All Sacred Games Love Making Scenes, Ranked

A few seconds into ‘‘Sacred Games‘ and you realize that the show is going to be unlike any other you have ever seen before. Dark, edgy and controversial are merely understatements after a point of time as the series doesn’t hold back in lampooning religions, questioning political leaders and casually throwing around cuss words. If you get offended too easily, then I would advise you to back off from this one. But once you get yourself into it, despite all the contrasting opinions that you might have against the ideas being thrown at you, you will still somehow feel hooked on to it. Even the whole cast behind the TV series consists of some of the most renowned Bollywood figures like Saif Ali Khan, Radhika Apte and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. The promising performances of all of these actors just adds more value to the whole realism of the show.

Speaking of the boldness and realism in ‘Sacred Games’, the show does not hold itself back even when it comes down to portraying nudity and sex scenes. Strangely enough, it feels as if it follows a pattern of dropping two sex scenes in each episode, starting from the third one. It then abruptly stops this right before the second last episode of the season. Now, this well-structured could either be coincidence or probably a thought-out formula to make all of it impactful. Either which way, it serves the purpose of the show and it never feels like the sex scenes have been forced into the narrative. Anurag Kashyap has always made an attempt to push boundaries of the Indian cinema by questioning the political system and also bringing in nudity to his films/TV shows as he believes that they are also integral part of both real life and cinema.

Almost every sex scene in the series has its own set of messages behind it. In fact, most scenes are downright disturbing and though some do have bold nudity in them, none of them last for more than a few seconds and are only included for a particular purpose. As you watch the series, with time, you are able to understand the whole psychology behind the scenes and also the sentiments of the characters involved in these. ‘Sacred Games’ sets an example of how nudity and sex can actually be used for portraying a lot about the mindset of the characters in the story and is not merely a tool to just draw more viewers towards it. Even then, many of the viewers may still prefer to watch the entire series solely to get a glimpse of these brief sexual moments.

Whatever your reasons may be, at the end of the day, it is a great show that can be enjoyed by anyone. So even if you are watching it just for the sex scenes, you will eventually end up loving all of it. We have made a list of all the sex scenes in Sacred Games, ranked chronologically based on the order in which they appear. Of course, the list also include Sacred Games nude scenes, if that’s what you are interested in.

8. The Underdog (S01 E03)

The first two episodes of season one revolve around how Ganesh Gaitonde, the main character of the show, rises up in the underworld and struggles to make a name for himself. There is a lot of religious commentaries and also, a whole lot of violence in these episodes but the nudity and sex only comes in somewhere around the middle of episode 3. At first, the scene almost catches you by surprise as it captures Ganesh having sex with a prostitute who is clearly pretending to have a good time with him. While they are having sex, she questions his status by asking him if he owns any branded perfumes. This is when she brings up Isa Bhai, a more powerful mafia, and claims that he owns loads of imported perfumes. This pisses off Gaitonde as his sense of power gets questioned here and he then takes out all of his rage on the prostitute.  In the moment, it seems like this scene has been placed there without any context but its true value reflects much later on in the same episode.

7. The Lucky Charm (S01 E03)

Ganesh Gaitonde slowly makes his way to the top in the underworld and reaches a point where he sees Isa as his only rival. He dreams of stealing away Isa’s lucky charm who is a girl he has had his eyes on for a while now. If you have seen ‘House of Cards‘ then you will be well aware of how sex can be used as a tool to display power and status. ‘Sacred Games’ does something similar here as Ganesh Gaitonde not only dreams of ruling the entire city someday but he also dreams of stealing away Isa’s lucky charm–Kukoo (Kubbra Sait). He even goes ahead and claims that whoever is able to win over Kukoo, later gets to rule Bombay. Comparing this with the initial scenes of the episode, where Ganesh was with a prostitute, he now aims to be with a girl who is not only extremely attractive to him but also very well raises his status quo from being “the king of garbage” to becoming an actual mafia. He realizes that Isa is so invincible, killing him would not make a difference and the only way he could defeat him would be by stealing his girl.

