What Happened to Wendell? Did Daryl Mitchell Leave Fear the Walking Dead?

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The seventh season of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ ends with Alicia Clark bidding her adieu to her friends and allies, who leave for PADRE seeking better living conditions. They leave Texas for a safe place, only for them to get captured by the forces of PADRE after Morgan Jones revealed their location to retrieve Mo. The eighth season progresses through the efforts of the same group to resist the dictatorship of Shrike in the community. One of the notable absentees among the group is Wendell. The fan-favorite character’s absence raises concerns over Daryl Mitchell’s commitment to the show. So, what really happened to Wendell? Let us share our take on it! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happened to Wendell?

Conflicts between the survivors of the zombie apocalypse are what drive the narrative of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ forward. The seventh season of the series follows such a conflict between Morgan Jones and Victor Strand as the latter ends up in The Tower, secure from an enormous herd of walkers. Morgan and his allies get forced to deal with walkers whose exposure to radiation makes them more deadly. Wendell and his adoptive sister Sarah Rabinowitz get separated due to the conflict as the former ends up in Victor’s Tower while the latter ends up with Morgan and her allies. The brother and sister reunite when Alicia comes in between Morgan and Victor.

Image Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

In the penultimate episode of the seventh season, Alicia rescues the residents of The Tower and leads them to Morgan’s allies. She also convinces Victor to leave the place and join others to end up in PADRE. Due to Alicia’s actions, Wendell and Sarah reunite and together, they leave for PADRE. However, Wendell and Sarah aren’t among the group of people Morgan encounter in the community after his allies are brought to the place. The brother and sister must have gotten captured by PADRE’s forces after Morgan revealed their location. But they are nowhere seen or mentioned after the seven-year time jump.

So, what exactly happened to Wendell? Should we wait for Daryl Mitchell to feature in the series after his absence in the first six episodes of the eighth season? Let us share what we know.

Did Daryl Mitchell Leave Fear the Walking Dead?

As of yet, neither AMC nor Daryl Mitchell has formally announced the departure of the actor from ‘Fear the Walking Dead.’ Having said that, Wendell’s unknown fate in the eighth season indicates that the writers might have chosen to conclude the character’s arc abruptly to focus on more important characters such as Victor Strand, Luciana, etc. As far as Wendell’s fate is concerned, PADRE’s forces do not accept every person they capture with the location Morgan passes to them. They abandon Daniel Salazar thinking that he is too old to be useful for the community.

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Likewise, the authorities of PADRE must have abandoned Wendell since they may haven’t found the wheelchair-bound man useful for them or the community. Shrike and her forces must have left Wendell to survive on his own, possibly with Sandra. If that’s not the case, Sandra must have found a job in the community to accommodate and care for her adoptive brother. After the fall of PADRE’s dictatorship in the sixth episode of the eighth season, following Shrike’s presumed death, they may continue to live in the community, most likely governed by Madison Clark.

Since Mo Collins, who portrays Sarah, left the series, Mitchell must have departed from ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ as well. Wendell and Sarah’s storylines are interconnected throughout the series and the absence of the latter in the narrative of season 8 likely means Mitchell’s character isn’t a part of the show anymore.

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