10 True Crime Shows Like Worst Roommate Ever You Must See

Amidst the broad roster of true crime documentaries that draw viewers to explore the psyche of criminals, there exists an exclusive club concerning tales of individuals who become threats to those closest to them. Netflix’s ‘Worst Roommate Ever’ captures the essence of these unnerving situations. As the title suggests, the documentary series creates suspense by featuring seemingly ordinary people turning into nightmares for their roommates. Directed by Domini Hofmann and Cynthia Childs and based on William Brennan’s eponymous New York Magazine piece, the anthology also unravels the aftermath and long-lasting effects of sharing a room with someone who was anything but what they seemed.

Some of the historical figures discussed in the ‘Worst Roommate Ever’ include Dorothea Puente, a Norman Bates-like serial killer who murdered many of her lodgers, and Jamison Bachman, a serial squatter who used to mark his territory and manipulate his roommate. The show successfully hooks the viewers with its storytelling and thrilling animated sequences. For fans who enjoy such thrilling true crime stories where trust goes awry and the innocents pay a heavy price, here are 10 documentaries like ‘Worst Roommate Ever’ you can watch.

10. The Devil Next Door (2019)

The Devil Next Door‘ is a true crime docuseries about John Demjanjuk, an elderly Cleveland man accused of being the notorious Nazi death camp guard known as “Ivan the Terrible.” Directed by Yossi Bloch and Daniel Sivan, the Netflix production follows his dramatic extradition to Israel and the subsequent trial, which shocked the world with the revelations about his past and the atrocities committed during World War II.

Hailed by critics for its accuracy, ‘The Devil Next Door’ presents the investigation and courtroom drama in an elaborate manner, drawing viewers into a suspenseful narrative of guilt and identity. Like ‘Worst Roommate Ever,’ it emphasizes the startling notion of having a seemingly ordinary neighbor who might harbor dark secrets. The exploration of trauma and legal battles also resonates with the unpredictability and chilling reality in the latter show.

9. Murder Among Friends (2016-2017)

‘Murder Among Friends’ is an Investigation Discovery documentary series focusing on murders committed by close-knit groups of friends. Each episode reimagines the events right before the killing, examining the group dynamics and one-on-one relationships that eventually end in betrayal and desperate acts. Narrated by Matt Riedy, the show provides an engaging plot as the characters try and manipulate each other after the killing, in addition to coping with their newfound guilt and the investigation taking place.

The show shares with ‘Worst Roommate Ever’ the nuanced theme of a crime perpetrated by someone close, emphasizing the unpredictability of human behavior and the dark potential within trusted circles. The traumatic aftermath experienced by victims’ families and communities is central to both documentaries, highlighting the emotional scars left behind.

8. Friends Speak (2019-2021)

This true-crime documentary narrates real-life stories in which friends reveal shocking secrets about each other and share their experiences as disturbing events unfold. The series, presented by Reelz, explores themes of betrayal, trust, and the toxicity that hides underneath seemingly ordinary friendships. By examining the dynamics between friends who commit heinous crimes, ‘Friends Speak’ offers a more profound perspective on this broadly covered real-life trope and how the psychological and emotional aspects of these relationships are influenced.

‘Friends Speak’ is characterized by its raw and personal storytelling, which makes the viewer feel the trust and betrayal experienced by the participants. Similar to ‘Worst Roommate Ever,’ this series provides a detailed look at the haunting reality of living with someone capable of unimaginable actions. The two shows combine humiliation, thirst for vengeance, jealousy, and various disorders that trigger otherwise avoidable tactics.

7. Fear Thy Neighbor (2014-)

Investigation Discovery’s ‘Fear Thy Neighbor’ is a tense documentary series that focuses on disputes between neighbors — such as noise complaints, pets, and border issues — that escalate into violent confrontations, sometimes resulting in murder. Each episode provides a detailed account of the events leading up to the crime, featuring interviews with those involved, dramatic reenactments, and insights from law enforcement.

Created by James Farr, the anthology highlights how ordinary conflicts can spiral out of control, transforming peaceful neighborhoods into battlegrounds. Its connection to ‘Worst Roommate Ever’ lies in the shocking nature of the crimes portrayed, something the victim’s family could never foresee. Both series emphasize the formation of dislike and hatred, as well as the aftermath of these violent encounters.

6. Evil Lives Here (2016-)

‘Evil Lives Here’ is an anthology that frequently sees its characters haunted by individuals who lived alongside them, ranging from paranormal entities to homicidal maniacs. Each episode focuses on family members and loved ones who discover the disturbing truth about those they trusted the most. The Investigation Discovery production provides a chilling glimpse into normal everyday lives as the mutual bond between close acquaintances gradually declines.