When he first meets Kukoo, he tries to convince her to leave Isa and join him but that’s when Kukoo challenges him to take her away from Isa. He realizes that Kukoo more than the queen of his dreams is his path to be the king of Bombay. He later somehow manages to steal Isa’s girl and soon the news of this spreads all over Bombay. Everyone now starts seeing Gaitonde as Isa’s closest rival and though Gaitonde enjoys his moment of feeling overwhelmingly powerful, he does not forget that Isa will sooner or later strike back harder. Soon after he has sex with Kukoo for the first time, the beginning of a new era is marked for him as the “lucky charm” is with him now. This scene is shorter than almost all the other sex scenes in the series and involves the least amount of nudity but when it comes to the significance of this, it is one of the most impactful scenes in the entire series.

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6. Constable Katekar (S01 E04)

Somewhere in the first half of episode 4, Inspector Sartaj Singh (Saif Ali Khan) tries contacting Constable Katekar but Katekar ignores his call as, during this brief moment, he is portrayed to be making love to his wife. This sex scene does not really have much significance but the fact that Katekar gets a call from Sartaj right before he is about to make love to his wife reflects on the tedious life of someone who works for the police force. Katekar’s failure to accept Sartaj’s call lands him in some deep trouble and though he later somehow manages to get himself out of it, it shows how the Constable’s negligence towards his job, even once, can have big consequences.

5. The Magic Comes with its Own Set of Terms (S01 E04)

In first half of the fourth episode, Gaitonde is portrayed having sex with Kukoo. This time around, while he takes her from behind, he tries to turn her over but she resists. When he asks her why she wouldn’t let him turn her over, she simply responds by saying that her magic comes with its own terms that he will have to learn to agree with. In the moment, they simply laugh it off but the actual meaning of what she says is revealed much later. We later find out that Kukoo is actually a transgender who eventually does fall in love with Gaitonde but she’s just afraid that Gaitonde will not be able to accept her the way she is. When Gaitonde claims that he still wants to be with her, she starts believing that now that he knows who she is, her magic has been broken and she is not his good luck charm anymore. While she struggles to deal with her own insecurities, Gaitonde tries to convince her to stay with him as even he, by this time, falls in love with her.

4. Back to Square One (S01 E05)

By the end of Episode 4, Gaitonde is attacked by Isa’s men and during this attack, Kukoo kills herself as she is convinced that if she stays with Gaitonde, he will not live too long. He tries to drown his pain by going back to having sex with prostitutes but he never feels fulfilled. By this time, everything seems to fall apart for him and slowly his entire empire begins to crumble. The war between him and Isa continues and the bloodshed between the two parties intensifies. He reaches a point where he becomes so weak, that he collapses while having sex with one of his prostitutes and ends up in the hospital.

3. The Seduction Trap (S01 E05)

As the feud between the two mafias continues and Gaitonde finally decides to get marries and settle down in life. As Paritosh makes his way to Ganesh’s wedding, he is attacked and murdered by Isa’s men. Meanwhile, Bunty, who was assigned the job of protecting Paritosh, ends up falling for the trap of a prostitute who was paid to distract him. This scene, though it lasts only for a few seconds, is one of the most graphic sex scenes of the series as it portrays full nudity. In the process, Ganesh loses Paritosh and he swears that he will avenge his death.

2. Impotence and the Black Sheep (S01 E06)

When his own bride runs away, to fulfill Paritosh’s last wish, Gaintonde ends up marrying his maid. Ganesh keeps thinking about the black sheep in his gang and his anxiousness reaches a point where he becomes impotent. This frustrates him even more and that leads him to forces his new wife to orally stimulate him. This scene is by far one of the most disturbing scenes in the entire show. What follows is a series of scenes where he tries to have sex with his wife but he fails to do so. He even tries to blame her for his lack of sex drive but she directly confronts him by saying that it is his fault.

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1. Revenge is Sweet (S01 E06)

After Gaitonde is consumed in his own fear and anxiety, he continues looking for leads to find the mole in the gang. This is when he comes across the video of Isa’s niece’s wedding and finds one of his own men in it. This gives him a confirmation on which one of his men had been betraying him all this while and without even giving it a second thought, he kills the traitor and his brother who were both working under him. As soon as he shoots the mole’s brother, he peacefully walks inside his bedroom and his wife follows him. Seeing the sad look in his eyes, she reassures him that if a traitor has to die, he has to die.

At this moment, something clicks between the two and they finally end up making love. And now that Gaitonde has gotten rid of the traitor, and now he can perform in the bed too. This scene is the boldest scene in the entire series as it lasts a little longer than all the others and portrays full-frontal nudity.

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