Lifetime’s Deceived by My Mother-in-Law: Everything We Know

Directed by David DeCoteau, ‘Deceived by My Mother-in-Law’ is a thriller film that centers upon Kristin, a young woman who unfortunately gets attacked by her stalker. The incident leaves a long-lasting impression on her emotionally and psychologically. But undergoing therapy helps her, and then she luckily meets James. As they begin their life together, it appears that Kristin’s bad days are over, but her luck soon runs out when she realizes the cruel intentions of her in-laws.

The puzzling story of shocking twists and turns can make anyone wonder about the film’s origins, while some viewers may wish to know more about the cast or other details. If you too want to learn more about the film, well, we have got you covered.

Deceived by My Mother-in-Law Filming Locations

‘Deceived by My Mother-in-Law’ was filmed entirely in California. The production for the movie reportedly began in early 2021 and wrapped up in under a month. With one of the largest state economies in the country, California is extremely influential in the field of communication, entertainment, fashion, innovation, and economics.

Since the early twentieth century, the Bear Flag State has attracted filmmakers from around the world, and even after a century, it still remains a sought-after shooting destination. The filming for the thriller movie was limited to a few locations in California, so without waiting anymore, let’s learn more about it.

Los Angeles, California

The principal shooting for the thriller film was done in and around areas in Los Angeles. The production for the movie took place amid the global coronavirus pandemic, so the cast and the crew had to follow strict COVID-19 guidelines and take other precautions for their safety on the set. Filming was done in several locations, including North Hollywood. Actress Dey Young, who plays the role of the evil mother-in-law, posted a photo from the set after wrapping up the shooting for the movie.

Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, the Southern Californian city is the center of film and television production in the country. It has been a key production location for numerous Lifetime movies over the years. Some of the famous names include ‘Revenge Delivered,’ ‘Christmas on the Menu,’ ‘Obsessed,’ and ‘Fatal Fiancé.’

Deceived by My Mother-in-Law Cast

Best known for her role in ‘Bloomington’ and ‘The Haves and the Have Nots,’ Allison McAtee essays the role of Kristen. Dey Young portrays Kristen’s evil mother-in-law Maggie. You may recognize her from ‘A Girl Is a Gun,’ ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,’ and ‘The Mentalist.’ Rib Hillis plays the role of Kristen’s husband, James. The well-known model, producer, and actor is famous for working in television movies like ‘The Wrong Real Estate Agent,’ ‘The Wrong Mr. Right,‘ and ‘The Wrong House Sitter.’

Comedian Jackée Harry plays the role of Kristen’s therapist Denise. You may recall watching her on NBC’s sitcom ‘227’ and ‘Sister, Sister.’ Other noteworthy cast members include Katie Kelly as Mara, Jonathan Stoddard as Max, Jeremy Sry as Michael, Michael Paré as Ross, Jensen Atwood as Steve, Jasmine Aivaliotis as Cheryl, Chelsea Gilson as Stephanie.

Is Deceived by My Mother-in-Law a True Story

No, ‘Deceived by My Mother-in-Law’ is not based on a true story. The credit for the captivating plot for the thriller film goes to Robert Dean Klein, who is best known for working as a writer for several ‘The Wrong’ franchise films. However, a familial conflict between a woman and her mother-in-law is true for a lot of families. Numerous films have delved deeper into the subject of familial conflicts, and some famous names that spring to mind include ‘The Possession,’ ‘Four Christmases,’ and ‘Black or White.

However, the film revolves majorly around the central theme of deception, which has been explored in other Lifetime movies as well. ‘Deceitful Dating‘ is an excellent example in which the life of John Logan, a widower, and his daughters is turned upside down by the evil schemes of Alice, a new neighbor. Although the family is initially happy to have her around after the mysterious murder of Alice’s ex-husband, several shocking secrets come to light that takes them by surprise.

Like Kristin, Logan goes through a lot of emotional trauma (following the death of his wife) but just when his life appears to come back on track, the evil intentions of someone close to him threaten to take his mental and emotional peace away. So, the premise of ‘Deceived by My Mother-in-Law’ is not entirely unique, but the themes and conflicts that viewers witness in the film have been explored by other movies as well. As the cast or the makers have never claimed that real-life incidents inspire the film, it’s safe to conclude that premise of the movie is rooted in fiction.

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