Where Was Hallmark’s The Sweetest Christmas Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

Hallmark’s ‘The Sweetest Christmas’ is a fun 2017 Christmas-themed movie that adds a unique twist to the romantic comedy genre. Directed by Terry Ingram, it follows Kylie Watson, a struggling chef who gets the opportunity of a lifetime to be accepted in the finals of the American Gingerbread Competition. Unfortunately, her oven breaks down the night before the finals. Completely devasted, the chef reaches out to her last resort, her ex-boyfriend Nick Mazannti, who runs a local pizzeria. Their romance rekindles over gingerbread baking.

However, things get complicated when another ex-boyfriend, Ralphie, comes into the picture and tries to patch things up with Kylie. Now, she must pull herself up and make the right choice or risk losing her love and the contest. Featuring stellar performances from the talented cast members and a fun-filled narrative, ‘The Sweetest Christmas’ keeps the audience entertained till the end. Moreover, the charming small-town setting and the cheerful Christmas visuals make them curious to know where the holiday romance was shot. So, if you’re looking for the same answer, allow us to enlighten you.

The Sweetest Christmas Filming Locations

‘The Sweetest Christmas’ was entirely filmed in British Columbia, specifically in the port city of Vancouver. Principal photography for the Hallmark movie commenced on June 12, 2017, and was wrapped up by June 30. British Columbia’s diverse landscape, which features snow-clad mountains, lush forests, rivers, urban cities, and charming small towns, makes it an ideal location for the sweet holiday movie. Now, let’s explore the particular places featured in the Hallmark movie!

Vancouver, British Columbia

All the pivotal sequences for ‘The Sweetest Christmas’ were lensed in and around Vancouver, the most populous city in British Columbia. The filming unit seemingly set up camp at various sites across the city to tape scenes against suitable backdrops. This includes the Army and Navy Department Stores at 5501 204 Street in the nearby city of Langley. Given Vancouver’s picturesque cityscape and surrounding locations like Langley, it offers the ideal backdrop for romantic movies, including ‘The Sweetest Christmas.’

Popularly called Hollywood North, Vancouver is one of the most prominent production hubs primarily due to its vibrant scenic beauty, favorable climate, hospitality, skilled crew and actors, and other production facilities it offers. It is home to numerous tourist attractions, such as the Vancouver Maritime Museum, the Vancouver Art Gallery, the H. R. MacMillan Space Centre, and the Vancouver Museum. Interestingly, Vancouver reportedly serves as the backdrop of more than 50 Hallmark productions each year. Several movies like ‘Three Wise Men and a Baby,’ ‘A Maple Valley Christmas,’ and ‘Time For Him to Come Home for Christmas‘ were shot in the beautiful city.

The Sweetest Christmas Cast

Lacey Chabert portrays Kylie in the Hallmark romance. The actress might seem familiar, as she has appeared in several movies and TV shows like ‘Mean Girls,’ ‘Lost in Space,’ ‘Not Another Teen Movie,’ and ‘Black Christmas.’ On the other hand, Lea Coco essays the role of Nick, Kylie’s ex-boyfriend, who owns a family-owned pizza place. You may recognize Coco from his roles in ‘Queen Sugar,’ ‘Sinister 2,’ ‘Saving Lincoln’ and others. Additionally, Jonathan Adams plays Kylie’s other ex-boyfriend, Ralphie.

The actor has done commendable work in ‘The Death and Return of Superman,’ ‘Last Man Standing,’ and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’ Other cast members include Brenden Sunderland (Bobby), Lara Gilchrist (Tina), Lane Edwards (Alex), Jill Morrison (Michelle), Brenda Crichlow (Judge Linda), and Ava Grace Cooper (Hannah). Furthermore, Mar Andersons (Tom), Corina Akeson (Ina), Sophia Reid-Gantzert (Harper), and Emma Pedersen (Miss Emma) play pivotal roles in the Christmas movie.

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