Face Off Season 3: Where Are the Makeup Artists Today?

Unafraid to explore the heights of creativity, twelve contestants go against each other in a series of challenges to reach the top in ‘Face Off.’ As the participants try to create unique applications and draft special prosthetics, they find that dealing with deadlines and concepts may not be as easy as they anticipated. Furthermore, the judges adjudicate the contestants and try to find the best of the group. Since its release in 2012, fans have continued to wonder where the contestants from season 3 are now.

Nicole Chilelli is Now An Etsy Store Owner

Nicole’s journey on ‘Face Off’ was tumultuous, to say the least. From getting eliminated after her airbrush broke to coming back and winning the top spot, Nicole managed to impress judges with her skills exponentially. Since claiming the prize, she has appeared in ‘Baggage Battles’ and ‘FOXY & CO.’ As the first woman winner of the series, she is now lending her expertise in other areas, too.

The television personality now owns Vicious Vanity FX and even has an Etsy shop dedicated to the sale of prosthetics. She has even worked in the makeup department of ‘You Can’t Say No,’ ‘Mamaboy,’ ‘Smosh,’ and ‘Revelation: The Bride, The Beast & Babylon.’ Not just this, she also attended the Nightmare Weekend convention and displayed her abilities as a makeup artist. On the personal front, Nicole continues to enjoy life with her husband and son, Greysons.

Derek Garcia Now Lends His Expertise As a Makeup Artist

Albeit losing the top spot to Nicole, Derek Garcia has continued to establish his monopoly as a creative through and through. Since his appearance on reality television, he has worked on the sets of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,’ ‘Jungle Cruise,’ ‘Insidious: The Red Door,’ and many more productions. The 798 Union Makeup Artist and FX Specialist is also a tattoo artist for the Marked Society.

Laura Tyler is Now An Experiential Creative

From displaying a significant feat on the Syfy Channel to sharing her expertise on movie sets, Laura has continued to highlight her skills wide and beyond. After competing in season 3, she returned to season 5 and even won. Later, she rejoined the cast of season 8 and coached the artists of the season. Since her time as a contestant, she has worked on productions like ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,’ and ‘The Tomorrow War.’ Her most recent work credits include, ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,’ ‘Loki,’ and ‘Insidious: The Red Door.’ Based in Georgia, Laura is a member of I.A.T.S.E. Local 798 and specializes in oil painting and digital design, too.

Roy Wooley Works On Numerous Productions Even Today

With more than two decades of experience, Roy’s expertise in special effects and make-up helped him become a formidable opponent on the show. Alas, he managed to gain a victory in the final challenges. Nevertheless, he has since catered to excelling in his abilities and widening his skillset. He now owns his FX company and provides services concerning special effects and makeup. Originally from Alabama, he has worked as a prosthetician on ‘Black Adam’ and ‘Haunted Mansion.’ As a special makeup effects artist, Roy has been a member of the team at ‘Lwa: All Saints’ Eve,’ and ‘The Menu.’ He has also worked on ‘Red Notice’ and ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.’

Sarah Miller Continues to Highlight Her Creativity Even Today

Profile photo of Sarah Elizabeth Miller
Image Credit: Sarah Elizabeth Miller/LinkedIn

While Sarah’s primary focus of study was theatre, she found herself venturing into other directions, too. Ultimately, creativity and art became her calling, and she used her imagination to weed out aliens, pirates, and cyborgs. Now a professional makeup artist, Sarah has worked as a makeup artist for a myriad of television shows and movies. She has also lent her expertise to Hallmark and Disney productions. Based in British Columbia, she is currently working as the Head of Department Makeup and Co-Designer for A Flithy Lot Entertainment.

