Where Was Lifetime’s Ghosts of Christmas Past Filmed? Who is the Cast?

Lifetime is the perfect destination for a wonderful list of Christmas-themed movies to watch with friends and family, especially the ‘It’s A Wonderful Lifetime’ series. ‘Ghosts of Christmas Past’ is one such holiday delight, directed by Virginia Abramovich. It follows Ellie, who is notorious for constantly ghosting men on dating apps. However, when a fortune teller warns her that she will never find true love if she doesn’t make amends with her past within a week, Ellie gets horrified. She then sets out to find each man she has ever ghosted and apologize to them before midnight on Christmas Eve.

On Ellie’s quest to avoid her destiny of being lonely forever, she meets a dashing stranger who could become the possible love of her life. Set amidst beautiful holiday decorations and the excitement of the week before Christmas, the movie highlights the importance of correcting past mistakes to be truly happy in life, as well as the magic of romance during Christmas time. If you are curious to know where this fun movie was filmed, we’ve got you covered!

Ghosts of Christmas Past Filming Locations

‘Ghosts of Christmas Past’ was filmed in Ontario, specifically in Toronto and Hamilton. Principal photography seemingly commenced at the end of August 2021 and was completed in September 2021. The province of Ontario is a widely popular filming location as it provides great tax and funding incentives for film and television production. It is well equipped with the best technology used in production setups and gives production houses access to the best crew and artists in the region.

Some of the prominent filming sites in Ontario are Niagara Falls, Rockwood Conservation Area, and Parkwood Estate. The region also has stunning landscapes and magnificent buildings, which enables the creation of different scenic backgrounds for filming. ‘The Knight Before Christmas,’ ‘Repo Men,’ and ‘The Shape of Water‘ are some of the movies that were filmed in Ontario. Now, let’s find out more about the exact filming locations where the Lifetime film was shot!

Toronto, Ontario

The capital city of the province of Ontario, Toronto, serves as one of the major filming locations for ‘Ghosts of Christmas Past.’ A bustling metropolitan region with dynamic skyscrapers and several lush green spaces, Toronto has gorgeous lakes and ravine forests. With its well-established and technologically updated studios as well as the tax concessions, the city has witnessed the filming of numerous movies and TV shows. That explains why it is an essential part of what is popularly called the “Hollywood North.”

Toronto also hosts the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival every year, where some of the most prominent movies are premiered. City Hall, Lower Bay Station, the University of Toronto, and Distillery District are some popular filming spots in the city. Movies like ‘Cinderella Man,’ ‘What If,’ and ‘Chicago’ were filmed in Toronto.

Hamilton, Ontario

Important parts of ‘Ghosts of Christmas Past’ were shot in Hamilton, a port city situated on the western tip of Lake Ontario. The cast and crew filmed specifically near Gore Park and Red Church Cafe on Carlisle Road, in downtown Hamilton. The production crew used fake snow and Christmas decorations to create a holiday backdrop for the movie.

The Niagara Escarpment, a lush forest ridge with waterfalls and conservation areas, runs through Hamilton. Significant artifacts of Canadian military history are also placed in the city, including the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. Hamilton is a highly preferred location for filming, and some of its notable credits are ‘The Santa Squad,’ ‘Man of the Year,’ and ‘Exit Wounds.’

Ghosts of Christmas Past Cast

Annie Clark plays Ellie, a serial “ghoster” on dating apps, who tries to correct her past errors to evade the prophecy of an unhappy future. Clark has also done notable work in the television teen drama ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation,’ as well as the movie ‘Solo.’ Opposite her is Dan Jeannotte as Ellie’s handsome love interest. You may recognize Jeannotte from popular TV series such as ‘Good Witch,’ ‘Reign,’ and ‘The Bold Type.’ Other cast members of ‘Ghosts of Christmas Past’ include Morgan David Jones (Hunter), Connie Wang (Caroline), Angelica Alejandro (Marina), Joey Belfiore (Kevin), Jamaal Grant (Todd), and Andrea Carter (Lana).

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