15 Best Movies to Watch If You Like ‘Forever My Girl’

‘Forever My Girl’ tells the story of a musician who returns home after a long time and rediscovers his relationships with the people around him. It starts with Liam and Josie being in a relationship since high school. They decide to get married, but at the last moment, Liam has a change of heart and he leaves Josie at the altar. He returns to his hometown after eight years. Everything has changed for him now. He is a successful music star and has everything he ever wanted in life. Except, his close relations have suffered in the process. A revelation about his life changes everything for Liam.

This romantic film adds a touch of music in itself to tell the story of two people who rediscover the meaning of love. With sombre soundtracks and the tale of a love that’ll make you swoon, ‘Forever My Girl’ could easily be your guilty pleasure. If you are into cheesy love stories, here’s the list of movies similar to Forever My Girl that are our recommendations. You can watch some of these best movies like Forever My Girl on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

15. 1 Mile to You (2017)

Kevin is a teenage boy who is very much in love with his girlfriend. When she dies in an accident, he is devastated. Then, he realises that the rush of adrenaline that he has while running allows him to revisit her in his memories. Now, the only important thing in life is running and living with her memories. His talent is recognized and a sports coach gets him in competitions to win races. His popularity catches the eye of a girl who becomes curious about his situation.


14. A Country Wedding (2015)

Bradley Suttons is a successful singer who is about to get married to a famous actress. Two weeks before the wedding, he has to go back to his hometown to settle a deal on his family house. His trip takes an unexpected turn when he meets his high school girlfriend, Sarah. As he takes a trip down memory lane with her, he rediscovers the simple pleasures of life.


13. The Choice (2016)

When Gabby moves next door to Travis, he instantly falls in love with her. Over the course of time, they get to know each other and start a relationship. However, things are more complicated than they appear. Travis already had a girlfriend before he met Gabby, and Gabby had a boyfriend who was out of town for a while. With the return of her boyfriend, the dynamics for Travis and Gabby change drastically.


12. Country Strong (2010)

Kelly is married to James. She is a recovering alcoholic and an excellent singer. While in rehab, she meets Beau who falls for her over the course of time. Kelly falls back for him but can’t break her relationship with James. As they embark on a tour to revive her career, things become increasingly complicated for the three of them.


11. Safe Haven (2013)

Running from a past that haunts her life, Katie finds shelter in a small town in North Carolina. There, she meets a widower and a father of two, Alex. Katie bonds easily with Alex’s children and soon she finds herself falling for Alex, who reciprocates her feelings. However, just as she feared, her past catches up to her, and now she has to make a choice that will decide everything for her.

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10. The Longest Ride (2015)

When he has a life-threating encounter in the arena, Luke Collins is forced to take a break from professional bull riding. A year later, he decides to get back in the game and meets Sophia Danko. They both take an instant liking for each other. However, their relationship goes through some upheavals when Sophia finds out about his accident and pleads with him to quit the game, to which Luke refuses. As their love slowly fades away, the story of an old man rejuvenates their thoughts about love.

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9. Elizabethtown (2005)

Drew Baylor’s life is in shambles. At his company, he has made a gigantic mess that will take a hell lot of money to rectify. Due to this, he is let go from there. Soon after, his girlfriend leaves him too. Finding nothing worth living for, he decides to commit suicide. He is stopped just in time by his mother who informs him of his father’s death. Now, the responsibility of retrieving his father’s body is on him, for which he has to travel to Elizabethtown. And on the flight, he meets Claire.

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8. Coal Miner’s Daughter (1980)

This film is based on the life of the famous country singer, Loretta Webb. Starting from her life as a child, it traces her journey to becoming a successful name in the music industry. One of the eight children of a coal miner, Loretta got married at the age of 15 and was a mother of four kids by 19. When her family moves to Washington State, she gets a chance of singing at local places. She is taken notice of by a record label and with the help of her husband, she embarks on a musical journey that changes her life.

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7. Dear John (2010)

John and Savannah meet each other and fall in love over the course of summer. When the time comes for John to join his duty in the Army, he and Savannah decide to stay in touch through letters. After two years of long-distance relationship, Savannah reveals to him that she is getting married to someone else. This changes everything for John, but when he comes back home, some other truth is revealed to him.

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6. Walk the Line (2005)

This film draws its story around the life of another famous country singer, Johnny Cash. It starts with his childhood and accounts for the death of his brother and how it affected his further life. It also shows his marriage with Vivien Liberto, his rise as a singer, his relationship with June Carter, another famous celebrity of that time. The film shows the upheavals in his life and his career and especially his love life.

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5. A Walk to Remember (2002)

Landon Carter has a reputation as a spoiled brat who just keeps causing trouble. One such trouble lands him in a position where he has to choose between getting expelled and joining a school play, among other things. Landon reluctantly agrees to the latter. There he meets Jamie Sullivan, a shy girl who remains rather distant from everyone else. As they work on the play together, they fall in love. But, their love is doomed from the beginning.

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4. Sweet Home Alabama (2002)

Melanie and Jake had fallen in love when they were just kids. As planned, they get married. However, Melanie’s ambition and expectations from life change. She has to leave behind her marriage, her town, and her old life. Years later, she is about to be married to the son of the Mayor of New York who has a strong political career ahead. In order to get married to him, Melanie has to go back to her hometown, Alabama, and get a divorce from Jake.

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3. Bright Star (2009)

It is the year 1818. John Keats is a struggling poet who keeps his life in balance in a very difficult way. His aloofness and talent for poetry make him prone to the advances of Fanny Brawne, who falls in love with him. Even though Keats feels the same way about her, he can’t lead her into his life of instability. But, Fanny is not to be dissuaded so easily.

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2. P.S. I Love You (2007)

If there is one movie that has the potential of topping the list of guilty potential, it is ‘P.S. I Love You’.  Based on the book of the same name by Cecelia Ahern, it tells the story of Holly who is completely broken after the loss of her husband. Immersed in her loss, she cuts off from everyone and spends time alone in her house. But, on her 30th birthday, when she receives a letter from her husband, she realises that he isn’t really gone from her life.

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1. Once (2006)

Good music? Check! Great love story? Check! Great setting? Check! ‘Once’ is the film that follows the story of two musicians living in Dublin. Despite the differences in their nationality, they fall in love with each other, connecting through their mutual love for music. The expression of their love comes out in the songs that they write for each other. But, before long, their love story has to come to an end.

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