Love Deadline Season 1: Who Are Still Together? Where Are They Now?

Netflix’s ‘Love Deadline‘ takes its participants across the country and beyond while they try to find their future spouse. As one might expect, the journey is far from easy, with men waiting to be eliminated at any time and the women holding the power of proposing close to their hearts. The cast members of the recently finished season 1 of the show certainly did not shy away from making the most of the experiment and putting their hearts on the line. This helped them gain the love and interest of the viewers, who continue to support them wholeheartedly today.

Nona Shiba and Kei Hashimoto are Still Together

We are starting off with Konona “Nona” Shiba and Keisuke “Kei” Hashimoto, the only couple who got engaged during the show. Their time together was certainly not an easy one, which only made their happy ending that much more precious to the viewers. Since their time on the show, the two decided to move in together and have lived in the same house for well over three months. The couple also seems to own a cat, whom they adore very much. In November 2023, they even renewed their promise of engagement, with the world looking forward to the next chapter of their romantic lives.

As of writing, Nona, who recently celebrated her birthday, works as an actress as well as a model. Additionally, she makes content for various platforms on the internet, including TikTok and YouTube. Apart from being fluent in Korean, Nona is a massive fan of the Japanese Soccer League. Meanwhile, Kei also works as a model and is an employee at a fund company. Together, the two have been quite appreciative of their reality TV experience and have promoted the show quite happily.

Anna Tsumara Likes to Travel

Up next, we have Anna Tsumara, who is a US-born resident of Tokyo, Japan. The reality TV star is actually a part of a foreign IT company, with her work pertaining to overseas coordination. The now 29-year-old is quite fond of traveling, having enjoyed the charms of the island state of Hawaii as recently as December 2023. When not spending quality time with her friends, Anna likes to be in the company of her 3-year-old service dog.

Okapi Okane is an Actor

Takuya “Okapi” Okane is yet another person who was easily able to charm the viewers with his presence on the show. The reality TV star is based in Osaka, Japan, and works as a model and actor. Additionally, he serves as an event manager and has certainly been happy about his recent reality TV appearance. Okapi also enjoys indulging in his interests, like playing soccer, taking a walk, or traveling to his heart’s content. He is also a huge fan of Chai, photography, and history.

Yushi Sugimoto is a Professional Body Builder

Let’s now talk about Yushi Sugimoto, a man of many talents who appeared on the Netflix show and wowed many. The reality TV star is a martial arts expert as well as a professional bodybuilder. In fact, he has competed in various events for the latter and even won the national bodybuilding competition held in 2019 by the World Fitness Federation (WWF) and the National Amateur Body-Builders’ Association (NABBA). Additionally, Yushi makes content on the internet that is centered around fashion, lifestyle, and fitness. As of writing, his YouTube channel has over 40K subscribers.

Sora Shibata is a Huge Disney Fan

The only female contestant to enter the first season of ‘Love Deadline’ midway through, Sora Shibata has made a place for herself in the hearts of the viewers. Working as a live streamer, she sells various kinds of products to her viewers, with a focus on fashion and apparel. In fact, she is presently in her 7th year of selling clothes through the internet. When not working hard, the reality TV star can be seen indulging in her love for Disney, with a particular fondness for Mickey Mouse, which is perhaps why she often visits the Tokyo Disneyland.

Keijiro Minoura Works as a CEO

Given his dedication to physical fitness, it is sufficient to say that Keijiro Minoura is an accomplished fitness model. However, that is far from the only line of profession that the reality TV star is thriving in. Serving as the CEO of the Stance Group, he is quite proud of the three fitness centers opened by the company under the name of Stance Fitness. The organization also sells various goods, with Keijiro himself modeling some of the apparel for the organization. He also seems to enjoy traveling and visiting the beautiful country of the Philippines in December 2023. This was followed by his traveling across the USA from New York to Los Angeles, California.

Shizuka “Shi” Eto Runs a Spa Business

Having gone through a transformative journey during her time in ‘Love Deadline,’ Shizuka “Shi” Eto has certainly earned herself many fans. The Netflix star runs a spa business and is also known for her work in the modeling industry. She also seems quite close to Sayuri “Sayu” Fujita, having visited her at her own place of business quite recently.

Sayuri “Sayu” Fujita is a Beloved TV Personality

Combining her love for beauty and nursing, Sayuri “Sayu” Fujita is the proud owner of Bénémi Beauty Salon. Having previously worked as a cosmetic nurse, she utilizes her years of experience to provide viewers with a fulfilling experience. Interestingly, ‘Love Deadline’ is far from Sayu’s only television experience, as she has also been a part of ‘Shuffle Island’ season 2, ‘Shukan Sanma to Matsuko,’ and ‘Matsuko in the Room.’ Additionally, she is active as a model and a food content creator.

Saki Kamata Continues to be a Yoga Instructor

The first woman to propose on the show, Saki Kamata certainly emerged as one of the brightest stars of the show. Based in Okinawa, Japan, she celebrated her 28th birthday on June 1, 2023. Thriving as a Yoga Instructor, Saki maintains a deep love for nature and food. She often finds herself captivated by the world’s beauty and tries to maintain a positive outlook towards life.

Taka Toda is Thriving as a Cosmetic Surgeon

Takayuki “Taka” Toda‘s last actions on the show may have left the viewers confused, but it does not seem like he has come to regret the steps he took. A proud cosmetic surgeon, he used to be the Director of Shinjuku Ebisu but is now a part of River Clinic, which opened in September 2023. With a dream of having his own clinic someday, Taka is proud of all that he has accomplished to date.

Takafumi is a Proud Gynecologist

The last person to enter the first installment of the Netflix series, Takafumi, AKA Fumi, did not leave the show without making his own impact on the viewers. The Japanese man is quite proud of his work as a Gynecologist and is known for attending various conferences that allow him to share and enhance his own knowledge of the industry. He also has a certificate from the Japan Deep Learning Association (JPLA) for Engineering. About to turn 29 in May 2024, Fumi is quite fond of traveling, having already visited places like Mexico, Hawaii, the Philippines, and Los Angeles.

Yuta Yanagawa is a Soccer Player

Part of the Kanto Division 1 League, Yuta Yanagawa is a dedicated soccer player who has won several awards alongside his team over the years. Some of their accomplishments include winning the Kanto League in 2017, which was followed by winning the same league and the national championship in 2018. An accomplished athlete, Yuta is also a part of the IT industry and a professional worker.

Yuki “Fuku” Fukuda Has Written a Book

We are excited to talk about Yuki “Fuku” Fukuda, whose presence in the Netflix series was undoubtedly a unique one. Part of the management team of a marketing company, he is an accomplished business expert. He is also a part of overseas real estate management, given that he takes care of several villas in Hawaii. Additionally, Fuku likes to be a producer and host for musical festivals. He also takes delight in combining his love for sports and philanthropy, as evidenced by the fact that he has been donating his baseball gear since he reached the age of 25. The reality TV star has also explored the benefits of muscle and building and the financial gain that is to be found through it in an Amazon bestseller book.

Kiichiro “Kiichi” Sakamoto Works as a Model

Kiichiro “Kiichi” Sakamoto is quite dedicated to his role as a Pharmacist, though that has not stopped him from exploring other career paths. In fact, he is an accomplished model who has worked alongside Detox C Water in the past. He also makes use of his social media presence to promote the brands he has collaborated with. Additionally, Kiichi enjoys working on his physique and is certainly proud of the results that he has achieved through his hard work and dedication.

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