s Obsessed with My Husband,’ ‘Sabotaging the Squad,’ ‘The Wrong Life Coach,’ ‘Silent Night Fatal Night,’ and ‘Tall, Dark and Dangerous.’

The Beach House Murders Cast

Brittney Dorey leads the film, starring in her first lead role as Sarah. Brittney can also be seen in ‘Family Time’ as Miranda, in ‘Dynasty’ as Luna, and in ‘TMI Hollywood.’ Stepping into the role of Tony is Cj Hammond. The Denver-based actor began his career in modeling and has become a Lifetime regular, essaying the character of Caleb in ‘Nanny Dearest,’ Trainer Mike in ‘Spinning Out of Control,’ and Parker Scott in ‘Swim Instructor Nightmare.’

Ashli Auguillard takes up the role of Alice. Hailing from the small town of Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, Ashli appears in ‘The Rookie,’ ‘The Rookie: Feds,’ ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ and ‘American Gangster: Trap Queens.’ The supporting cast for the film includes Devante Winfrey as Miles, Kyle Williams as Jack, Nicole Dionne as Uma, Robin De Lano as Gina, Jordan Hubbard as Detective Branton, and Carolyn Zanelli as Officer Evans.

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