Is Lifetime’s As Luck Would Have It: Old Flames New Fires Based on a True Story?

With David DeCoteau as the helmsman, ‘As Luck Would Have It: Old Flames, New Fires‘ is a crime mystery series that focuses on the mother-daughter duo of Gabbi and Lisa who must work together, despite their differences, in order to get to the bottom of a murder case. When Lisa’s father, Michael, becomes a prime suspect in the case of his ex-business partner’s murder, she must do everything in her power to help him.

Thus, Lisa reluctantly enlists the assistance of her mother Gabbi as the two begin working together by going through the list of other possible suspects, including Wayne’s jealous e-wife, the new business partner, and the business manager. In reality, there exist pairs of detectives or investigators working on complicated murder cases, which is why many of you might pose the question — Is ‘As Luck Would Have It: Old Flames, New Fires’ rooted in reality or not? Well, let’s explore the same in detail, shall we?

Is As Luck Would Have It: Old Flames, New Fires a True Story?

No, ‘As Luck Would Have It: Old Flames, New Fires’ is not based on a true story. Instead, the enthralling storyline can be credited to the screenwriter Robert Dean Klein (known for ‘The Wrong High School Sweetheart,’ ‘The Wrong Teacher,’ and ‘The Killer in My Backyard‘) who took advantage of his experience in the industry alongside his creative mind as well as brilliant writing skills in order to weave the gripping yet realistic screenplay for this episode of the Lifetime series.

Several aspects of the episode, whether it is the murder mystery of Wayne or the investigation of the case by detectives, somewhat replicate reality in different ways, which is what puts the viewers under the impression that it is based on actual events. After all, mysterious murders and suspenseful investigations are common occurrences in real life, as you might have seen in the news or heard about something similar from one of your acquaintances.

Another one of the primary reasons why many of you might find ‘As Luck Would Have It: Old Flames, New Fires’ familiar is that the themes of murder and investigation have been explored in multiple movies and TV shows over the years, such as ‘Murder on the Orient Express,’ ‘A Kind of Murder,’ ‘Invitation to a Murder,’ and ‘Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery.’ But one of the aptest examples has to be that of the Damián Szifron directorial ‘To Catch a Killer.’ The crime thriller stars Shailene Woodley as Eleanor, a talented yet troubled police investigator of the Baltimore Police Department who tries to come to terms with the demons of her past.

Soon, Eleanor gets recruited by the FBI’s chief investigator Lammark in order to help them track down a mass murderer who has been wreaking havoc in a series of seemingly unrelated mass shootings. Amidst the nationwide manhunt, she might be the only person capable of understanding the mind of the perpetrator and bringing him to justice, given her tortured psyche. Similarly, in the Lifetime series, Lisa and Gabbi work together to get to the bottom of the death of Michael’s ex-business partner’s death in order to clear his name. So, keeping in mind all the above-mentioned factors, we can come to the conclusion that ‘As Luck Would Have It: Old Flames, New Fires’ might include several realistic elements, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is a work of fiction.

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