Who Plays Olev Kozlov? Did Patrick Labyorteaux Return to NCIS?

Image Credit: Eddy Chen/CBS

The seventh episode of CBS’ thriller seriesNCIS’ season 20 revolves around Felix Lassiter, the husband of Secretary of Navy Tara Flynn. Felix meets the NCIS team and reveals that his wife is trying to kill him and explains how a green Cadillac tried to kill him. When Timothy McGee and Alden Parker interrogate Flynn, she reveals that Felix has a gambling addiction, which leads the team to an illegal casino run by a Russian named Olev Kozlov. One of Kozlov’s men reveals that he tried to run over Felix using the Cadillac Kozlov owns. The ardent admirers of the show must have already recognized the actor who plays Kozlov. If you haven’t, let us share who it is!

Patrick Labyorteaux is Back in NCIS

Yes, Patrick Labyorteaux is back in ‘NCIS’ in a guest capacity as Olev Kozlov. Labyorteaux plays Budrick “Bud” Roberts, Jr., USN in CBS’ legal drama ‘JAG,’ the parent series of ‘NCIS.’ At the start of ‘JAG,’ Labyorteaux’s character is an ensign who works as a public affairs officer (PAO) under Captain Ross. He becomes a Lieutenant Commander in the ninth season of the show. Labyorteaux also plays Bud Roberts Jr. in ‘NCIS,’ appearing for the first time in the second episode of the first season. In the episode, Bud helps Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs to get past a prohibition on the access of the DNA profiles stored by the Department of Defense.

Labyorteaux appears next in the show in the fourteenth season premiere as a Captain still assigned to the JAG Headquarters. He meets Tim McGee and helps the NCIS to solve a murder investigation of a fellow JAG officer. Labyorteaux’s final appearance to date as Bud Roberts, Jr. in ‘NCIS’ is in the twelfth episode of the fifteenth season of the show. Bud teams up again with Leroy Jethro Gibbs to investigate the death of one of his JAG officers. By this time, Bud has become the Commanding Officer of the Regional Legal Service Office Mid-Atlantic at Naval Station Norfolk.

Thus, Labyorteaux’s return to ‘NCIS,’ although to play a new character, is indeed a homecoming for a renowned actor. Apart from ‘JAG’ and ‘NCIS,’ Labyorteaux was part of several hit shows. He plays Andrew “Andy” Garvey in NBC’s Western series ‘Little House on the Prairie,’ starring Michael Landon and Karen Grassle. He lends his voice to Flash Thompson in Fox Kids Network’s animated series ‘Spider-Man.’ His other television credits include ‘Without a Trace,’ ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,’ ‘Dexter,’ ‘iCarly,’ ‘American Crime Story,’ ‘Castle,’ ‘Scandal,’ etc.

Image Credit: Eddy Chen/CBS

Labyorteaux appears in ‘Summer School,’ alongside his ‘JAG’ and ‘NCIS’ co-star Mark Harmon as a football player named Kevin Winchester. He plays Ram Sweeney in the teen film ‘Heathers,’ Fester in the martial arts film ‘3 Ninjas,’ Marv in Jim Carrey-starrer ‘Yes Man,’ Rob in ‘In My Sleep,’ etc.

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