The show thrives in suspense as it delivers the startling blow—often too late for the victims’ own good—when the dark side of the perpetrator ultimately resurfaces. Moreover, it also features interviews with the victims and their family members, and sometimes those of the criminals. ‘Evil Lives Here’ bears similarities to ‘Worst Roommate Ever’ in exploring betrayal and trauma bounded by house walls. Its elevation from friendships to grounded feuds all the way to vile and vicious acts mirrors the unsettling scenarios depicted in the Netflix show.

5. Blood Relatives (2012-2017)

Narrated by ‘Twin Peaks’ fame Brenda Strong, ‘Blood Relatives’ is a crime anthology focusing on shocking crimes committed within clans. Each episode presents a different case, highlighting the multiple sides of relationships that lead to betrayal and murder. An Investigation Discovery original, it dramatizes the cases with full-fledged reenactments and minimal commentary, letting the viewers piece together the chilling stories of familial treachery themselves.

What makes ‘Blood Relatives’ particularly compelling for fans of ‘Worst Roommate Ever’ is the writing, which effortlessly lets the characters develop, and their motives emerge steadily. While the Netflix production focuses on the dangers posed by deceptive roommates, the ID show opts for the backgrounds that eventually cause unexpected horrors. Moreover, both series are rooted in criminal activities in seemingly safe environments with plenty of dark and dangerous secrets waiting to be unraveled.

4. Who the (Bleep)… (2013)

A spin-off of Investigation Discovery’s ‘Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?’, this TV documentary dives into true stories of individuals who later discover shocking secrets about people they thought they knew well. Expanding the original show’s backdrop — which is specifically about spouses — ‘Who the (Bleep)…’ thrives in startling its victims with unforeseen sides of their bosses, roommates, neighbors, and relatives, who are often revealed to be serial killers. Each episode of the short-lived spin-off covers a new story of trust shattered and lives turned upside down.

It also closely aligns with ‘Worst Roommate Ever’ in its commentary on trust and the devastating consequences when that trust is broken. Both series point out the multifaceted nature of human relationships and the potential for deception by those closest to us. The thrilling twists and turns, combined with the emotional aftermath experienced by the victims, make ‘Who the (Bleep)…’ a must-watch documentary about hidden dangers within everyday life.

3. Nightmare Next Door (2011-2016)

‘Nightmare Next Door’ is a riveting crime show that presents murder cases that occurred in seemingly peaceful neighborhoods. It explores the psyche of criminals who resort to violent countermeasures because of their jealousy and insecurity. Each episode reconstructs the events leading to the crime, following them with detailed insights into the investigation process and the eventual resolution.

The ID series also features interviews with law enforcement, family members, and sometimes even the criminals themselves, giving viewers a comprehensive look at each incident. One of the key elements that ‘Nightmare Next Door’ shares with ‘Worst Roommate Ever’ is its focus on the uncertainty of a potential crime. The shows also make a valid case for how a person could be victimized in the most unsuspecting of places, including the seemingly safe space behind closed doors.

2. Wives with Knives (2012-2017)

‘Wives With Knives’ explores some of the most toxic marital relationships ever documented, along with the fatal consequences they yielded. Each episode of the anthology explores real-life cases where wives commit violent crimes against their partners. Rather than solely dealing with psychopaths, it often spices up the narrative with relatable everyday conflicts. These circumstances — ranging from infidelity, pregnancy, contraception, jealousy, and more — emotionally and psychologically trigger the titular wives as they finally snap and commit an irretrievable act.

‘Wives With Knives’ is presented by renowned criminologist and attorney Dr. Casey Jordan, who examines these dramatic and often tragic stories. An Investigation Discovery presentation, the show’s focus on domestic violence and manipulation aligns with that observed in ‘Worst Roommate Ever.’ Both series delve into the unpredictable and dangerous side of close acquaintances, highlighting the severe consequences of trust and dishonesty. Moreover, they feature interviews, reenactments, and expert commentary, shedding light on the complex motivations behind these acts of violence.

1. Fear Thy Roommate (2020-2021)

‘Fear Thy Roommate’ investigates the real-life disturbing cases in which roommates become the source of terror and violence. A true crime anthology, it served as a spin-off to James Farr’s fellow docuseries, ‘Fear Thy Neighbor,’ shrinking the already little distance of the latter to mere walls inside a house. The Investigation Discovery venture highlights individuals living in fear due to the unpredictable behavior—marked by deceit and violence—of their roommates, which easily supersedes common everyday feuds one may experience.

Similar to ‘Worst Roommate Ever,’ ‘Fear Thy Roommate’ is rooted in the terrifying reality of trusting someone too early. Both shows rely on detailed recounting of events and personal testimonies of those who experienced such criminal behavior in close living situations. Moreover, the line between historical accuracy and dramatization of segments remains somewhat questionable in both series.

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