Who Is Tevin in Raising Dion? Do Nicole and Tevin End Up Together?

Raising Dion‘ season 2 continues Dion and Nicole’s journey beyond their epic confrontation with the Crooked Man. As Nicole shapes Dion into a capable and righteous individual, the mother-son duo faces many challenges. In the process, we meet some intriguing new characters, one of them being the charismatic and level-headed Tevin. If you are curious to learn more about the newest superhero on the block in ‘Raising Dion’ season 2, here’s everything you need to know about Tevin, including his superpowers and potential romantic future with Nicole! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Who Is Tevin in Raising Dion? What Are His Superpowers?

Tevin Wakefield is a supporting character introduced in the second season premiere of ‘Raising Dion.’ He is a former Olympic-level athlete now working as a trainer at BIONA. In the first episode, Nicole meets Tevin before Dion’s training session. Actor Rome Flynn essays the role of Tevin in the series. Flynn began his acting career in 2014 and has made appearances in numerous hit shows. He is arguably best known for playing the role of Gabriel Maddox in the crime drama series ‘How to Get Away with Murder.’

Tevin can conjure force fields that he can use as shields against attacks of any kind. He can also project the force field energy into powerful balls and use them to attack his opponents. Tevin proves that despite the limitations of his abilities, he is versatile in both offense and defense, making him suitable for the role of a trainer. Tevin bonds with Dion and Janelle and trains them throughout the second season.

Do Nicole and Tevin End Up Together?

During their first meeting, Nicole acts rude after learning that Tevin is a superpowered individual. Nicole later discovers that Tevin is Dion’s new trainer. She argues about the decision with Suzanne but quickly realizes the merits of Tevin training Dion. Initially, Nicole is skeptical of letting Tevin get close to Dion or herself because of their past experience with Pat. In some ways, Tevin is similar to Pat, but he is also similar to Nicole’s deceased husband, Mark.

Tevin proves that he cares about Dion and is the ideal mentor for the budding superhero. Nicole finds herself attracted to Tevin, and the two become friends. When Nicole realizes that she will die after getting infected by the sinkhole’s flowers, she entrusts Tevin with guiding Dion. Nicole and Tevin go on their first date as Nicole has only 36 hours left to live. Tevin shares details about his past struggles as a superhuman and his separation from his ex-wife.

Tevin and Nicole share their first kiss on the date. Nicole admits that she and Tevin would have started a relationship if she had more time. In the season finale, Tevin shows up to help Nicole and Dion fight against Brayden and the Crooked Energy. After defeating the villains, Nicole’s life is saved, and she embraces Tevin. The season ends without confirming Nicole and Tevin’s future together.

The duo’s past struggles and their need for companionship make them compatible. Nicole and Tevin can be capable partners for each other emotionally and romantically, with Tevin reducing the hole left in Nicole and Dion’s life by Mark’s death. Considering that Nicole’s near-certain death was the only hurdle in their union, it is safe to say that Nicole and Tevin will start a relationship in the future.

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