10 Actors Who Got Arrested And Went to Jail

As if their hectic schedules, continually buzzing paparazzi and rigorous work for fulfilling their brand demands were not enough, people begin to think that the actors they watch on-screen lead a saintly life. Their lives are tiring, making them sleep deprived and what-not! So obviously, some of them get involved with crimes and misdemeanors, which lead to their arrests. Following is the list of actors who got arrested and went to prison. Their productions were thwarted because of the arrests. Some of them were lucky, that their producers decided to wait for them to get released from jail; while others weren’t really blessed as such. Read on to find more…

10. Tim Allen

Tim Allen was arrested in 1978 for drug trafficking and attempting to sell cocaine to an undercover officer. He was arrested again in the year 1997 while filming the rom-com, ‘For Richer or Poorer’. In this case he was found intoxicated and thus, charged with the case of ‘drunk driving’. He was sentenced to one year probation and also admission into a rehabilitation center for alcohol abuse.

9. Christopher McDonald

Christopher McDonald, also in Darren Aronofsky‘s ‘Requiem For A Dream,’ was arrested in North Carolina while shooting for the film, ‘The Squeeze’ as he was found drunk driving. He was conformed to a sobriety test and since the result was higher than the base level, he was arrested and charged with a DUI. Though it seems like a grave mistake, McDonald felt sorry and publicly apologized for his actions.

8. Ray Sharkey

Ray Sharkey portrayed the leader of the Atlantic City mafia in the television show, ‘Wiseguy’. In 1992, he got arrested for possessing drugs while filming for ‘The Hat Squad’. As fate has it, he was not as lucky as the likes of Charlie Sheen, for whom the production keeps on stalling until he became free; Sharkey was sacked from the job and new talent was hired for his role by the producers.

7. Vincent Vaughn

Vincent Vaughn was arrested in 2001 during the filming of the movie, ‘Domestic Disturbance’. Vaughn was lounging with his colleagues in a pub in Wilmington, North Carolina and in the car park, he got involved in a fight with two men after the girlfriend of one of those men, started to converse with Vaughn. Vaughn was arrested on misdemeanor assault charges.

6. Reese Witherspoon

When the production of ‘The Good Lie’ was still on, actress Reese Witherspoon was arrested on the grounds of disorderly conduct. When her husband, Jim Toth was made to pull over by a police officer as he had broken some traffic laws, Witherspoon was accompanying him. The officer made her husband take a sobriety test and this interrogation cranked her up. She began yelling at the officer with disgust and even questioned his authenticity of being a real police officer. This led to her arrest with the charge mentioned above.

5. Shia LaBeouf

In 2008, while filming for the Michel Bay’s ‘Tranformers: Revenge of the Fallen’, Shia LaBeouf was arrested. Charges labeled on him were suspicion of drunk driving after he rammed his car with another at an intersection. It appeared to the police officers who were present at the moment that Lebouf was intoxicated, but since there was no proof, no criminal charges were levied on him. He and his co-star Isabel Lucas suffered injuries, which led to halt in the production for about a month.

4. Josh Brolin

As if it’s the cast of Gangster Squad being created here, actor Josh Brolin was arrested while filming for the Oliver Stone movie, ‘W’ in 2008. When the cops arrived to check into a scene of disturbance reported to them, Brolin along with his co-star Jeffrey Wright interfered with the police officers and attempted to stop them. This led to the arrest of both of the stars. Brolin has had a previous arrest case as well when he was arrested on the charges of battery against his ex-wife, Diane Lane.

3. Charlie Sheen

The guy who just loves to mess around. After a complaint by his wife, Brooke Mueller, in the December of 2009, Charlie Sheen was arrested on the count of domestic abuse. This was while the production of Two and a Half Men was still on. He was released on bail  but later got arrested again after a third degree assault. Admitting to the crime for which he was arrested on the first hand, he was sentenced to probation, rehab and anger management council.

2. Sean Penn

Consider this the archetype of irony. Sean Penn was enacting the role of an officer of Los Angeles Police Department, when he himself got arrested by a real life officer, post an argument and a subsequent assault on an extra on the set. This resulted in two months of jail time for the hot-headed Penn. Not only this but Penn has been observed and punished for assaults on various people, including photographers and a songwriter, whenever his privacy is inappropriately breached.

1. Robert Downey Jr.

While filming for ‘Hugo Pool’, Robert Downey Jr. was arrested on several counts, courtesy to his flamboyant and spendthrift lifestyle. Junior was arrested for speeding above legit limit in Malibu while also having cocaine, heroin and a pistol in his ride. That’s not all, as he was arrested twice during the production of the show, ‘Ally McBeal’ in 2000 and 2001 for suspicion on the usage of drugs.

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