Is Spencer Dead? Is Brendan Sklenar Leaving 1923?

Paramount+’s ‘1923’ is an interesting chapter in the story of the Dutton family. The Western drama follows Jacob Dutton, the patriarch of the Dutton family, as he tries to protect the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch from several; threats. Meanwhile, Jacob’s nephew, Spencer Dutton (Brendan Sklenar), is on a different tangent. However, Spencer’s path is leading him home, but he must also navigate a sea of threats. Therefore, viewers must be wondering whether Spencer is dead and actor Brendan Sklenar is exiting the series. In that case, here is everything you need to know about Spencer’s fate and Brendan Sklenar’s future in ‘1923.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Spencer’s Fate

Spencer Dutton is the youngest son of James Dutton (Tim McGraw) and a former soldier who fought during the First World War. However, Spencer is traumatized by the events of the war and stays away from home. He works as a hunter in Africa and does not maintain contact with his family. However, after his brother, John Dutton (James Badge Dale), is killed and his uncle, Jacob Dutton (Harrison Ford), is injured, Spencer decides to return home. Spencer receives his aunt’s letter and promptly seeks a route to the United States in the fifth episode.

The fifth episode, titled ‘Ghost of Zebrina,’ sees Spencer and Alexandra arriving in Nairobi, Kenya. From there, Spencer hopes to find a ship that will take him to the United States. However, Spencer learns no ship could directly transport him to the United States. Instead, he is forced to take a ship to London. Nonetheless, the ship’s environment is hostile for a woman, forcing Spencer to take a tug boat and travel with Lucca, an aging Captain.

On their journey in the sea, Spencer and Alexandra almost run into a ghost ship but are saved by Lucca’s timely intervention. However, in the episode’s final moments, Lucca dies from his illness, and the boat collides with the ghost ship. The accident raises questions about Spencer’s fate as he is forced to fight for his life, and the episode ends without giving a clear answer to the viewers.

Brendan Sklenar is Likely to Continue His Role in 1923

The ending of episode five leaves Spencer’s fate unknown. We see him struggling for his life when the tugboat crashes into a ghost ship. Moreover, the narrator Elsa Dutton, explains that Spencer’s journey back home is poised to be his last. Hence, the narration implies that Spencer will not make it through the travel and will perish at sea. However, it is unlikely that Spencer will be unceremoniously killed off. Spencer’s arrival in Montana is crucial to the story’s progression.

The early episodes of the series bill Spencer as the savior of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. In her narration during the fifth episode, Elsa states that only four Duttons survive to see the next generation. With Emma and John Dutton already dead, Spencer’s demise would directly contradict Elsa’s narration. Hence, the narrator’s statement about Spencer’s journey back home being his last can be interpreted as the character spending the rest of his life at the Yellowstone Ranch.

Lastly, in an interview, actor Brendan Sklenar (‘Westworld‘), who portrays the role, seemingly confirmed that Spencer would return to his homeland. “Spencer comes home in a big way, and he’ll potentially be making up for (the) lost time,” Sklenar told Den of Geek. Thus, it is safe to deduce that Sklenar’s character is alive. Consequently, Sklenar is not leaving the hit Western drama, and the actor will feature in the upcoming episodes. The first season of ‘1923’ is set to comprise ten episodes, while the show has already been renewed for a second installment.

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