Are Joey And Daniel From Dated & Related Still Friends?

Netflix’s ‘Dated & Related‘ presents viewers with a unique dating show that will intrigue you. The reality series welcomes several young men and women into a luxurious villa to help them find a romantic partner. However, the cast members are not alone in their journey as they are accompanied by one of their siblings or cousins. As the show progresses, the villa’s residents must find a perfect match for themselves and help their siblings do the same. With the grand prize of $100,000 waiting for the winning couple, love and drama are integral parts of the series.

Season 1 of the series saw different relationships forged between the cast members. While some of these bonds were romantic, the platonic ones were not lacking in entertainment either. One such duo that charmed the viewers with their strong friendship was Joey Roppo And Daniel Perfetto. The two boys had an unshakeable bond that went through several ups and down during their time on the show, but have they remained friends since exiting the villa? Well, we are here to explore the same!

Joey Roppo And Daniel Perfetto’s Dated & Related Journey

Joey and Daniel’s friendship started shortly after the Perfetto brother entered the villa. While he had not selected Joey to be his sister’s blind date, he did come to appreciate the Washington native as time went by. During the Pass the Parcel game organized to welcome the Perfettos and the Taneris, Joey was asked to lick the neck of someone he approved for his sibling. He chose Daniel, and the latter soon stated his intentions by kissing Corrina Roppo after a couple of game rounds.

This marked the start of Daniel and Corrina’s relationship; having gotten to know Joey a bit better, he was eager to go along with the Roppo sister’s plan to get Julia and her brother together. Their efforts were successful as Joey and Julia soon ended up kissing and started a tentative relationship. Unfortunately, things soon took a downturn when both couples went on a double date, and Julia thought that her date preferred to interact with her brother rather than spend time with her. This, combined with the Roppo sibling’s reserved nature, pushed her towards William Wade.

Meanwhile, Daniel also realized that he wanted to pursue Nina Parsijani and broke things off with Corrina. The conversation did go better and did not seem to impact his and Joey’s friendship, but he was disappointed that Julia had chosen William over his friend. Following the Lady’s Choice Prom Night, she split from William, though the conversation between the two was far from amicable. The Perfetto sister ended up crying over what the latter had said and decided to try and get back with Joey.

Sadly, Julia and Joey’s relationship did not go as well as they had hoped. Despite the two trying their best and going as far as sharing a bed, they did not regain the spark that they once had. In the end, when Melinda asked them just before the season finale if the two felt they had found a perfect match, they refused. On the other hand, Daniel and Nina made it to the top three but lost to Kaz Bishop and Diana Parsijani. So did the friendship between Joey and Daniel stay strong despite the hardships? Worry not because we have the answers you want!

Are Joey Roppo And Daniel Perfetto Still Friends?

We strongly believe that Joey and Daniel are still good friends. Both have been quite complimentary towards each other on social media posts and even referenced their bromance in the comments. Even Julia seems to be on amicable terms with the Roppo brother if her comments on his posts are anything to go by. The fact that Joey and Daniel’s friendship has stayed intact to date is something that we are sure that their fans, including us, must be delighted with.

Presently, Joey and Corrina have moved to Los Angeles and are making a name for themselves in the entertainment industry. In fact, the brother and sister duo will release their musical album in Fall 2022. Daniel has not been very open about the status of his relationship with Nina, yet we believe that the couple is likely still together, or at least on amicable terms, given their social media activity. Nevertheless, we wish him and Joey the best in their lives and hope they obtain success in their future ventures.

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