Emily Beecham’s ‘Cry From the Sea’ Starts Filming in Ireland in August

The filming of Emily Beecham-starrer ‘Cry From the Sea’ is set to begin in August in Ireland. Donegal, a county that borders the Atlantic Ocean in northwestern Ireland, serves as the principal location of the film. ‘The Northman,’ ‘Derry Girls,’ ‘Normal People,’ and ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi,’ are some of the popular productions previously filmed in the region.

The movie revolves around Seamus, an Irish lighthouse keeper who is dealing with the deaths of his wife and son. His solitary life turns around when he meets Edith, a visiting American widow. “Edith and Seamus bond over their shared grief and awaken in one another the hope that there can be life after a tragedy. As this complicated new relationship gives rise to forgotten feelings, Seamus must leave behind the comfortable sadness of his life and face the risks that come with openness, hope, and change,” reads the logline.

The shooting will take place in Inishowen, a peninsula in the north of County Donegal. Malin Head, Ireland’s most northerly point, is expected to feature in the drama film as well.

“With its ragged coastline, vibrant colors, raging waves, and a sky full of feeling, coastal Ireland is a perfect cinematic canvas. I will use this gorgeous backdrop to demonstrate the intense emotions the characters keep hidden and bring to life the film’s central paradox — a lighthouse that guides ships to safety, whose keeper needs that beacon most of all. A rescuer who is drowning himself,” Vic Sarin, the director of the film, said about choosing Donegal as the principal location, as per The Times.

Sarin is known for directing Connie Nielsen-starrer ‘A Shine of Rainbows,’ ‘Partition,’ Katherine McNamara-starrer ‘Sugar,’ ‘The Boy from Geita,’ etc. He also directed ‘Keepers of the Magic,’ a documentary that features famed figures such as Roger Deakins, Vittorio Storaro, Sam Mendes, George Miller, etc. Ciaran Creagh, who wrote ‘Ann,’ ‘In View,’ and ‘Parked,’ penned the film.

Beecham plays Edith in the film. The actress recently completed the filming of Kristin Scott Thomas’ directorial ‘North Star,’ Mikael Håfström’s ‘Stockholm Bloodbath,’ and Casey Affleck-starrer ‘Slingshot.’ Beecham’s recent credits include Caroline Kinley in Guy Ritchie’s ‘The Covenant,’ Maura Franklin in Netflix’s thriller series ‘1899,’ Catherine in Emma Stone-starrer ‘Cruella,’ Fanny Logan in ‘The Pursuit of Love,’ etc. “I’m looking forward to working with Vic Sarin on this poetic story of rediscovering one’s path after loss and to film on some stunning, remote Irish locations,” the actress said about joining the film, as per The Times.

Aidan Quinn, who is known for portraying Richard Baker in ‘Flipped’ and Alfred Ludlow in Brad Pitt-starrer ‘Legends of the Fall,’ seemingly plays Seamus. His recent credits include Bruce Wright in ‘Daughter of the Bride,’ Burton Lowe in ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,’ Captain Thomas Gregson in ‘Elementary,’ Gabriel Robinson in Liam Neeson-starrer ‘Blacklight,’ etc. We can expect updates about the rest of the cast in the upcoming months.

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