7 Movies Like Centauro You Must See

Directed by Daniel Calparsoro, ‘Centauro’ is a Spanish crime drama movie. A racer is like a centaur, with wheels in place of hoofs – or so the film seems to suggest. Motorbike racer Rafa is ready to reach the racetrack and attain his dreams, but his road to stardom is fraught with unending perils. To save the mother of his child from a notorious gang, he takes control of the bike by becoming a trafficker for them.

However, the ground beneath Rafa soon starts slipping with an acute burnout gripping him. The racing film contains themes like family, brotherhood, ambition, passion, career, and crime, and if you seek similar forays, we are sure we can sort you out with some recommendations. You can watch most of these movies identical to ‘Centauro’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

7. Ghost Rider (2007)

Mark Steven Johnson’s take on Marvel’s ‘Johnny Blaze’ is ‘Ghost Rider,’ which is an oddity in the Marvel cinematic universe. The superhero film delivers some era charm, thanks to a graceful presence from Nicolas Cage. While toning down the rebellious appeal, the titular anti-hero arrives at a crossroads. In childhood, Johnny signed a contract with the Devil to cure his father’s cancer, but he wages war with Mephistopheles after his father dies. Not just that, he forges an enmity with Blackheart, the son of Mephistopheles. If you seek a fun take on mythology while retaining the same anti-hero trope as Rafa in ‘Centauro,’ this should be your go-to movie.

6. Days of Thunder (1990)

Following the success of ‘Top Gun,’ director Tony Scott teamed up with Tom Cruise in the sports action movie ‘Days of Thunder.’ In the fast-paced world of NASCAR, the winds rise as veteran racer Rowdy Burns does not go along with hotheaded rookie Cole Trickle. The brawl comes onto the field, and in a curious turn of fate, both of them get injured in a race.

While Rowdy goes to the sidelines after the injury, Cole comes to the limelight as he takes a brave decision. He thinks of racing the former’s car against newcomer Russ Wheeler in the Daytona 500. The movie oozes out a ubiquitous late 80s ambiance and is also the first pairing of Tom Cruise with Nicole Kidman. If you want to retain the speedy atmosphere after ‘Centauro’ while adding a bit of the late 80s charm, this is the movie for you.

5. Tron: Legacy (2010)

In Joseph Kosinski’s sci-fi offering ‘Tron: Legacy,’ Sam walks the path of his estranged father, Kevin, who went on a journey to the neon-lit virtual space of Tron, which he founded with his two associates. In the present timeline, the area has grown out of Kevin’s control, and the creator lives a hermit’s life in a small condo while a storm rages outside. Sam, the unnamed hero, descends on the ever-competitive tracks of the new world and seizes the moment.

However, the young protagonist must save his father from a brewing conspiracy and prevent the virtual world from seeping into reality. With Jeff Bridges retaining his role from the 1982 film, which is based on the arcade video game of the same name, the movie takes the viewers to a retro world full of neons and mysteries of a virtual world. If you like yourself some more adrenaline following ‘Centauro,’ here is a movie to please your senses.

4. Burn Out (2017)

Yann Gozlan’s cerebral racing movie ‘Burn Out’ is the spiritual precursor of the Netflix film. Based on a novel by Jérémie Guez, the narrative revolves around Tony, who gets plunged into the criminal underworld of Paris. The mother of his son has an enormous debt to some sinister and hurtful people, and Tony must take a stand to save the girl from the gang. With the premise, the recipe delivers a tense thriller, replete with narrow turns. If you are looking to return to the French precursor of ‘Centauro,’ this might be an ideal time.

3. Fallen Angels (1995)

Hong Kong New Wave maestro Wong Kar-wai’s directorial ‘Fallen Angels’ is a romantic crime tragicomedy with a touch of melancholy. The movie is divided into two parts that have little to do with each other, chronicling nocturnal characters on the streets of Hong Kong. Wong Chi-ming is a gun-for-hire whose partner is a mysterious woman who stalks him from a distance while he meets a woman called Blondie one night.

Ho Chi-mo is another eccentric delinquent who keeps running into the same woman who has a sob story about her ex-boyfriend. ‘Centauro’ is a love story behind its gritty fabric, and if you want to watch another ode to unrequited love, ‘Fallen Angels’ is a movie you must add to your watchlist.

2. Baby Driver (2017)

In Edgar Wright’s heist thriller, Ansel Elgort is the sunglass flaunting “Baby Driver.” Every gang needs a driver, and when it comes to getting the work done with little talk, driver Baby’s talents can rarely be surpassed. As astonishing as it may be for his young age, he is already making a name in the streets as a getaway driver when Doc summons him to be the driver for a heist.

However, the plan goes sideways when the arms dealers turn out to be coppers in disguise. Equipped with an electrifying soundtrack and graced by a talented cast ensemble, the film takes no time to engross the viewer in its adrenaline-heavy tale. If you like to drown the world in music while driving, here is an excellent movie at the intersection of crime and speed after ‘Centauro.’

1. Akira (1988)

If we are talking about racing movies, we cannot simply do without ‘Akira,’ the Japanese animated cyberpunk extravaganza. It is directed by Katsuhiro Otomo and based on the first three volumes of his own groundbreaking manga, although with a twist in the end. The post-apocalyptic narrative unfolds in the backdrop of Neo Tokyo in 2019, in the aftermath of World War II.

Shōtarō Kaneda forms a Bosozoku group (Japanese biker gang), while his childhood friend Tetsuo Shima’s fate takes a supernatural turn when he crashes his motorcycle. Without divulging much about the narrative, it is fair to say that ‘Akira’ is a landmark work in the cyberpunk genre. If you want to keep the adrenaline rush following ‘Centauro’ while craving an animated venture, this timeless classic is one of your best bets.

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