Where is Holmes Family Rescue Filmed?

Image Credit: Mike Holmes/Instagram

Hosted by Mike Holmes, Sherry Holmes, and Mike Holmes Jr., HGTV’s reality show ‘Holmes Family Rescue’ centers around the Holmes family, who redesign and reconstruct houses that aren’t in a safe and livable condition. The trio meets families, who were tricked by unauthorized and unskilled contractors, and work on their houses to transform them into habitable homes. As the Holmes family showcases their mastery and capabilities, the audiences must be wondering where the houses are situated. Captivated by the transformation of those properties, we have covered the filming locations of the show. Let’s take a look!

Holmes Family Rescue Filming Locations

‘Holmes Family Rescue’ is filmed in Ontario and British Columbia. The filming of the first season reportedly commenced in October 2019. Now, let’s get into the details of where the home renovation series is filmed!


The filming of ‘Holmes Family Rescue’ chiefly takes place in the province of Ontario. Located in Central Canada, Ontario is the most populous province in the country. A native himself, Mike Holmes’ shows and specials are mainly centered in the province. For the show, Mike, Sherry, and Mike Jr. extensively refurbish multiple properties in and around the region while also raising awareness regarding fraudulent and unlicensed contractors. The show sheds light on the current trends of Ontario with regard to house design and construction.

Ontario is also the home of the nation’s most populous city, Toronto, which is where Mike Holmes’ The Holmes Group is based. As the show progresses, we get glimpses of the province’s scenic appeal, as picturesque lakes, forests, and suburbs define the region. It is one of the main entertainment production centers in the country, having hosted the production of films and TV shows like ‘Mayor of Kingstown,’ ‘Finch,’ ‘The Expanse,’ ‘Suicide Squad,’ and many more.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Additionally, the filming of the show seemingly takes place in Vancouver, in the province of British Columbia. The city has also hosted the Holmes family for their show ‘Holmes Family Effect.’ Vancouver is one of the most stylish megalopolises in Canada. As one of the two focal points of “Hollywood North,” the city serves as a location for well-known productions like ‘Maid,’ ‘Midnight Mass,’ and ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ to name a few.

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