Owning Manhattan Net Worths, Ranked: Who is the Richest Agent?

With Netflix’s ‘Owning Manhattan’ showcasing what one really needs to lead a life of pure luxury in arguably one of the greatest cities ever, we get a reality series that is simply delightful. That’s because it revolves around those at SERHANT. real estate company as they navigate both the residential and commercial high-end real estate markets in the Big Apple as well as nearby areas. Therefore, of course, the talk of money plays a significant role throughout this show, making us wonder precisely how much wealth the agents involved have managed to accumulate, too.

Ryan Serhant – $40 Million

Ryan Serhant is honestly the definition of a man who not only dreams big but also works hard to realize the same, as evidenced by the simple fact he’s the founder-CEO of SERHANT. brokerage. The truth is this Texas native had initially relocated to New York to become an actor. Yet, he soon shifted gears to the lucrative world of properties upon realizing his expectations wouldn’t pan out. The ‘As The World Turns’ actor thus kickstarted his journey in 2008, gradually climbing the ladder from exhibitor to agent before finding himself at Nest Seekers International (2008-2020).

Through this full-service luxury brokerage firm, Ryan subsequently became a part of reality television — ‘Million Dollar Listing New York’ — raising his reputation across the globe. Since then, he has evolved into a dynamic investor, an entrepreneur, the author of ‘Sell It Like Serhant,’ a contributor to Forbes Magazine, a public speaker, plus a podcast host with ‘Business of Influence.’ So, given his long-standing public career, closing of deals worth $8+ billion, lavish lifestyle, and position as a proud family man as well as mentor, we believe his net worth to be $40 million.

Jonathan Nørmølle – $9 Million

Image Credit: Winnie Au/Netflix

While Danish New Yorker Jonathan Nørmølle might be one of the most controversial figures in this Netflix original production, it turns out his confidence is not without backing or immense success. In fact, within a mere six years in this industry, he has closed over $557 million in sales, established his own brokerage named NextGen Markets (2023-present), and evolved into a Sales & Marketing specialist at one of the most renowned luxury agencies, Highline Residential (2023-present). In addition, this Seaport District resident is also an Elite Model Management-signed model and a growing online personality, with the help of which his net worth has skyrocketed to $9 million.

Jade Shenker – $8 Million

Unlike any of her castmates, Jade Shenker not only hails from a family of real estate tycoons — both her father plus grandfather were in this field — but also specializes in commercial (not residential) luxury properties. However, it doesn’t appear as if she ever worked alongside them or directly sought their help (connections are another thing) to secure her own position in the market as an esteemed agent. We say this because, following a part-time job and peer coach title, she truly started her career at Oxford Properties Group before launching an investing brokerage, Shenker Denham, in Miami.

Then came Jade’s opportunity to spread her wings, which she embraced by becoming the Operation Sales Director at Prospect Development Group (2020-2022), all the while founding and then growing the Commercial Collective at SERHANT. (2021-present). So, with her unquestionable creativity, client-focused thinking, elite ways, out-of-the-box thinking, plus tenacity, it’s no surprise she has made deals worth over $650 million in assets while consistently managing almost a quarter billion more in active listings. And since most of her work is commercial, the commissions she receives from them are usually 6% (unlike the standard 3% for metropolitan residential pads), making her net worth close to $8 million.

Nile Lundgren – $7 Million

Although Nile Lundgren is quite like Ryan in the sense that he also moved to New York initially to make a name for himself in entertainment, but the 2008 financial crisis pushed him towards real estate. This Connecticut native, hence, went on an incredible journey of ups and downs — he launched several unsuccessful businesses over a period of few years prior to finally finding his footing. It was around 2015 that he began dabbling in luxury homes with the help of Compass brokerage as an associate, which inadvertently led him to do multi-million dollar deals as well as BravoTV’s ‘Camp Getaway.’

Nile subsequently even evolved into an Adjunct Professor of Continuing & Professional Studies at Baruch College (2018-2021), launched a blog called Rock the Vibe, started investing, and began contributing as an expert on ‘Varney & Co.’ on Fox Business. It was only then that he joined SERHANT. in 2021 as a top dog agent, following which he became the Principal of his own firm in his home state, Lundgren Brothers Corp., all the while making the most of his legal Florida real estate license, too. Therefore, this ‘The Broker that Never Sleeps’ podcast host plus Williamsburg resident, with more than $300 million in sales over 17 years across three states, has a net worth of $7 million.

