Did Michelle Carter Go To College? Was It UC Davis?

Image Credit: NBC News/YouTube

With ‘The Girl From Plainville’ exploring Michelle Carter’s “texting-suicide” case against her then-partner Conrad Roy III, the details of their personal lives are back into the spotlight once again. After all, it includes everything from their romance to their familial circumstances to their mental health struggles — albeit sprinkled in a bit of dramatization — to get to the heart of the matter. If you wish to learn more about Michelle’s education, especially considering how the case started to unfold while she was just a teenager, we’ve got the essential details for you.

Did Michelle Carter Go To College?

When 18-year-old Conrad Roy III took his own life following scores of texts, emails, and phone calls from 17-year-old Michelle Carter encouraging him to do the same, she was still in high school. In fact, as per the Hulu original, once the detectives figured out that the student had a massive role to play despite not being at the scene, they approached her on campus for some answers. Not only did they quickly collect Michelle’s cell phone, but they also drove her back home in order to obtain her other electronic devices for further examinations, which essentially began her downfall.

The devices revealed that in the weeks leading up to Conrad’s death from carbon monoxide poisoning, Michelle had repeatedly pressured him to kill himself, even going as far as to suggest ways he could do so. The worst part is that she’d practically ordered him to continue the process on the fateful July 2014 evening after he’d stopped because it was working, and he got scared. Therefore, in February 2015, the high school senior was indicted and arraigned on the charge of involuntary manslaughter, diminishing her already poor social standing even further.

However, just as ‘The Girl From Plainville’ illustrates, Michelle was named “most likely to brighten your day” in her yearbook, and she also attended prom while awaiting trial, yet nothing helped. That’s primarily because she had also lied to her “friends” about Conrad being missing for days before his actual passing, making everyone cautious of her actions/behavior. Nevertheless, since her basic education was reportedly not too affected by this ordeal, Michelle managed to graduate. But California — which the series often implies was her and Conrad’s plan after school — was not on the cards.

The show even depicts that Michelle came up with a scenario revolving around what could’ve been if she and Conrad never stayed in touch after meeting in Florida, and the Golden State is involved here as well. In this fantasy, she is close to earning a degree from the University of California-Davis and anxious to start a completely new chapter of her life when she comes across Conrad again — alive and well. But alas, it’s just a daydream.

In reality, with a trial looming over her head upon graduation, Michelle could not leave the state of Massachusetts even if she wanted to. Thus, while we know she has since graduated from college, it’s unclear where she was enrolled, let alone what she studied. With that said, the convicted felon was recently seen for the first time since being released from jail for good behavior in 2020 (serving only 11 months of her 15-month penalty), and she was wearing a Falmouth hoodie. Hence, it’s plausible Michelle completed her education at the Falmouth University in Massachusetts.

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