7 Movies Like CODA You Must See

Sian Heder wrote and directed ‘CODA,’ a familial coming-of-age tale of a talented singer. Recreating the story of the French movie ‘The Bélier Family,’ the story revolves around Ruby Rossi, the only hearing member in a family of four. Her life takes a new direction when Bernardo “Mr. V” Villalobos, the choir teacher at school, discovers her singing talent. While the possibilities seem endless, Ruby hesitates to leave the family without an interpreter.

The title conceals some wordplay — CODA is an acronym for “Child of Deaf Adults” and refers simultaneously to the falling cadence of the music. If you have liked the genre foray, we have some more suggestions at hand. You can find most of these movies similar to ‘CODA’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

7. Feel The Beat (2020)

Helmed by Elissa Down, the family dance drama ‘Feel the Beat’ shines in its hearty ambiance. The story follows aspiring dancer April’s sprawling journey through New York City. A mishap deters her from most Broadway productions. But April is recognized by Miss Barb, arriving at the unlikely dance school New Hope. More than a troop, they become family for April. The party includes a deaf dancer. If you are looking for another movie following ‘CODA’ that employs the American Sign Language, this is the film you should watch next.

6. The Bélier Family (2014)

Directed by Éric Lartigau, comedy drama movie ‘The Bélier Family’ (‘La Famille Bélier’) harks back to the coming-of-age formula in favour of an offbeat venture. The story revolves around the titular family, where sixteen-year-old Paula is the instrumental interpreter for her deaf parents and brother. Paula finds her calling when a music teacher discovers her singing talent. He attempts to convince her to join a prestigious college to pursue a degree. However, as she has to leave her family in the process, the offer leads to a dilemma in the mind of Paula. ‘CODA’ is the English remake of this French indie gem, and if you seek to revisit the original, this is the time.

5. Sound of Metal (2020)

Riz Ahmed shines in vehicle performance in Darius Marder’s exhilarating musical ‘Sound of Metal.’ Drummer Ruben and his girlfriend Lou form the avant-garde metal duo Backgammon. The story reaches an impasse as Ruben experiences hearing loss and is increasingly dissatisfied with their music. With a cerebral score and an electrifying true-to-life depiction of a niche subculture, the movie immerses its viewers in the experience. If you want to visit another movie lying at the intersection of music and hearing after ‘CODA,’ this is a movie that you should add to your watchlist.

4. A Star Is Born (2018)

Helmed by Bradley Cooper in his first feature-length directorial venture, ‘A Star Is Born’ is a romantic drama musical characterized by highs and lows of spirit. The story follows two country musicians in love, Jackson “Jack” Maine and Ally. Jack, struggling privately with addiction problems, discovers Ally, a country singer with an angelic voice. However, Jack experiences noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus, falling increasingly into the lap of depression.

Starring in the movie, Lady Gaga made a record by winning the Academy Award, Grammy Award, BAFTA Award, and Golden Globe Award in a single year. If following’ CODA,’ you want to look at another amicable mentor-mentee relationship, this film will sway you with the soundtrack.

3. Ladybird (2017)

Greta Gerwig waves a free-spirited ambiance in the coming-of-age ode ‘Ladybird.’ The movie revolves around Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson, whose dreams know no bounds. While she faces ups and downs in her early teens, her mother provides her with a supporting mechanism. However, the mother wants her to enroll in a nearby college, while Lady Bird dreams big after her first heartbreak. The tussle between family and ambition also figures in ‘CODA.’ If you look for something similar, this movie will entice you with its serene small-town ambiance and grounded characters.

2. Once (2007)

Musicals are quite a significant genre by themselves. Still, very few can replicate the charming indie ambiance that characterizes John Carney’s shoestring-budget folk musical flick ‘Once.’ Doubling as a romantic drama, the story follows a girl and a guy in their endeavor to find a piano and record a demo session. Guy strums and hums in a bustling Dublin sidewalk. Someone snatches his money, and along comes the Girl. They embark upon a city tour, indulging in music and revelry. The open-ended finale does not look incomplete.

With an original score by Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová, who also star in the roles, the nostalgic realism of the movie reminds one of the frail beauties in life. This film should be your destination if you seek another modern-day stripped-down musical following’ CODA.

1. Whiplash (2014)

Music is fun, but no movie will ever tell you how difficult it is to keep time as articulately as the electrifying cinematic achievement ‘Whiplash.’ Under the direction of Damien Chazelle, the movie is an unlikely musical drama filled with fast-riding cymbals. In one of his career highlights, veteran star J. K. Simmons walks in the shoes of Terence Fletcher, a madcap genius jazz drumming instructor in the iconic Shaffer Conservatory in NYC and an obnoxious perfectionist.

Seeing possibility in first-year student Andrew, Terence pushes him to his limits. Does Andrew withstand the heat? There are not many musical dramas as inspiring and technical as this one. If you feel a lack of percussion in ‘CODA,’ this is the movie where you should head next.

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