Hallmark’s Round and Round: Shooting Locations and Cast Details

Directed by Stacey N. Harding, ‘Round and Round’ is a comedic Hanukkah movie by Hallmark, looping around Rachel as she repeats the same day over and over again. The day in question is her parent’s Hanukkah party with her grandmother trying to set her up with a nice guy, Zach. Growing increasingly frustrated as each repeated day erases any progress or memories of those around her, Rachel resorts to confiding in Zach and looking for a solution. The narrative makes many self-aware references to tropes of films like ‘Groundhog Day‘ and how such instances in previous movies have always required a big moment of personal growth in the afflicted to end the loop.

As such, Rachel and Zach humorously set about changing major aspects of the latter’s life such as relationship upheaval or career decisions, to see if it might break the limbo. The two put their heads together while celebrating a very long Hanukkah, exploring holiday themes and the culture of Hanukkah. As the days repeat, they cover a variety of pleasant locations from a comic bookstore to a bakery, with an unexpected attraction growing between them. Rachel’s time loop takes us through a bright and lively home gilded with holiday paraphernalia amidst a homely neighborhood, which might have you pondering the location for the film’s shooting and where it is taking place.

Round and Round Was Filmed in British Columbia

‘Round and Round,’ was filmed entirely in the province of British Columbia, with the shooting being concentrated to a single location in Maple Ridge. From the looks of it, filming took place around June 2023. Let us take a closer look at the location chosen for the Hanukkah movie’s filming.

Maple Ridge, British Columbia

A majority of the filming for ‘Round and Round’ was done in a suburb in the serene city of Maple Ridge. The location stood in for Rachel’s parents’ house in and around which the narrative revolves. The city offers an enchanting backdrop for filming romantic holiday movies, including those celebrating Hanukkah. This scenic locale boasts lush forests, charming small-town vibes, and a diverse range of settings, ideal for capturing the spirit of romance amidst the holiday season.

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of British Columbia, Maple Ridge’s serene parks, like Golden Ears Provincial Park, and rustic countryside provide a romantic allure for storytelling. Its cozy neighborhoods and quaint streets adorned with holiday lights exude warmth, inviting filmmakers to craft tales of love and celebration. As such Hallmark films have found the city to be a conducive filming destination for their stories and have utilized its charm in several films. These include, ‘The Christmas Secret,’ ‘Time for Them to Come Home for Christmas,’ ‘Ice Sculpture Christmas,’ ‘The Christmas Ornament,’ ‘Along Came A Nanny,’ and ‘The Art of Us.’ The city has attracted a diverse range of films and shows to set their scenes here, such as ‘The X-Files,’ ‘Goosebumps,’ ‘Love Hard,’ ‘Good Boys,’ and ‘Jumanji.’

Round and Round Cast

Vic Michaelis and Bryan Greenberg take the reigns in the Hallmark film as Rachel and Zach, with Rick Hoffman taking up a supporting role as Stan. ‘Round and Round’ is Vic Michaelis’s Hallmark debut, the actor has previously garnered experience in the roles of Mildred in ‘Upload,’ Beth in ‘Bless This Mess,’ Grace in ‘Hot Dog,’ and reprising multiple characters in ‘College Humor Originals.’ Bryan Greenberg is a Nebraska-born and Missouri-raised writer, actor, and producer. Bryan is a seasoned professional in the industry, having starred in films and shows such as, ‘How to Make It in America’ as Ben Epstein, ‘Friends with Benefits’ as Parker, ‘Prime’ as David Bloomberg, ‘Bride Wars’ as Nate, and ‘You People’ as Issac.

Rick Hoffman is a New Yorker by birth, widely recognized for his comical character, Louis Litt, in the iconic legal drama series, ‘Suits.’ His other roles include Doctor Swerlow in ‘Billions,’ Chase Chapman in ‘Samantha Who?,’ ‘Goldy’ Goldman in ‘The Condemned,’ and Patrick Van Dorn in ‘Jake in Progress.’ Other cast members include David Attar as Adam, David Epstein as Josh, Marnie Mahannah as Soshana, Amitai Marmorstein as Seth, Miles Marthaller as Noah, Nicole Oliver as Joanna, and Paula Shaw as Grandma Rosie. Furthermore, Deimon Slagg features as Harvey, Jess Smith as Bex, and Morgana Wyllie portrays Cynthia, in the Hallmark production.

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