Behind Your Touch Episode 1 and 2 Recap and Ending, Explained

Netflix’s ‘Behind Your Touch’ is a crimecomedy show created by Kim Sok-yun, Kim Da-hee, Oh Bo-hyun, and Lee Nam-kyu. Bong Ye-bun, an ambitious veterinarian, is stuck in a town where her clientele usually consists of cows and pigs. Meanwhile, Moon Jang-yeol used to be a big-time Violent Crimes Detective in Seoul who gets transferred to Ye-bun’s quiet, seemingly crime-free neighborhood in Mujin, Chungcheong-do.

After a peculiar meteor shower, Ye-bun somehow gains psychometric powers allowing her to glimpse into past and future events through a single touch. With Ye-bun’s new psychic abilities and Jang-yeol’s instincts, the unlikely duo finds themselves on a crime-solving journey. If you’re curious to know where this journey takes Ye-bun and Jang-yeol, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Behind Your Touch’ season 1, episodes 1 and 2. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Behind Your Touch Episode 1 and 2 Recap

The show’s pilot episode opens with the tragic death of protagonist Ye-bun’s mother, who commits suicide. As a result, a teenage Ye-bun has to move in with her aunt and grandfather in Mujin, Chungcheong-do. Although her aunt Hyeon-ok is friendly and helpful, Ye-bun’s grandfather is negligent toward her, preferring to ignore her existence entirely. As Ye-bun grows older, she decides to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps and goes to veterinary school to continue the family business. However, soon after Ye-bun takes over the animal hospital, turning it into a clinic specializing in pets, the business plummets due to her refusal to work on farm animals.

Eventually, when a customer, Gwang-sik, comes in at night concerned about his pregnant cow’s health, Ye-bun has to relent and travel to the man’s farm to look at his cow, Geumsil. The same night, a meteor shower occurs that only happens once every hundred years. Somehow Geumsil attracts the celestial event, affecting Ye-bun and Gwang-sik, who were both in contact with the animal. Meanwhile, Jang-yeol, the new Detective in town, finds it hard to adjust to Mujin’s mundane life and looks for thrilling cases everywhere to speed up his reinstation in Soeul.

Three days after the shower, Ye-bun wakes in her home to a concerned Hyeon-ok and notices several weird things around her. When Ye-bun touches her pets, Meowie and Alfie, she sees a vision of their memories recounting past events from their lives. Freaked out at her abilities, Ye-bun visits the doctor to no success and resorts to a shaman at her best friend, Ok-hui’s advice. However, the shaman turns out to be a fraud. In the end, Ye-bun comes across a video about psychometric powers online and tries to test if her abilities work on people by “accidentally” grabbing someone on the public bus.

As such, she crosses paths with Jang-yeol, who arrests her for harassment. Although Ye-bun is released, the incident ignites a disagreeable relationship between the two. Shortly afterward, Ye-bun also uses her abilities to help an old man and his dog, Deokgu. Her easy connection with the animal launches her clinic to local fame, earning her numerous customers, including dreamy Kim Sun-woo. However, the success only lasts a while before Ye-bun learns that overutilizing her powers will lead to excess hair fall. Due to the same, she tries to shut her clinic down, much to her aunt’s chagrin, who ends up shipping Ye-bun off to work at the local flatfish farm.

Simultaneously, Jang-yeol gets a tip about a drug dealer’s possible presence in the town. After frantically searching for drugs all over, Jang-yeol starts suspecting the flatfish farm of being a drug lab. Consequently, when the police storm the establishment, they find the workers, including Ye-bun, overworked and exhausted, giving the cops the impression they are under the influence. Nevertheless, when Jang-yeol tests the “drugs” he found in the building, he realizes that they are just fish food.

On the other hand, Ye-bun, who has concluded her powers only work on animals and not humans, accidentally have a vision about Jong-hyeok, the man she met while working with the flatfish. The vision shows a disturbing memory of Jong-hyeok, a seemingly harmless man at first glance, abusing an abducted woman held hostage at his house. Still, since her abilities are usually exclusive to animals, Ye-bun wonders if her vision is true or just post-farm mania.

Behind Your Touch Episode 2 Ending: Did Jong-Hyeok Really Abduct a Woman?

Yeom Jong-Hyeok is introduced in the second episode as Ye-bun’s former friend from vet school, whom she runs into at the Flatfish Farm. At the Mujin Flatfish Farm, several people work to vaccinate the fish and receive the same dishes for meals regularly. The monotony of their day impacts everyone’s mental health greatly, leaving Ye-bun stumbling about with little to no recollection of her surroundings.

Therefore, after the police bust, Ye-bun is still in a half-crazed state when the police detain the workers at the station. Consequently, when an accidental touch shows Ye-bun an ugly side of Jong-hyeok’s life, she’s reluctant to believe it. Since Ye-bun used to be friends with the man, she doesn’t think he’s capable of such violence. Moreover, her past attempts to use her psychometric powers on people have failed, with the exception of Jang-yeol.

Earlier, Ye-bun had little ways to test her abilities when she discovered them. Since Ye-bun was touching Geumsil’s rear end when the meteor shower struck, she can only have visions when she’s in contact with someone else’s rear end. Similarly, Gwang-sik, who has identical powers to Ye-bun, can only see the future/past if he touches someone’s leg.

Therefore, Ye-bun tries her abilities out on Ok-hui, her friend, and would likely only think the former is weird for groping her instead of reporting her. Since she has no vision, Ye-bun assumes her powers only work with animals, with Jang-yeol a fluke or an exception. Due to the same, Ye-bun believes the memories of Jong-hyeok’s abduction of a woman must have been fake.

Putting it out of her mind, Ye-bun starts going about her life, only occasionally wondering if she misjudged her old friend. However, near the end, Ye-bun discovers that Ok-hui uses some fake padding to accentuate her figure. As such, when Ye-bun tested her abilities on her, the former wasn’t actually touching the latter’s body. This time, when Ye-bun touches Ok-hui, she has a vision of her love life, confirming the truth behind Jong-hyeok.

Although the situation’s details are unknown, Jong-hyeok likely abducts his girlfriend after suspecting her of infidelity. As a result, the man is holding the woman hostage in his house with nefarious purposes in mind. As the second episode ends, the woman manages to escape from Jong-hyeok. However, it doesn’t take long before the man has her back in his clutches. After Ye-bun realizes she is right about Jong-hyeok, she reveals her secret to Jang-yeol, whom she accidentally helps with a whacky farm onion case. Jang-yeol has yet to believe Ye-bun, but the woman’s life balances on the pair’s ability to work together.

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