Dragged Across Concrete Ending, Explained: Who Gets the Money?

Dragged Across Concrete‘ is a 2018 crime thriller film written and directed by S. Craig Zahler. It stars Mel Gibson, Vince Vaughn, Tory Kittles, Michael Jai White, and Jennifer Carpenter in the lead roles. The narrative follows two police detectives in desperate need of money after being suspended from their duty. However, their desire lands the cops in the midst of a deadly bank robbery that quickly goes south. While the thieves try to escape and the cops pursue them, the story takes several twists and turns. As a result, viewers must wonder how the intermingled web of complex relationships and greed unfolds. If you are wondering who dies and who gets the loot at the end of ‘Dragged Across Concrete,’ here is a detailed breakdown of the movie’s climax! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Dragged Across Concrete Plot Synopsis

‘Dragged Across Concrete’ centers on the lives of a group of people living in the fictional town of Bulwark. The story commences with the release of Henry Johns (Tory Kittles) from prison on parole. While Henry tries to assimilate to life outside the prison, he is dismayed by his family’s poor living conditions and his mother’s return to prostitution to make ends meet and reliance on drugs. Meanwhile, Henry reunites with Ethan (Myles Truitt), his physically challenged younger brother.

Elsewhere, Bulwark Police Department’s detectives Brett Ridgeman (Mel Gibson) and Anthony Lurasetti (Vince Vaughn) face an internal investigation following the leak of a video depicting the partners committing police brutality on a drug dealer. Ridgeman and Lurasetti are suspended from BPD without pay but desperately need money. Ridgeman wants to move his family into a safer neighborhood, while Lurasetti plans to propose to his girlfriend, Denise (Tattiawna Jones), but drops the idea due to a lack of funds. Ridgeman’s search for quick cash leads him to Friedrich, a businessman with ties to the city’s criminal underworld.

Since Friedrich owes Ridgeman a favor, the latter asks for a tip to catch some criminals to make money. Friedrich (Udo Kier) informs Ridgeman of a heist planned by Lorentz Vogelmann (Thomas Kretschmann). Elsewhere, Vogelmann plans to loot the Trusted Bank of Bulwark with the help of his associates, Black Gloves and Grey Gloves. However, Vogelmann needs two more members in his crew and recruits Biscuit (Michael Jai White), the childhood friend of Henry. Biscuit, in turn, recruits Henry to fill out the final spot on the crew, and the group purchases a bulletproof van to execute their planned robbery.

Simultaneously, Ridgeman convinces Lurasetti to work with him, take down the criminals and steal their loot. Lurasetti reluctantly agrees, and the partners spend time keeping a careful watch on the Vogelmann crew’s activity. At the bank, Kelly Summer (Jennifer Carpenter), a bank worker, returns to her job following her maternity leave. Unfortunately, the Vogelmann crew strikes the bank while Summer is present, holding everyone hostage. Summer is caught and brutally killed when she tries to inform the authorities.

Lurasetti learns about the violent acts committed by the gang and wants to intervene, saving the lives of those in the bank. However, Ridgeman persuades him otherwise, and they decide to go after the loot. Vogelmann’s crew loots the bank and escapes in their van with a hostage named Cheryl (Justine Warrington) as Ridgeman and Lurasetti give pursuit. Soon, Henry realizes that the pair of cops are following the gang but conceals this information from everyone. As the thieves try to escape, the story hurtles to a devastating conclusion filled with unexpected blood-bath.

Dragged Across Concrete Ending: Who Gets the Money?

After the thieves get away in the bulletproof van and arrive on the outskirts, Ridgeman and Lurasetti reveal themselves. The arrival of the cops damages the van after Ridgeman collides with it with his car. A murderous musical chair unfolds, with the grand prize being the gold bullion stolen from the bank, worth millions of dollars. As the conflict escalates, dead bodies start to drop one by one. Cheryl accidentally shoots Lurasetti in confusion, forcing Ridgeman to kill her. Lurasetti also succumbs to his injuries.

Meanwhile, Busciit swallows the car keys but is killed by the Gloves to retrieve them. On the other hand, Ridgeman uses tear gas to distract the Gloves and kills them too. Vogelmann is also killed by Ridgeman, leaving Henry as the sole survivor among the thieves. However, Henry reveals he has recorded footage of Ridgeman killing the thieves. As a result, Ridgeman proposes a truce and works with Henry to bury the bodies. In exchange, he agrees to split the loot with Henry. After burying the bodies, Henry and Ridgeman find themselves in a standoff when the latter retrieves a stolen gun.

Ultimately, Henry and Ridgeman are the only contenders for the loot, and their motives also make the duo the most suitable candidates for the prize. Henry and Ridgeman are drawn into the robbery plot because they desire to provide a better life for the families. As a result, they are essentially the opposite side of the same coin. Thus, Henry and Ridgeman are the only ones who can form a mutual understanding and work together. However, Ridgeman upsets the delicate balance by forcing Henry to delete the video at gunpoint. The men shoot at each other, leading to Ridgeman’s death. Thus, Henry emerges as the unlikely victor from a series of violent and harrowing challenges to claim the loot for himself.

What Happens to Ridgeman’s Family?

Earlier in the movie, we learn about Henry and Ridgeman’s family lives. Henry lives at the bottom of the food chain, and his career prospects are bleak, given his criminal record. Moreover, he dislikes the job his mother must do to support him and his younger brother. On the other hand, Ridgeman has to support a wife and a daughter with the meager police salary, which is also taken away from him. In the end, Ridgeman’s selfishness takes over when he forces Henry to delete the video and dies in the resulting gunfight. However, before Ridgeman dies, Henry promises Ridgeman he will look after the latter’s family.

The film’s final moments depict Henry living in a luxurious house with his mother and younger brother. In the sequence, set a few months after Ridgeman’s death, we see his family receive their share of the robbery, as promised by Henry. Hence, despite his misdoings and death, Ridgeman’s family is set to live a comfortable life thanks to Henry’s integrity. Although the final moments provide redemption for Ridgeman’s actions, they are actually a testament to Henry’s nuanced understanding of Ridgeman’s situation that leads to the cop committing crimes in the first place. Moreover, Henry could not have gotten away with the dead bodies without Ridgeman and chooses to honor their promise out of respect and mutual understanding of his and Ridgeman’s circumstances.

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