My Fault Ending, Explained: Who Sent Noah the Threatening Notes?

Originally titled ‘Culpa Mía,’ Amazon Prime’s ‘My Fault’ is a Spanish romance drama film directed by Domingo González. The film features Nicole Wallace and Gabriel Guevara as the romantic leads, Noah and Nick. After Noah’s mother, Rafaella, marries Will Leister, a wealthy businessman, Noah has to uproot her life and move away from her friends and boyfriend, Dan. Starting out fresh in Leister’s mansion, Noah meets Nicholas, Leister’s perfect son, who dabbles in gangs and drag racing in secret. Soon, Noah and Nick find themselves falling for each other, despite their differences, but when Noah’s past catches up to her, things take a turn for the couple and their family. If you’re curious to find out how Nick and Noah’s whirlwind romance unfolds, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘My Fault.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

My Fault Plot Synopsis

The film opens with 17-year-old Noah begrudgingly moving out of her old home with her mother, Rafaella. When the duo arrives at Leister’s mansion, Noah intentionally acts out to convey her annoyance with the situation. However, after she sees her bedroom decorated by Rafaella to Noah’s liking, she stops being so hard on her mother. Later, Noah bumps into Will’s 21-year-old son, Nick, and his dog, Thor. The pair instantly get off on the wrong foot, establishing their dynamic.

Later, when the family goes out for dinner, Nick bails early in the evening, and his father asks him to drop Noah off at the house. However, on the car ride, Nick kicks Noah out of his car in the middle of the road after the latter brings up his mother in an argument. Stranded in the dark in the middle of nowhere, Noah manages to hitch a ride with Mario, who happens to pass by the same road. In conversation with Mario, Noah discovers Nick lied to his father about work and is headed to a party instead.

As a result, Noah shows up at the party with Mario and realizes Nick’s clean-cut-rich-boy persona is fake and that he’s a wild spoiled party animal. Afterward, Noah befriends Jenna, whose boyfriend Lion is Nick’s close friend, and starts spending time with Nick’s friend group. One night, at a gang race, Noah receives a text with images of his boyfriend, Dan, cheating on her with her best friend, Betty. The same leads Noah to get drunk at the party and make out with a random guy. However, Nick intervenes and finds out Noah wants to take a picture of her kissing another guy to send to Dan.

Offering to help Noah take the picture, Nick kisses her. After their first kiss, the pair becomes drawn to one another and steal moments with each behind their family’s backs. Although Nick voices concerns about getting involved with his teenage stepsister, he fails to end their affair. Meanwhile, Noah periodically receives several anonymous threatening notes. At the same time, Nick gets in a brawl with Ronnie after he disrespects Noah, bitter about their race.

Eventually, Nick takes Noah to one of the underground fight clubs Nick frequents. Once Noah realizes what is happening, she tries to stop Nick from entering the competition, but Nick disregards her, claiming he only does this to blow off some steam. After Noah watches Nick ruthlessly beat his opponent, Noah leaves and breaks up with Nick. Months pass with Noah keeping her distance from Nick.

In the meantime, menacing notes keep finding their way to Noah, who keeps them hidden away in a box. Soon after, when Nick and Noah’s taboo relationship starts to mend, Will finds out about them. As such, the couple decides to spend their last moments together on the beach, where they sleep with each other. The following morning, however, when Nick goes to a store, leaving Noah in his car, Ronnie and his men kidnap Noah.

My Fault Ending: Who Sent Noah The Threatening Notes?

Soon after Noah wins the car race against Ronnie, Nick’s rival gang leader, she starts finding ominous notes addressed to her. Ronnie only goads Noah to race against him as a dirty ploy to ensure Nick’s defeat against him in the competition. What he doesn’t count on is actually getting beat by Noah. Noah’s father had a successful car rallying career and had taught Noah how to drive. Therefore, Noah easily wins the race against Ronnie, which hurts his ego specifically because he lost against a woman.

