Where Was Hallmark’s A Godwink Christmas: Miracle Of Love Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

‘A Godwink Christmas’ film series is a heartwarming set of movies by Hallmark Movies And Mysteries, based on the eponymous books by Squire D. Rushnell and Louise DuArt. Directed by Heather Hawthorn Doyle, ‘A Godwink Christmas: Miracle Of Love’ is the fourth installment in this series. This beautiful Christmas romance revolves around Joy, an aspiring nurse who has just completed her education but is unable to find employment. When she returns home for the holidays, she decides to volunteer to help build a home for the Romero family at Christmas.

Soon, she meets Eric, her co-volunteer who is also facing a dilemma in his life. While working together on the noble cause, a series of divine coincidences or Godwinks, and a medical miracle bring Joy and Eric closer. Eventually, they begin to find their purpose in the world, as well as realize that they are destined to be together. Set against a serene winter backdrop amid the holidays, ‘A Godwink Christmas: Miracle Of Love’ is a touching tale of love, kindness, and faith. If you are curious to find out where it was filmed, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in!

A Godwink Christmas: Miracle Of Love Filming Locations

‘A Godwink Christmas: Miracle Of Love’ was filmed in various parts of British Columbia, particularly Vancouver and Maple Ridge. Principal photography commenced on October 19, 2021, and was wrapped up on November 6, 2021. The province is a much preferred filming location for various productions, as it is both rich in scenic diversity as well as talent.

The various landscapes are apt to shoot any genre, and the readily available technology and production setups are an add-on. Filmmakers also receive generous tax concessions and incentives, making British Columbia an ideal place to shoot. Movies like ‘Cold Pursuit,’ ‘The Hurt Locker,’ and ‘Deadpool 2’ were also filmed in the province. Here are more details about the filming sites for ‘A Godwink Christmas: Miracle Of Love.’

Vancouver, British Columbia

‘A Godwink Christmas: Miracle Of Love’ was majorly filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia. Popularly known as Hollywood North, Vancouver is a much sought-after filming location, especially for numerous Hallmark productions. From snowy mountains to a bustling seaport and even a modern cityscape, Vancouver has featured as a shooting location in numerous film and TV productions.

The city has well-equipped studios and a vast pool of talented production crew and artists, as well as ideal lighting conditions due to its cloudy skies. Movies like ‘Noelle,’ ‘The Twilight Saga,’ and ‘Night At The Museum,’ as well as TV shows like ‘Riverdale,’ ‘Once Upon A Time,’ and ‘X-Files’ were all filmed in Vancouver.

Maple Ridge, British Columbia

Some scenes of ‘A Godwink Christmas: Miracle Of Love’ were also filmed in the city of Maple Ridge, located between the Fraser River and the Golden Ears mountain summits in British Columbia. The city is a thriving center for theatre, art, and music and also holds various festivals and annual parades, as well as farmer markets. Maple Ridge has been a highly popular filming location since as early as the ‘70s. The movies ‘Rambo’ and ‘The Nine Lives Of Christmas,’ as well the TV series ‘Smallville’ were filmed in the city.

A Godwink Christmas: Miracle Of Love Cast

Actress Katherine Barrell plays Joy, a young girl hoping to become a nurse and follow her late mother’s footsteps. Barrell is known for her work in the television series ‘Good Witch’ and ‘Wynona Earp,’ and also the movie ‘Cabin Connection.’ Alberto Frezza stars opposite Barrell as Eric, who helps Joy in her volunteer program and eventually falls in love with her. Frezza’s notable work includes the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ spin-off series ‘Station 19’ and also the HBO thriller series ‘The Flight Attendant.’

‘A Godwink Christmas: Miracle Of Love’ also features Nelson Wong as Angelo, who is known for his roles in several Hallmark movies like ‘A Timeless Christmas’ and ‘Hope At Christmas.’ Other cast members include Lauren Akemi Bradley (Emily Romero), Darien Martin (Tony Romero), Calix Miguel (Charlie Romero), Christine Cattell (Katie), Ashley Cartwright ( Riley), Sydney Doberstein (Riley’s mother), Lesley Mirza (Markie), Malcolm Stewart (Dr. Louis Graber), and William MacDonald (John Fellman).

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