Who is Dr. Jared Kalu? Who Plays Him in The Good Doctor?

The fifteenth episode of ABC’s medical seriesThe Good Doctor’ revolves around the return of Dr. Jared Kalu to San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital with his patient Roland Barnes, the fifth wealthiest individual in the world. He promises Roland that Dr. Shaun Murphy is the best and most reliable surgeon he knows and the latter lives up to the expectations to provide unparalleled care to the patient. Jared’s return makes Shaun immensely happy and the latter makes the former realize how good a surgeon he is. As the character becomes a significant part of the sixth season of the series, one may want to recollect who he is. Well, here’s everything you need to know about Jared! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who is Dr. Jared Kalu?

In the first season of the medical drama, Dr. Jared Kalu works as a surgical resident at St. Bonaventure Hospital. Shaun and Jared end up forming an admirable companionship after the former joins the hospital, also as a surgical resident. When a group of his colleagues always questions Shaun’s abilities and character, Jared becomes his strongest advocate. He always has Shaun’s back when others scrutinize the autistic resident’s choices and decisions. Jared is one of the few individuals who completely trusts and admires Shaun’s capabilities as a doctor and that’s the reason why he brings Roland to St. Bonaventure. He eventually forms a connection with fellow surgical resident Dr. Claire Brown.

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Jared is immensely protective of the people he cares for. When he comes to know that Claire was harassed by Dr. Matt Coyle, Jared physically assaults the attending. Dr. Neil Melendez, who is in charge of the surgical residents, and Dr. Marcus Andrews, the then-Chief of Surgery, get forced to fire Jared for assaulting a superior doctor in the hospital. Jared, however, doesn’t back off. He sues the hospital, accusing racial discrimination, and regains his job back but loses the respect of both Melendez and Andrews. Jared also eventually realizes that Claire isn’t as invested as he is in their relationship, which paves the way for their break up. After parting ways with Claire, Jared also decides to part ways with St. Bonaventure, which makes him leave for Denver.

While working at a hospital in Denver, Jared provides care for Roland Barnes’ wife. The businessman gets impressed by the same and hires Jared as his concierge doctor. He accepts the profession since he values Roland’s belief in him but his return to St. Bonaventure and interaction with Shaun make him realize that he has to return to the OR as a surgeon. He makes amends with Andrews and meets Dr. Audrey Lim, the Chief of Surgery, to discuss continuing his residency. Lim tells him that she doesn’t have a vacancy in the third-year residency but offers Jared a spot in the first year. To become a surgeon again, Jared happily accepts the same and celebrates the night with Shaun and Lea.

Who Plays Dr. Jared Kalu?

Chuku Modu, known for his performance as Dr. Gabriel Santiago in ‘The 100,’ plays Dr. Jared Kalu in ‘The Good Doctor.’ Born on June 19, 1990, to a Nigerian-German father and an Anglo-Irish mother in London, Modu’s acting career began after joining the Richmond Drama School. After appearing in a series of short films, he appears as an extra in Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin-starrer ‘Me Before You.’ The actor delivers his breakthrough performance in ‘Game of Thrones,’ in which he plays Aggo, a Dothraki warrior who takes Daenerys Targaryen to Vaes Dothrak. He also appears in the three episodes of ‘Snatch.’

After leaving ‘The Good Doctor,’ Modu joined the cast of The CW’s post-apocalyptic series ‘The 100.’ In the sixth and seventh seasons of the series, he plays Dr. Gabriel Santiago, a geneticist who becomes one of the earliest colonists of the inhabitable moon Sanctum. The actor plays Soh-Larr, a Kree spy who tries to lure Starforce to Torfa, in ‘Captain Marvel.’ Modu also co-wrote and appears in a short titled ‘Freedoms Name Is Mighty Sweet’ with Antonia Thomas, who plays Claire in ‘The Good Doctor.’ His recent credits include Adem in the British film ‘The Origin.’

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