Tricia Lee Riley – $5 Million

Tricia Lee truly is a woman of many hats, considering she graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s in Communications in 1998, only to evolve into an entrepreneur, real estate agent, investment advisor, online personality, and public speaker. The truth is her first love was actually beauty, which resulted in her establishing PolishBar in Clinton Hill in 2005 prior to opening another branch in Prospect Heights, yet she was burnt out by 2015. That’s when she chose to blend her knowledge of Brooklyn as well as her passion for local/luxury properties with her extensive client portfolio, leading her to quickly become one of the biggest agents in the area.

Image Credit: Winnie Au/Netflix

It was in 2015 that Tricia kickstarted her endeavor in this industry with The Corcoran Group, just to move on to Compass after a little over one year before eventually joining SERHANT. in 2021. Since then, this beauty business consultant, co-founder of Money Matters with Tricia Lee and Dinner Noire, founder of Girl Gang Network, plus founder-principal broker of The Tricia Lee Team at the latter agency has only prospered. Thus, with more than $300 million in sales across her still thriving career, this Flatbush resident, an active member of the Brooklyn Museum, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and Board of Advisors for Clinton Hill’s V-ELMS, and world traveler has a net worth of $5 million.

Chloe Tucker Caine – $3 Million

While Chloe Tucker Caine’s initial ambition was to be an incredibly successful Broadway performer, she put it on the back burner once she found her calling in real estate around the late 2010s. That’s despite the fact she’d already toured the nation in a complete production of ‘Mamma Mia!’ as none other than one of the leads, Sophie — she wanted to do more, and she definitely has. After all, although she’d only started in November 2019, SERHANT. recruited her in March 2021 before enabling her to climb the ladder so quickly that she’s now leading her own team while also owning her position as a public personality. She has 35+ million in sales this year alone, along with nearly 240k followers plus 21 million viewers across her social platforms, making her a powerhouse with a net worth of $3 million.

Jessica Markowski – $3 Million

Polish-New Yorker Jessica Markowski was actually just 16 years old when she first stepped foot into the entertainment industry upon catching the eye of a Manhattan-headquartered modeling agency. She, hence, did fashion modeling while securing several roles across television, film, and advertisements, only to move forward in a rather unexpected direction. This Wilhelmina International-signed beauty (2015-2022) joined the Kim Kardashian-backed app Screenshop as their Head Of Communications for a year (2017-2018) before finding her love for real estate and joining SERHANT. in April 2022, where she still proudly remains. So, given her experience, incredible social media following, plus $200+ million in sales, this actress, influencer, model, public figure, and real estate specialist has a net worth of $3 million.

Jordan Hurt – $2 Million

Jordan Hurt is an excellent example of how hard work and loyalty can do wonders for someone, especially since he was Ryan Serhant’s executive assistant for over five years. According to reports, this Ohio native always had an interest in real estate, driving him to begin dabbling in it in 2012 before getting a chance to learn the ropes of the luxury market from Ryan in 2015. However, by the time the pandemic rolled around, he’d grown so tired of the hustle and bustle of New York that he decided to travel the world for a year, just to return in early 2021. That’s when he became an agent for his former boss’ new tech-forward luxury agency, SERHANT., where he still proudly remains with over $200 million in sales and a $2 million net worth.

Savannah Gowarty – $500,000

Although Savannah Gowarty is a 2019 Summa Cum Laude business and marketing graduate from North Carolina State University, the golf scholar kickstarted her career way back in 2017. She actually did a couple of internships prior to evolving into an account executive at Paycom in February 2019, only to shift gears to step into real estate a little over a year later in June 2020.

She then decided to become an entrepreneurial certified fitness instructor, too. She moved to New York in 2021 as a manager at Hedge New York before fully immersing herself in the luxury property market. She was recruited as an agent at SERHANT. in June 2022, yet she left in October 2023 to join rival brokerage Compass because they reportedly offered more security plus opportunities. In fact, this Elevated Advisement team member and West Village resident’s portfolio has since expanded to such an extent that her sales are now in multi-millions, which will gradually also impact her current $500,000 net worth.

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