Which Couples Will Stay Together in Love is Blind Season 2 Finale? Theories

As we all know by now, ‘Love is Blind‘ follows a group of marriage-ready singles as they hope to find their forever partner and fall in love sight unseen, only to soon answer whether the titular phrase holds true or not. The likes of Lauren and Cameron, along with Amber and Barnett, have already proven this theory in season 1, though, meaning that there’s already a lot of excitement to see the way things will play out in season 2. So now that we have the five final couples of this latest installment, let’s delve into which of them likely stay together and which don’t, shall we?

Danielle and Nick – Together

Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson had fallen hard and fast in the pods, not only owing to their similar experiences of hailing from broken homes but also because of mutual trust, understanding, and beliefs. They thus got engaged relatively quickly as well, yet the actualities of the real world and their past raised several issues between them within a matter of mere days. However, even though there’s no denying that most of these escalated due to communication differences as well as Danielle’s admitted personal insecurities, the couple still managed to stick by one another.

The common theme for Danielle and Nick, no matter what they faced – their contrasting personalities, concerns over how their future would look like, and doubts regarding what they truly wanted – the one thing that never wavered was their love. They both wanted to make their relationship work, which is why they actively fought hard for it at every step of the way. Therefore, we don’t see why they won’t continue to do so by saying no at the altar.

Natalie and Shayne – Not Together

Considering all the drama in the pods (and outside) with Shaina Hurley, as well as their drastically different temperaments, Natalie Lee and Shayne Jansen are definitely one of the most talked-about duos this season. After all, they weathered everything from a conflict when he mistook Natalie for Shaina in the pods to an argument over needing positive reassurance during their getaway to Shaina calling their bond “comical” later on, only to seem happy.

Natalie and Shayne genuinely appeared glad to be together whenever nobody else was involved in their business since they believed their personalities complemented their partner’s. Honestly, we thought so too, that is, until we realized that there was a lot of nitpicking from both sides, along with what might initially seem like minor disagreements between them. Yes, they’d undoubtedly fallen in love, but despite both of them claiming that they’ll 100% say “I Do” at the altar, we just don’t think it’ll work out that way.

Mallory and Salvador – Together

After connecting with two equally incredible men in the pods, Mallory Zapata rejected Jarrette Jones to say yes to Salvador Perez’s proposal because he was the one who’d won over her heart. His emotional availability, honesty, and ability to always be clear about his intentions had made her fall, whereas her strong character, as well as openness, are what’d pulled him in. They did argue about Jarrette, and other former partners, later on, yet rather than losing their temper, they simply worked together to talk things out.

Mallory and Salvador never shied away from expressing their emotions once they’d grown comfortable around each other, which then made it evident that they genuinely cared. In fact, in spite of all their ups and downs, they not only continued to wear their hearts upon their sleeves, but they also helped one another calm down/figure out their emotions. Hence, they likely will end up together; at least, that’s what we hope.

Deepti and Shake – Not Together

Physical attraction — that’s all we have to say for Deepti Vempati and Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee. This couple started incredibly strong when they first met face-to-face despite the latter’s questions surrounding appearances in the pods, but it soon fizzled out because he just couldn’t see his fiancée in that light. He wanted an “animalistic attraction” to go alongside the deep emotional connection he felt, which never came to be.

With that said, Deepti and Shake did have a kind of love between them and had become each other’s confidants, meaning that they knew their partner inside out. Honestly, though, their association never once came across as romantic; it felt more like a bond found between the best of friends, which they often implied on ‘Love is Blind’ themselves. As Shake’s mother had declared, Deepti deserves better than to live in doubt of whether he wants all of her or not.

Iyanna and Jarrette – Together

There was an undeniable spark that both Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones had felt as soon as they’d come across one another in the pods. However, since the latter had found one with Mallory as well – a fact he didn’t hide from Iyanna – he went back and forth between the two women each day. In other words, it was only after Mallory had turned him down that Jarrette went to the former for good, so, of course, she couldn’t help but feel like the second choice.

This particular concern that Iyanna had of being just a backup, along with their different lifestyles, especially considering how she’s an introvert, whereas Jarrette is an extrovert, did cause problems for the pair, but nothing too major. In fact, her partner always managed to soothe her down with his words and assured her time and time again that she was the only one for him. Jarrette actually came off as incredibly sincere in everything he did, just like Iyanna, so we do think that they will say “I Do” at the altar.

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