Physical 100: Where Are the Finalists Now?

Netflix’s ‘Physical: 100‘ is one Korean reality series that you cannot miss if you are a fan of everything bodybuilding. The show’s unique premise introduces viewers to some of the best in the field whose performance in the various challenges is quite commendable. However, few created the amount of impact that the show’s top 5 finalists were able to make, thanks to their admirable strength and jaw-dropping determination. With the recent airing of the show’s finale, people cannot help but wonder just where their favorite participants are. Luckily, we are here to explore the same!

Where is Woo Jin-Yong Now?

We are starting off with Woo Jin-Yong, the winner of the intense competition who has gained much fame due to his performance as a sportsman and reality TV star. The former snowboarder has been quite ecstatic about sharing the news of his victory with the public and has thanked his admirers across the world for the support that they have shown him. In fact, his Instagram following has exceeded the highly impressive number of 10 thousand and only seems to be rising, as of writing.

Woo also seems to have formed a good relationship with some of his competitors, like Choo Sung-Hoon, who was his team leader in Quests 2 and 3. He continues to progress as a CrossFitter and is affiliated with organizations like JD CrossFit and CrossFit NAMSAN. While the athlete still seems to enjoy the thrill of winter sports, he can also be found working out in the gym.

Where is Jung Hae-Min Now?

A professional cyclist, Jung Hae-Min has his own set of fans who have been quite vocal about admiring his on-screen performance. The runner-up of the Korean fitness show is well-known for partaking in various cycling competitions and often bagging impressive amounts of prize money. With more than 5 thousand Instagram followers, Jung’s social media seems to have garnered the attention of the public due to his Netflix performance.

Recently, Jung went on a Europe trip and visited popular tourist destinations in Spain and Italy. He also traveled to Switzerland and climbed the Jungfraujoch mountain. The reality TV star is also known for his interest in golfing and driving ATVs. More than anything, he seems dedicated to the maintenance of his physical form and, more often than not, can be found in the gym. He is also affiliated with brands like Biosteel Korea due to his various accomplishments. It seems like Jung has recently moved to Gwangmyeong, South Korea, and has apparently taken well to his new home.

Where is Park Jin-Yong Now?

Park Jin-Yong‘s career as a luger has been just as impressive as his time on television. As one of the Top 3 participants, his determination and athleticism have been appreciated by people across the globe. The athlete’s career seems to be going as strong as ever, as he even took part in the 2022 Winter Olympics that were held in Beijing, China. He and Jo Jeong-Myeong, ended up being ranked 12th for their performance in the Open Doubles category, while he bagged the 13th position in the Mixed Team Relay event. Over the years, Park has represented his home country in many international events and brought much pride to his countrymen. Though he does not seem to be a big fan of social media, his fans on the internet have been happy to shower him with praise.

Where is Jo Jin-Hyeong Now?

As one of the fan favorites, Jo Jin-Hyeong‘s performance has been praised by many viewers. The car dealer has more than 38 thousand Instagram followers, a majority of which have happily showcased their support for the reality TV star. Interestingly, the Netflix show was not the first time that Jo appeared on-screen, given his part in ‘Strongman’ and ‘Welcome to Waikiki.’ Apart from his enthusiasm toward bodybuilding, he is also a huge fan of motorcycles and often takes long trips on two-wheeled vehicles. In fact, he is a proud ambassador for Indian Motorcycle and has a YouTube channel with more than 2 thousand subscribers.

On a more personal note, Jo is happily married to Kim Sea-Rom. The couple tied the knot in December 2014 and has been enjoying marital bliss ever since. Their first child is a son named Do-Hyun, who was born in 2017. The family is quite content with their lives, and Kim even has a grooming service that makes use of her skills as a waxing expert. Additionally, the fitness how the fitness show finalist seems to have fostered good bonds with fellow competitors like Choo Sung-Hoo, Shim Eu-ddeum, and Song A-Reum.

Where is Kim Min-Cheol Now?

Last but far from least, we have Kim Min-Cheol. After defeating 95 other participants, his presence as one of the finalists boosted his fame by a significant amount. Introduced on the show as a member of South Korea’s Bukhansan mountain rescue team, the reality TV star is also a part of Korea’s National Ice Climbing team. Additionally, he also seems invested in the field of wall-climbing and rock climbing, given his often participation in both forms of activities.

It looks like Kim is also an avid runner and even has his own team to partake in the activity. Due to his athletic prowess, exceptional television performance, and internet fame(with over 20 thousand Instagram followers), the climber has been affiliated with brands like 100 Percent Korea, Urban Packers, and All For Gear, whom he often promotes on his various social media platforms. His top-tier performance in the show’s pre-quest has also led to the TikTok trend known as the “Hanging Challenge,” where people try to replicate the task.

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