The Old Man Episode 3 Recap and Ending, Explained

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The Old Man‘ continues to shed light on the life of former CIA agent Dan Chase (Jeff Bridges) as he fends off his pursuers in the third episode. However, the third episode, titled ‘III,’ sees Dan coming face-to-face with a deadly foe while Zoe comes close to learning the truth about him. Meanwhile, a game of suspicion and double-crossing is set up at the CIA base, with shocking twists coming to the fore. If you are failing to make sense of all the exciting developments in the action-packed episode, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘The Old Man’ episode 3! SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Old Man Episode 3 Recap

Episode 3, titled ‘III,’ opens with a focus on the regular life of Julian Carson, a mysterious assassin hired by Harold Harper to assassinate Dan Chase. Meanwhile, Chase prepares to leave Zoe’s abode and makes an excuse to leave for Montana. Thanks to the stop at the police checkpoint on the way home from their date, Chase correctly suspects that the CIA is aware of his location. Fearing for Zoe’s safety, Dan asks her to come with him. However, Zoe quickly sees through Dan’s excuse, and the conversation takes a drastic turn forcing Dan to reveal the truth about himself. Their conversation is interrupted by a call from Emily, who tries to convince Zoe to trust Dan, but to no avail.

Image Credit: Prashant Gupta/FX

A flashback sequence details Young Dan’s arrival at Faraz Hamazad’s camp. While Dan convinces Hamzad to let him join the fight against the Russians, Hamzad insists that Dan must also convince his wife, Belour, who is the same woman we have come to know as Dan’s wife, Abbey Chase. Hence, it becomes clear that at some point, Dan and Abbey fled from Hamzad’s camp with Harper’s help and eloped to the USA.

In the present, Emily’s conversation with Zoe ends only for the scene to shift to a quiet parking lot where Emily’s identity is finally revealed. Emily is none other than FBI Agent Angela Adams, Harper’s trusted protégé. Thus, Emily is a double agent torn between her duty towards her father and loyalty to Harper. So far, Emily/Angela is successful in walking the thin line separating her two father figures.

At Zoe’s house, Zoe refuses to go with Dan and demands he leave before she returns from running an errand. However, as Zoe makes her way to her car, she hears noises from the kitchen. Zoe returns inside the house only to find Dan engaged in a fight with an intruder. The intruder is Julian Carson, who quickly knocks out Dan. However, Zoe frees Dan’s dogs, Dave and Carol, who hold off Carson until Dan recovers and shoots the skilled hitman. The CIA watches on via a drone as a SWAT team prepares to swarm Zoe’s house. However, Dan expertly takes out the drone forcing the SWAT team to retreat.

In a flashback, Young Dan tries to convince Young Abbey that he can be helpful to Hamzad’s cause. However, Abbey remains skeptical and shares her tragic backstory that explains her dislike of Americans. In the present, Harper theorizes that Agent Raymond Waters is working for Hamzad. While Waters tries to deny the allegation, Angela suggests they should directly ask Hamzad what he wants with Dan Chase. Thus, Waters agrees to organize a meeting with Hamzad. In the final scene, Dan Chase prepares to head to his next safe spot but stops to check on something in his car trunk.

The Old Man Episode 3 Ending: What Is Inside Dan’s Car Trunk?

Earlier in the episode, Dan states that he is sure that he can no longer trust anyone. By the episode’s ending, the same is proven true as Harper, Waters, and Angela might be working together but are clearly pushing their own agendas. Carson is also alive and unlikely to give up the pursuit of Dan. It is all soon going to erupt into a volcano of double-crossings and betrayals that was set in motion by Dan betraying Hamzad. However, the final flashback of the episode hints that there is more to Dan and Hamzad’s story than merely a feud over a woman’s affection. While we will have to wait for answers on that front, the episode ends on another puzzling note.

In the final scene, Dan stands in front of his car trunk as the camera pans out. However, we cut to the credits before viewers can see what is inside the car trunk. Given the episode’s trajectory, the answer is pretty obvious. Dan has likely taken Zoe with him on his ride away from those pursuing him. In the previous episode, Zoe calls Dan, her husband, during the police check. Moreover, she is now aware of Dan’s true identity, and those trying to kill Dan are aware of his connection to Zoe. Therefore, Zoe is under threat from all angles, and Dan believes that taking her along is the only way to keep Zoe safe. In their final conversation of the episode, Zoe vehemently refuses to go with Dan. Therefore, there is every chance that Dan was forced to take Zoe hostage for her safety.

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