Golden Time Season 2: Premiere Date, Characters, Plot

Till date, J.C Staff has produced many rom-com anime with ‘Bakuman’ and ‘Ano Natsu‘ being their best creations. ‘Golden Time’ is another similar show that does not take you down on an endless loop of just wondering if two characters will date or not but it has a lot more going on. Its plot moves very swiftly and its entire narration has been done in such a way that, as a viewer, you can see every single thing from the perspective of the main protagonist. This allows a viewer to feel exactly how that particular character is feeling in every given situation.

‘Golden Time’ is more or less like a puzzle that brings in small elements of the main story with each episode and allows you to put these together, bit by bit, to create something much bigger and impactful. It not only focuses on the lovey-dovey side of relationships but also portrays real-life problems and obstacles that a potential couple might face. While the technical side of the anime is still not all that impressive, overall, ‘Golden Time’ is a pretty good anime that is full of light-hearted comedy and relationships with contradicting ideas, just like real life. Definitely, a must-watch for all romance anime lovers out there.

Golden Time Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Golden Time’ season 1 premiered on October 4, 2013 and came to an end on March 28, 2014. After this, no other OVAs, side stories or spin-offs of the same were made which is rather odd because it is quite a popular show. Along with being popular, ‘Golden Time’ also has a slightly above average rating on most anime platforms. The light novel from which the anime has been adapted from has a total of 8 volumes and the anime pretty much covers all of it. So that’s one big reason why we may never see a season 2.

‘Golden Time’ premiered in 2014 so that does not really make it an old show. But JC Staff Studio, known for producing anime like ‘Toradora‘ and ‘Maid-Sama‘, has a reputation of leaving way too many anime behind with just one season. Also, JC Staff has a lot of projects lined up for the next coming one year so they don’t really have a reason to go back to an anime that they’ve already concluded. Thus, a season 2 is definitely not happening for this one but you can certainly watch other similar rom-com shows that are out there. If anything changes and we hear about ‘Golden Time’ season 2 release date, we will update this section.

Golden Time English Dub:

‘Golden Time’ is available on Hulu, Crunchyroll, and HiDive with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

Golden Time Plot:

Banri Tada is an intelligent and bright student fresh out of his teenage years but suffers an accidental fall from a bridge which erases his memory. The doctors diagnose him with retrograde amnesia, a condition that limits access to memories stored in the brain prior to the said incident and declare that the chances of his memory returning are close to none. This happens shortly after his graduation from high school but due to his bright personality, he manages to get into a private law school in Tokyo. He seems quite excited at the prospect of joining this new institution despite his conditions and all seems well until the orientation program where he feels light-headed and dizzy due to the commotion around him.

Utterly lost and out of place, Banri Tada suddenly bumps into Mitsuo Yanagisawa, another clueless and confused freshman. They both hit it off instantly and the duo proceed to their destination where they come in contact with a strangely beautiful girl, Kōko Kaga who congratulates Mitsuo on being able to get into the school successfully with a bouquet of flowers across his face. She later reveals herself to be the childhood friend of Mitsuo before fluttering off into the distance. Mitsuo proceeds to explain that they both had been friends from their childhood and had promised to marry each other once they came of age.

While this was all childish and playful banter on the part of Mitsuo, Koko somehow had taken the fact to her heart and now completely believes in their destiny together. In order to escape from her antics, Mitsuo had even secretly admitted himself to this private university but to no avail. Koko had used all her contacts in order to find out where Mitsuo was headed and had enrolled in the school herself in order to stay close to him. Having failed at every attempt, Mitsuo seems like he has given up and accepts his destiny with Koko, which is handwritten on stone.

At this time, Banri comes in contact with Linda and Chinami Oka, both second-year students in their institution. He becomes quite acquainted with the group but also notices an air of nervousness among them. At this point, much to the dismay of Mitsuo, Banri and Koko start to develop a friendship as well owing to the shared classes between them. He seems to lead quite a normal life but the memories of the accident do come back to haunt him from time to time. This can be seen when Koko tries to locate Mitsuo through her phone as Banri and she are walking home but instead connects to the hospital. This brings back flashes of memories about the fateful day of the accident when he somehow recalls a motorbike hitting him but he is not sure. He also has a dream that night where he finds himself back at the hospital. However, instead of staying calm and composed like other patients, he sees himself fleeing and escaping from the facility. He wakes up with a start but on finding himself back on his bed, doesn’t think much of it.

That day he meets Koko at the gate of the university where she is waiting for Mitsuo. This is where Banri notices that Koko actually seems subdued and lonely whenever she is not with Mitsuo and he proceeds to interact with her some more. He learns that she is an extremely optimistic and righteous character who is completely and utterly in love with Mitsuo and is ready to do anything to have his heart. This is something that Banri decides that he needs to talk to Mitsuo about the next time they meet.

That night when Mitsuo and Banri are hanging out, Banri decides to tell Mitsuo about Koko and her feelings towards him but this completely falls on deaf years. Mitsuo explains that this is a simple matter of infatuation and brushes his claims away. To lighten up the mood, he decides to invite Banri to the Film Club’s welcoming party which Mitsuo is a part of. However, this party is soon crashed and the duo decide to join an entirely new night club that operates in the dark. The anime goes on to portray the antics of the group as they strive to keep up with their lives, while Banri tries to recall his fading memories.

Golden Time Characters:

Banri Tada: The main protagonist of the story, Banri Tada is an intelligent and outgoing law student who is suffering from retrograde amnesia as a result of a bike accident the day after his high school graduation. As a result of his trauma, he has no recollection of his events that took place before the accident and now is forced into a completely new life. He lives alone in a small apartment while studying law at a private law school.

It is here that he comes across several interesting characters that completely change his perspective of life, one of them being Kōko Kaga, his love interest later in the story. The story mainly revolves around the interactions of the characters within the anime and the way in which they influence each other while Banri struggles to recollect his memories. He has many waking dreams (sometimes nightmares) which constantly reveal to him parts of the accident and few glimpses of life prior to that.

Kōko Kaga: Voiced by Yui Horie, Kōko Kaga is a highly energetic law school student who is extremely popular among boys due to her intimidating personality. However, as a result of the same, she rarely has friends with whom she can properly communicate. Some of the girls are jealous of her popularity and her good looks and most of the boys are scared to approach her due to her intimidating nature.

This does not seem to bother her much as her intention to get into the law school is to be closer to Mitsuo, her childhood friend and her love interest and this is evident right from the beginning of the story. She and Mitsuo have made a promise to marry each other when they were teenagers and she intends to uphold the same with all her effort. However, she soon discovers that Mitsuo is not really romantically interested with her and after several tries gives up. She finds a friend in Banri and the two can be seen spending an increasing amount of time with each other.

Mitsuo Yanagisawa: Banri’s friend in law school and the main love interest of Kōko Kaga, Banri is also an extremely outgoing character who is doing his best to avoid the approaches of Kōko. He secretly took the law school exams in an attempt to elude her but failed miserably when she used her contacts to stalk him and enter the same institution. Now, he must come up with more ways to evade her while maintaining the required level of friendship and this leads to some hilarious interactions between the characters.

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