7 Movies Like Deep Blue Sea You Must See

‘Deep Blue Sea’, the 1999-released science-fiction flick, instantly reminds you of ‘Jaws’, the Steven Spielberg masterpiece that was the pioneer of shark-centric movies. Directed by Renny Harlin, the story revolves around a crew of scientists, researching in an isolated, underwater facility, about mako sharks. They want to discover a cure for Alzheimer’s but the situation becomes extremely dangerous when multiple genetically modified monster sharks wreck havoc. Upon its release, ‘Deep Blue Sea’ progressed to become a massive hit and has spawned two sequels to date.

Although the film opened to mixed critical reviews, it was appreciated by audiences. After all, who does not love movies about sea monsters or monstrous beasts? Well, if you are a fan of this genre, here is our list of some of the best films like ‘Deep Blue Sea’. Most of these movies are available on Amazon Prime, Netflix, or Hulu.

7. Jaws (1975)

This is a no-brainer! When it comes to shark movies, ‘Jaws’ dominated the cinema scene until modern technology permitted directors to launch several more similar titles. It has even spawned three sequels but none can be compared to the 1975 classic. ‘Jaws’ follows a man-eating great white shark that is on a killing spree. When several beachgoers end up as its food, police chief Martin Brody, a marine scientist, and a shark hunter set off to tackle the situation.

6. The Shallows (2016)

‘The Shallows’ is a survival flick, but with a shark in the background. And we have included it in our list since even ‘Deep Blue Sea’ is a tale about survival — of people trapped underwater in a flooded facility while being hunted by predators. In ‘The Shallows’, we have Nancy (Blake Lively), a surfer who is stranded 200 yards from shore. With a great white shark out for her blood, she must use her wits and stamina to survive the ordeal.

5. Lake Placid (1999)

Another addition to the creature feature mayhem is ‘Lake Placid’, which is centered around a massive 30-foot-long saltwater crocodile that resides near Black Lake, Maine. A ragtag group of friends reaches the location to capture the beast and as you can guess, the rest is history! ‘Lake Placid’ was released in 1999 and due to its popularity, it has spawned five made-for-television sequels. But as always, no matter how many remakes one makes, there’s no comparison to the original classic.

4. Rampage (2018)

Movies like ‘Deep Blue Sea’ are made for a purpose. They teach us that one should not interfere with nature’s course of action. And when you do, you end up with mutated, uncontrollable beasts. In ‘Rampage’, the wrong usage of CRISPR leads to a silverback gorilla being transformed into a giant, blood-thirsty primate. Our hero, primatologist Davis Okoye (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) tries to reverse the CRISPR process to save his gorilla — in a race against time.

3. Jurassic Park (1993)

Speaking of genetic mutations? Then how can we not mention ‘Jurassic Park’? It is one of the groundbreaking movies that made dinosaurs seem so interesting. The film progressed to become a superhit franchise, spawning five titles to date. In the original, what happens is, modern-day scientists, use the DNA of dinosaurs found inside a mosquito to revive the species. The team then creates a tourist park with the monsters within it. As you can already guess, in no time, all hell breaks loose as humans clash with dinos to survive!

2. Anaconda (1997)

It is best to leave wild animals on their own. There’s no point interfering with their natural habitat. This is a message that is portrayed in ‘Deep Blue Sea’ and then in our next movie, ‘Anaconda’. ‘Anaconda’, directed by Luis Llosa, revolves around a documentary film crew who ventures deep into the Amazon rainforest. Here, they are captured by a snake hunter who has the craziest idea of catching the giant, legendary green anaconda. Branded as a cult classic, ‘Anaconda’ is one of the masterpieces when it comes to snake-centric flicks.

1. The Cave (2005)

‘Deep Blue Sea’ is loved by fans because of its claustrophobic settings that keep viewers on their edge. And if you are looking for a movie that tests your fear for closed spaces, then give ‘The Cave’ a try. The 2005-released action horror film, directed by Bruce Hunt, revolves around a crew of cave-divers and scientists who enter a cave system in Romania. But they soon end up getting trapped, without any hope of escape. To add to their terror, they are hunted by unknown predators!

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