Due to the same, Noah assumes Ronnie is behind the notes. Later, after Ronnie kidnaps Noah, it reinforces her belief of the same. However, when Noah wakes up tied inside a dark room, the person who awaits her turns out to be someone she never expected to see again in her life: Jonás, Noah’s father. When Noah was a kid, her father’s career took a fall. Shortly after, Jonás started physically abusing Rafaella. Things worsened, and Jonás tried to kill Noah with a knife. Although he failed, he left behind a jagged scar on Noah’s stomach.

Eventually, a court case was held against Jonás, in which Noah delivered a testimony that played a vital role in Jonás’ conviction. Therefore, Jonás detests his family and wants to ruin their lives. He’s bitter about his failed career and expects Noah and Rafaella’s lives to decline as he had. Due to the same, Jonás abuses his wife and kid in the past and now sends Noah threatening notes to torment her.

Does Nick Rescue Noah From Her Father?

Soon after Jonás kidnaps Noah, the Police investigate Noah’s abduction and find CCTV footage of gang members dragging Noah away from Nick’s car. Although the perps’ faces aren’t easily visible, Nick quickly recognizes one as Ronnie. After Rafaella and Will realize one of Nick’s enemies kidnapped Noah, they ahighlyely disappointed in him. Shortly after, Jonás calls Rafaella and demands a million dollars from her in ransom. Will swiftly takes over the call once it becomes too much for his wife and agrees to a hand-out location with Jonás.

The next day Will and Rafaella arrive at the agreed-upon location with a million dollars in cash while several cops shadow the area covertly. Although Will and the Police advice against Nick’s presence, he still drives to the scene and hides in the distance in his car. As time ticks by, Jonás fails to show up. Eventually, Nick realizes that since Ronnie has the car he won from Nick in the illegal race, Nick can track him with his insurance tracker. By tracing the car, Nick finds Jonás’ location and drives to the spot with the detective beside him.

As Nick arrives, Jonás comes out in Nick’s old car, with Noah behind the steering wheel. Nick and Jonás engage in a high-speed car chase, with Jonás holding Noah at gunpoint and instructing her. As Jonás drives past the square where Rafaella is waiting for him, he pulls out a gun and tries to kill her. Nevertheless, Will saves Rafaella, and Noah quickly drives away from her mother. Soon, Jonás’s car faces off against Nick’s in a show-down at the pier.

Jonás holds a gun to Noah’s neck, and Noah decides to take a risk. Through wordless understanding, Noah and Nick drive toward one another at full speed. However, right before a collision, their cars drift, granting the detective the perfect vantage point to shoot Jonás. Afterward, the authorities carry away Jonás’ dead body, and Noah reunites with her mother, both alive and well.

Do Nick And Noah End Up Together?

Throughout the film, Nick and Noah have to keep their relationship a secret from their parents since they are step-siblings. Hence, their relationship is mildly incestuous. Moreover, Nick is a few years older than Noah. Although their age gap isn’t vast, Noah is a teenager. As a result, Rafaella is understandably against their relationship. The couple faces several other speedbumps along the way. Nevertheless, in the end, they find their way back to each other.

When Will finds out about Nick and Noah before the latter’s kidnapping, he is against their relationship. As such, Will tells Nick to stay away from Noah once things settle down. Consequently, once Noah is out of danger, their parents try to keep Nick and Noah away from each other. Nevertheless, the couple sneaks behind their back and finds ways to be together. In the end, after Nick sneaks into Noah’s bedroom, the two sleep together.

Afterward, Nick confesses his love to Noah. Earlier in the story, Noah tells Jenna that the perfect time for a guy to voice his love for a girl is after having sex with her. By doing so, he’s establishing that he really loves her and isn’t just saying it because he wants to sleep with her. Nick learns about the same through Jenna’s boyfriend, Lion, and decides to share his feelings with Noah at the moment that will be perfect for her. Although the couple stays together by the film’s end, their parents, now aware of their relationship, are vehemently against it and will likely try to put an end to it in the future.

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