Is Caolan Waltrip Dead in Tulsa King? Why Did Dwight Kill Him?

Paramount+’s ‘Tulsa King‘ is created by Taylor Sheridan and stars Sylvester Stallone in the lead role. It tells the story of Dwight “The General” Manfredi, a mafia capo from New York who embarks on a new quest in the titular town. As Dwight tries to establish his own criminal syndicate in the small town, he faces opposition from The Black MacAdams, a local outlaw biker gang led by Caolan Waltrip. As the conflict between Dwight and Waltrip escalates, it becomes evident that war is inevitable. Want to know the story behind the conflict between Dwight and Waltrip? This breakdown is for you. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Caolan Waltrip’s Fate Revealed

Caolan Waltrip first appears in the third episode of ‘Tulsa King,’ titled ‘Caprice.’ He is the Irish leader of the biker gang The Black MacAdams. In the series, actor Ritchie Coster portrays the role of Caolan Waltrip. Coster is known for his recurring role as Anslo Garrick in the NBC crime drama series ‘The Blacklist. ‘Similarly, some viewers might recognize the actor from his performance as Pope in the AMC zombie apocalypse drama ‘The Walking Dead.’ Coster’s other credits include shows such as ‘The Flight Attendant,’ ‘Shades of Blue,’ and ‘True Detective.’

In ‘Tulsa King,’ Coster’s Caolan Waltrip is introduced as a foe to the series protagonist Dwight “The General” Manfredi (Sylvester Stallone). He leads an outlaw biker gang that ATF officer Stacy Beale is tracking. Waltrip is involved in several illegal activities in and around Tulsa, Oklahoma, and considers the town his domain until Dwight challenges his monopoly. After a run-in with Waltrip’s gang at the music festival, Dwight and Waltrip meet to discuss a potential truce.

However, Dwight turns the offer down, and Waltrip sends his right-hand man Carson Pike to assassinate Dwight. Pike is killed by Dwight and Mitch, leading to an all-out war between Dwight’s gang and the Black MacAdam in the season 1 finale, titled ‘Happy Trails.’ In the episode, Waltrip attacks Dwight and his gang at Mitch’s restaurant. However, Dwight corners Waltrip after the latter injured one of Dwight’s crew members. Dwight shoots Waltrip in the chest, killing him.

Why Did Dwight Put the Hammer Down on Caolan Waltrip?

Caolan Waltrip serves as the primary antagonist of the first season of ‘Tulsa King.’ Therefore, a one-on-one battle between Dwight and Waltrip in the season 1 finale was inevitable. However, the outcome of the fight results in Waltrip’s death. Nonetheless, over the course of the first season, we learn that Dwight is not a cold-blooded killer but is capable of murder.

A flashback scene in the finale shows Dwight killing a man out of mercy. On the other hand, Dwight kills Nico “The Package” Bugliosi for sexually assaulting his daughter, Tina, when she was young. These incidents highlight that Dwight kills when his loved ones are endangered or it is for the greater good.

During Dwight’s final fight with Waltrip, Dwight asks his enemy to accept that Dwight is the superior authority in the town and bow out respectfully. Dwight demands respect, and Waltrip refuses to show it. As a result, Dwight kills Waltrip since he is a threat to his newfound family in Tulsa. Waltrip shows time and again that he is capable of hurting those close to Dwight. Waltrip sends Pike to attack Mitch and also shoots Stacy, leading to her getting hospitalized.

Moreover, Waltrip will likely challenge Dwight’s authority and affect his plans to build an empire in Tulsa. Therefore, Dwight sees no other option than to kill Waltrip. Ultimately, Dwight kills Waltrip to stop the biker gang leader from hurting those he cares about. Consequently, Dwight ends the conflict with The Black Macadams once and for all, establishing himself as the undisputed mafia godfather of Tulsa.

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