Single’s Inferno Season 1: Where Are They Now? Who Are Still Together?

Single’s Inferno‘ can only be described as an incredibly compelling dating reality series that combines elements of ‘Terrace House,’ ‘Love is Blind,’ and ‘Too Hot to Handle‘ to give us the best of the genre. After all, the South Korean production follows a bunch of flirty singles as they try to find true love on a searing yet stunning secluded island, with their only escape being date nights in Paradise through match-ups. Thus, unrequited affection, genuine romance, love triangles, and more are present at every step of the way. So now that its debut season has premiered in full, let’s find out more about the couples that left together, shall we?

Oh Jin-Taek and Kang So-Yeon: Still Together

Oh Jin-Taek and Kang So-Yeon had their fair share of ups and downs during their stint in Inferno (and Paradise), but they managed to make it out on top by willingly communicating and listening to one another. In fact, their social media platforms suggest that they are still together not only because it exhibits that they often hang out at the same spots but also because they follow each other’s friends and family members.

The prime example of Oh Jin-Taek and Kang So-Yeon continuing their bond beyond the show is their videos on a Tennis court — as seen above and below — which the tailored suit brand Ascottage CEO and the HitFit Boxing Gym owner uploaded hours apart.

Kim Hyeon-Joong and Song Ji-a: Still Together

Despite being involved in a complicated love quadrangle, Kim Hyeon-Joong and Song Ji-a were almost always true to one another because they knew what they wanted and who they wanted it with. Therefore, we are glad to report that they still seem to be romantically involved, especially as the former recently took the joke of him being a “puppy” for her to another level by sharing a picture of one on his Instagram Story, as seen below.

Coming to what they’re up to today, while Kim Hyeon-Joong continues to serve as a personal trainer and model, Song Ji-a is a beauty content creator on YouTube, going by the name of FreeZia.

Moon Se-Hoon and Shin Ji-Yeon: Unclear

Although it seemed hopeless at one point in time, Moon Se-Hoon’s sheer sincerity and humor did help him win Shin Ji-Yeon’s affection for good. In fact, by the end of their journey on ‘Single’s Inferno,’ their chemistry was simply undeniable, proving that, sometimes, going after what you want (without being over-the-top or creepy about it) works.

Regrettably, it’s unclear whether they are still together or not because their Instagram pages, in particular, yield no clue either way. All we know is that while Shin Ji-Yeon follows Moon Se-Hoon, the Gangnam restaurant owner does not follow her back. Yet, the Neuroscience Major’s account is relatively new, so that could change quite soon.

Kim Jun-Sik and An Yea-Won: Unclear

Kim Jun-Sik and An Yea-Won is the duo that won millions of hearts simply by being witty and unproblematic towards one another. Yes, she flirted with professional dancer Cha Hyun-Seung when he arrived on the island mid-way, but her eyes were seemingly always set on Jun-Sik. That’s why they managed to walk away hand-in-hand, following a bit where An Yea-Won pretended to reject him and leave on her own, which he actually took good-heartedly.

Unfortunately, owing to a lack of any clear signs, we can’t confirm or deny whether the health product brand owner and the personal trainer, pilates instructor and model are still together or not. However, since Kim Jun-Sik and An Yea-Won follow each other on their respective social media platforms, we believe they are, at least, still on good terms.

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