Echo 3 Finale Recap: Do Amber and Prince Break Up?

Inspired by the Israeli series ‘When Heroes Fly,’ Mark Boal’s ‘Echo 3’ is an action thriller show on AppleTV+. The show outlines Prince and Bambi’s efforts to rescue their beloved Amber from the clutches of the Colombian rebel forces. After immense measures and drastic steps, they finally save Amber and escape the treacherous facility in episode 9.

Ultimately, the ten-part series culminates in a thrilling end with the finale episode. It features the protagonists’ escape from the country that gave them hell. Amber, Prince, and Bambi flee from Colombia after the success of their mission with Mitch’s help. On the other hand, tensions flare in Colombia and Venezuela as the two nations are entangled in a messy secret war. The tenth episode of ‘Echo 3’ is titled ‘Heat.’ It consolidates the events of the series and provides a clear ending to the plot. Let’s dissect the details and clarify the ending of the ‘Echo 3’ finale episode. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Echo 3 Episode 10 Recap

Following the deadly massacre in episode 9, this episode deals with its repercussions. Prince and Bambi take Amber to a safe place in Colombia and let her rest. Amber does not feel like herself, and she feels unsafe still. Furthermore, she feels uncomfortable around Prince as she cannot face him. Amber sits on the ground and waits for ordinary soup and orders to work more. Hence, she does not believe that she has been saved.

On the contrary, Prince and Bambi get news of the political unrest caused by their attack on the Venezuelan facility. Everyone seems to think that the Colombian military is involved because Prince’s men were wearing the army’s uniform. The journalist and radio host Violeta strives to get to the bottom of the matter as her country’s name is being dragged through the mud. She frantically goes from place to place in the hope of learning the truth behind the situation.

Amber struggles to get rest or eat anything. When Violeta comes to visit Prince and Bambi, she convinces Amber that the situation is not her fault. Moreover, she persuades Amber to get a sedative and get some sleep. Subsequently, Amber asks for sleeping pills, but she instead runs away from the safe house. Prince and Bambi set out to find her as soon as they realize she is not in her room.

Ultimately, Bambi finds Amber and talks some sense into her. He recounts his own experiences with guilt and murders. Bambi reassures Amber that she is safe and that she can count on him. Meanwhile, Amber’s relationship with Prince hangs in the balance. She is unable to decipher how to deal with him and their circumstances.

Echo 3 Episode Finale Ending: Do Amber and Prince Break Up?

There are numerous reasons that caused a drift between the newly married couple, Amber and Prince. Right from Amber’s lie pertaining to her job with the CIA and Prince adding the tracking beacon in her bag without her knowledge, things gradually became tense between the two. When they are waiting to go back home with Mitch, Amber and Prince finally talk and confront their issues.

While Prince asks for forgiveness, Amber expresses her inability to forget the situation she experienced. Amber states how Prince massacred people for Amber and that she feels responsible for innocent people’s deaths. On the other hand, Prince’s intentions have been absolutely pure in rescuing the love of her life and bringing her to safety. Prince claims that he finally got the chance to make things right. However, Amber sees nothing except the blood of other people on her hands.

At the beginning of the story, we witnessed Prince grappling with Amber’s truth and finding it hard to forgive her for such a lie. Eventually, he realizes he cannot live without Amber and can find it in his heart to forgive his wife. Now that the tables have turned, Amber chooses to run away and not deal with the challenges in their relationship. Even Bambi tries to make her see Prince’s love for her, how he took a bullet for Amber. Nonetheless, Amber’s mind is made up that she cannot go back to their house, rather she needs a fresh start.

On the contrary, we believe that Amber gave the above reasoning as a coverup. She acknowledges to Hildie in the facility that she never loved Prince. Even the tapes she records with Tomas prove that Amber does not think about Prince and neither does she care about him. The distance between Amber and Prince goes deeper. On some level, Amber blames Prince for everything that happened to her in Colombia and Venezuela. If Prince had never put the beacon in her bag, she never would have been kidnapped and tortured. Everything that happens after that means nothing as Amber cannot forgive Prince for the same.

Why Does Amber Not Want To Go Home?

A few days pass after Amber’s rescue mission from the facility. Prince and Bambi try their best to get her to feel normal again, but nothing works. Eventually, Amber expresses a couple of times that she does not want to go back home to the USA. This leaves Prince and Bambi baffled as they went through the toughest mission of their lives only to get her home.

Amber reveals that she keeps seeing dead people everywhere whenever she closes her eyes. The scene of the rescue night never leaves her sight. She feels the blood of innocent people on her hands and conscience. Thus, she feels that she has to be punished for her actions. On top of that, she feels extremely guilty for Hildie’s death. Tomas’s men executed Hildie as she helped Amber escape the facility. Amber saw her friend die ruthlessly with her own eyes. After the utmost difficulty, Violeta convinces Amber that nothing is her fault. She urges Amber to take a sedative and rest for a while.

Furthermore, Amber has been through extensive trauma that impacted her physically and mentally. The drugs that were administered to her also messed up her mental system. She believes that she will be punished or killed if she tries to leave as she has not fully processed her situation outside the facility yet. On the other hand, Amber could be feeling this way as she does not want to deal with Prince and their issues. Her recent experiences and feelings will become way too real once she goes back home, and evidently, she is not ready for the same.

Do Amber, Prince, Bambi, and Mitch Escape Colombia Safely?

Yes, Amber, Prince, Bambi, and Mitch are able to make their way out of Colombia safely. Although the expedition is not easy, Prince and Bambi’s military precision helps them flip the cards in their favor. After the Colombian army encloses all the roads and turns, the trio embarks on foot to get to the harbor where Mitch is waiting to take them away.

Furthermore, Prince and Bambi’s military training helps them navigate the marketplace and kill soldiers to escape safely. They keep an eye on all the entry points and comb through the place with skill and attention. As Amber feels better, she also arms a gun to protect herself. Their extremely advanced silent guns and weapons help them stay in hiding and not give away their position.

Together, they maneuver through the market filled with civilians and reach Mitch. The marketplace is shown with interlaced simultaneous fight sequences. Thus, creating a juxtaposition between the civilians enjoying the bustling market, and the American soldiers protecting themselves by killing others. Moreover, traveling for a longer distance in one go is difficult due to strict surveillance, so Mitch drops them off on an island. After resting for some time and rewinding there, they head home with Mitch.

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