Alana Rose Schiro Now Has an Etsy Store

One of the youngest members of the season, Alana managed to captivate judges with her eclectic skills and ambitious personality. Since making her mark on reality television, Alana has focused on exponentiating her career as a makeup artist and finding her footing as a professional. In addition to working on countless projects as a certified expert, she also sells an array of knick-knacks on her Etsy store. From the Harry Potter-inspired Mandrake to spellbinding paintings, cauldrons, and pots, Alana continues to navigate her interests and profession side by side. In the past, she’s worked with Ghostemane as a personal makeup artist and traveled far and wide for her work.

Rod Maxwell is Now a Creative With Many Hats

Tasked to replicate the monster drawn by a 9-year-old, Rod failed to keep up with the vision, which ultimately led to his elimination in ‘Face Off.’ Despite losing a spot in the competition, Rod has continued to display his arsenal of knowledge by working on an array of projects. Since his time on the show, he has worked in the makeup department of several productions. Some of his latest works include, ‘Haunted Mansion,’ ‘Steam Room Stories: The Movie!,’ ‘Return of the Tingler,’ and ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.’ He has even launched a coloring book entitled ‘Someday Everything Will be Okay’, which fans can find on Amazon. Besides this, he’s been working as a digital and practical SFX Artist and educator.

Tommy Pietch Specializes in Several Art Forms Even Today

Failing to create a memorable character for a video game, Tommy was booted from the season. Since his elimination, he has focused on solidifying his career as a special FX artist and concept designer. He has worked on ‘Star Trek: Renegades,’ ‘Seamp Murders,’ and ‘The Dark Red.’ Besides the number of credits to his name, he has also become an expert in sculpting, foam latex, and designing characters. Having left behind his job as a chef, Tommy has continued to focus on his artistic efforts and match his ambitions with creativity and hard work.

Jason Milani is Now Working on a Myriad of Projects

A freelance makeup artist at the time, Jason had been experimenting with horror and mold making when he decided to compete on the reality show. After making his mark in reality television, Jason has gone on to create new milestones. Despite getting booted from the competition early on, he remained steadfast in his resolve and has since been in the makeup department of several acclaimed productions. Some of his contributions include ‘The Pentaverate,’ ‘Michael Buble’s Christmas in the City,’ ‘Saturday Night Live,’ ‘Werewolves Within,’ and ‘Vampires vs. the Bronx.’

Eric Garcia Showcases His Talents in Entertainment Today

Like his brother and castmate Derek, Eric had hoped to make it to the top. However, he was booted from the show early on. Nevertheless, he has remained equally committed to exploring the ends of his abilities. After making his way on reality television, Eric continued to work as part of makeup departments and expand his knowledge and skillset. Some of his recent works include ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,’ ‘Doom Patrol,’ ‘Samaritan,’ ‘Insidious: The Red Door,’ and ‘Pain Hustlers.’ On the personal front, Eric and the love of his life, Brittany Garcia, celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary in May 2022. The two are proud parents to an adorable daughter they named Stella.

Carpucine C.C. Childs is Now An Experienced Makeup Artist

Unafraid to test the limits of her creativity, C.C. entered the competition to earn more growth as a professional. After the show, she returned to specializing in all mediums of makeup and hair styling. With a Master of Makeup Certification, she has worked in the makeup department for numerous TV shows and movies. Most recently, she’s worked on ‘The Underground Railroad,’ ‘First Kill,’ ‘A Snowy Day in Oakland,’ ‘Will Trent,’ and ‘Heels.’

Joe Castro is A Makeup Savant Even Today

Joe Castro had a whirlwind journey on ‘Face Off.’ While the show recorded his disqualification from the season, the television personality later came out and confessed that his departure was edited. He starred in ‘Frakenfake,’ a documentary that detailed the actual court proceedings, documents, and events that went behind ‘Face Off.’

Having been accustomed to the ins and outs of the makeup department and special effects since his teens, Joe has since expanded his path and has been working as a director and producer, which has been further detailed on his website. With almost forty years of experience in the field, the television personality has worked on a plethora of productions. Some of his recent works include, ‘Dirty Freaken Joe: Sci-Fi Sam,’ ‘That’s a Wrap,’ and ‘The Beast Comes at Midnight.’

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