Will Rebecca and Sam Get Back Together in Ted Lasso? Theories

Apple TV+’s ‘Ted Lasso‘ is a sports comedy series that follows the staff and players of AFC Richmond, a Premier League club. Richmond quickly proves their naysayers wrong in the third season by climbing the league table. As a result, significant changes surround the club on and off the pitch. One of these perceived changes predicts Rebecca finding lasting love and a stable relationship. Therefore, viewers must be curious to learn whether Rebecca will rekindle her romance with Sam Obisanya despite their amicable breakup at the end of season 2. If you are wondering whether Rebecca and Sam will get back together in ‘Ted Lasso’ season 3, here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Why Did Rebecca and Sam Break Up?

The second season of ‘Ted Lasso’ focuses on the romance between Rebecca Welton (Hannah Waddingham) and Sam Obisanya (Toheeb Jimoh). In season 2, Rebecca returns to the dating pool after recovering from her divorce from her husband, Rupert Mannion. Meanwhile, Sam establishes himself as an influential sportsperson in their own right after speaking out against Dubai Air and its practices. Rebecca uses the dating app Bantr and matches with a mysterious man who is revealed as Sam. After Rebecca and Sam meet and realize they have been talking through the app, Rebecca is pleasantly surprised with Sam’s maturity. Eventually, Sam and Rebecca start seeing each other secretly.

In the ninth episode of season 2, titled ‘Midnight Train to Royston,’ Ghanaian billionaire Edwin Akufo tries to persuade Sam to join a team he is purchasing. As a result, Sam is left to decide his future and must also contemplate his romance with Rebecca. However, Rebecca breaks up with Sam as she does not want herself to be a deciding factor in Sam’s decisions. Sam decides to stay at AFC Richmond and continue his development under Ted. Ultimately, Rebecca and Sam break up due to the uncertainty over their future. While it is not explicitly stated, Rebecca’s reservation about the age gap in her relationship with Sam likely determines their separation.

Will Rebecca and Sam Get Back Together in Ted Lasso? Theories

In the show’s third season, Rebecca and Sam are preoccupied with their own lives. Rebecca works to build AFC Richmond as a title contender while Sam focuses on her performances and opening a Nigerian restaurant in London. However, the third episode, titled ‘4-5-1,’ hints that Rebecca and Sam could rekindle their romance. In the episode, Rebecca visits Tish, a psychic woman recommended by her mother. Tish predicts that Rebecca will soon start her own family and become a mother. However, Rebecca does not take Tish’s prediction seriously and leaves. Later in the episode, Rebecca attends a party at Sam’s new restaurant to celebrate Richmond’s latest victory against Machester United.

During the party, Sam gifts Rebecca a green matchbox as s souvenir. While predicting Rebecca’s future, Tish mentions seeing Rebecca holding a green matchbox given to her by someone special. Thus, Tish’s prediction implies that Rebecca will start a family with Sam in the future. As a result, the third episode seems to confirm that there is scope for Rebecca and Sam to restart their romantic relationship. However, Sam seems to have moved on and is exploring new avenues in his life. On the other hand, Rebecca still seems to harbor romantic feelings for Sam. Hence, it will be interesting to see whether the prophecy about Rebecca’s future comes true and whether Sam will be the man she settles down with.

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